Vintage Quilted Cookie Tutorial



Sweet Caroline (saberina) shows you how to make these vintage quilted cookies in her step-by-step tutorial. This shabby-chic cookie is perfect for a baby shower, easter, bridal shower, or high tea!

Tut vintage cookies1
Once you have baked your cookies, let them cool completely.  With the help of a ruler, paint the grid with an edible pen.
Tut vintage cookies2
Follow your recipe to make Royal Icing. All the royal icing I used, has flooding consistency. You will need white, 2 shades of green– I used a mix of avocado (Americolor) and Moss (Wilton)– and 2 shades of pink– I used rose (Wilton).  All the color are piped with tip 1.
Tut vintage cookies3
Begin filling the white squares that do not touch each other. Since you will have to work fast to make the flowers on wet icing, feel free to fill in the number of squares you feel comfortable with. I work with four at the same time.
Tut vintage cookies4
To make the flower effect,  ice a big drop of  light pink icing and one smaller of dark pink over it. With  a toothpick or a scribe tool to swirl the icing  until they look like a rose. Make the leaves icing one drop of light green and one little dot of dark dragging with the toothpick.
tut vintagecookies6
Continue filling the white squares that do not touch each other, and repeat the process of the flower over the wet icing. At this point, you will have to wait between 20 and 30 minutes to repeat the process with the next batch of white squares and flowers.
Tut vintage cookies7
Repeat again the last step until you finish all the white squares. Remember to wait 20 minutes between the batches.
Tut vintage cookies9
After 20 minutes, begin filling the light pink squares that do not touch each other.
Tut vintage cookies10
Wait 20 more minutes and finish the last pink squares.
Tut vintage cookies11
Wait at least one hour to finish decorating the quilted cookies, icing a small dark pink dot in each joint.

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I'm with GloriCreations. Definitely better than fondant on a cookie. They are stunning and just perfect to give to my quilting friends. Thanks for sharing.


Cookies, pink rosebuds and quilting...I think I"m going to pass out from the awesome. These are BEAUTIFUL and thank you for the well-done tutorial!


These are beautiful and I would love to make some for my mom, who quilts. She would love them!! However, since the new format of the page I haven't figured out how to "favorite" this so I can come back to it. Any help would be appreciated;) Thank you


Great cookies! I keep seeing tutorials but somehow missed the royal icing recipe for this type of decorating. Also, what is a good sturdy cookie recipe and most importantly, are these tasty to eat or just for looks?

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