How to Use Ganache Under Fondant

Favorites How to make chocolate ganache for decorating cakes Inspired by Michelle Cake Designs. Do you want to know how to get those sharp edges when covering cakes with fondant? This 3 part video series shows you how. Quick and easy way to make your ganache in the microwave.

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It's called a square, or a carpenter's square, and you can find it at any hardware store in many different styles. I would look for one that looks the easiest to clean and would be dishwasher safe, like not a painted one as the paint could chip.

Stainless steel would be the best.


Excellent presentation. I can't count the number of times I have come back to this one. And something different stands out each time. So the learning process just continues. Thanks to your ability to present it so well that I can understand it.


Did you leave something out? Did I miss the part where you whipped or mixed this with a mixer? You mentioned whiping it again but I did not see it. How did it get to be such a different consistancy from day 1 to day 2?

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