Hello everyone. I have made this tutorial for anyone wanting to make a 2D horse head. Showing the stages of how to get the shape, crumb coat, how it looks with fondant on and the finished result.

List of Materials

  • square cake tin, knife, edible pen(optional) spatula


I used a 10″ square cake tin, to get the shape you can either cut with a knife free hand or use an edible marker pen first.


Cut the cake in half and fill with a filling of your choice. I used strawberry jam and Swiss meringue butter cream.


Apply a crumb coat, then place in the fridge for about 30mins, i then applied a second coat and put back in the fridge but this is down to preference not everyone does a second coat. Crumb coating is for catching the crumbs so they don`t go into the fondant, but also for your fondant to adhere to the cake.


Apply the fondant, eye and hair. I made the hair with a makins clay gun.


Make straps with black fondant. I used a stitching wheel and then applied Confectioners glaze to make the straps look shiny.


Grass piping tip for the cake board.


Finished cake. Hope you all like it. I looked at a number of horses head cakes on Google, so if you have made one of these thank you as i probably studied it lol.


Another angle of the finished cake. Hope you liked the picture tutorial. Jackie Smith.



lulu07 Says... 2012-05-15 21:01:43

thank you for sharing your talent. Going to my fav

laurabeth73 Says... 2012-05-16 07:55:23

This is GREAT! Thank you so much for sharing!!! Definately going into my favorites for my daughters next birthday.

flowergirl1 Says... 2012-05-17 09:17:03

Thank you for sharing always wanted to try but never was confident enough thank you so much x.

jackie0970 Says... 2012-05-17 12:55:05

Thank you for your kind responses and you are all very welcome. :)

stampinron Says... 2012-05-18 08:07:58

Thank you. I will try this someday. It is good to see it un-iced to see how it should be cut.

escaliba1234 Says... 2012-06-07 18:11:36

Thank you so much for such a clear and easy to follow tutorial. You are very gifted and talented. I shall give this a try.

flowergirl1 Says... 2012-06-17 06:55:51

Thank you so much great tutorial.

jackie0970 Says... 2012-08-22 04:24:19

Thank you all for your lovely comments. Jackie :)

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