A really simple little sherman tank cake.  Only takes about 45 minutes to make and is really cute.  My nephew loved it and even the turret turns a little.

This is a pretty simple, straight forward little cake.  I started with 2 tall 1/2 sheets and a single 5″ round.

I begin by stacking the 2 half sheets as usual and trim them down a little to the correct shape.  Its a pretty simple shape.  wider at the tracks and of course tapered at the front and sloping to the rear.

I find it best to google some reference images before I begin and use them to determine the shape.  It’s totally ok to simplify a little as this is a little boys cake!

Then I mix a little brown green and yellow to get the “Olive drab” color in fondant, and cover the cake.



After it is covered I pinch the fondant where the fender would be to create a lip.  all of the other details I “push into shape with my fingers.  This is a fairly simple tank so there are no sharp details



Here is the finished detail of the fender and the main hull of the tank is complete.


The 5″ round is shaped by removing 2 small moon shapes from the rear and beveling the top.  Then I ice it and cover it with the same OD green fondant.




I add all the little armor plates and hatches and misc, to the main hull and cut the hole where my turret support will go.


To support the turret, I hot glue a single support to tha cardboard circle and sink it in the cake. Then I place the turret in place.



It’s now time to finish those tracks.  I cut the track wheels out of fondant and notch them with a square cutter.  Then I add all the support wheels and such also out of fondant.




Add the mantlet (piece on the front of the turret) and cannon, and a few hatches to the turret and your nearly done.



For the tracks themselves I simply roll out a long tube of black fondant then cut long strips with a ruffled edge.  Then I attache them to the sides of the tank using a damp paint brush.




Add some buttercream to the board and start airbrushing!!  I only airbrush just enough to add small details and help to bring it to life.  Too much airbrushing and it just looks muddy!




This technique could easily be adapted to any vehicle with similar design. i.e. bulldozers, armored vehicles, construction machines.


Mike_Elder Says... 2009-11-02 14:25:25

Hi ther! Anytime! I have lots of them to come!!! You name it I've made it in cake!!! LOL I'm doing a lifesize deer head this week! LOL Thansk all! Mike

HOTCOOK Says... 2011-12-27 01:03:47

I live in the Canary Islands but am returning to the UK for my father's 90th birthday...I am going to make this cake for his special day and am so grateful for making it so easy for me to do. My father was in North Africa and Montecassino during the WWII in the 2nd Lothian and Border Horse Regiment. www.frankdennisgent.com and his story is related hear in his own words. I will put all the insignia that were on his regiments tanks, which he painted himself, as he was appointed official sign-writer. I do not think mine will be as perfect as his! I am so happy to be able to make his special day even more special and it really is all thanks to your wonderful, step-by-step instructions as I would not have dreamt of attempting this otherwise as I only have two days to get all the ingredients and make and decorate it. Wish me luck!

Dolly10a Says... 2012-03-19 17:42:18

please send me a copy of how to make this can't see the pics for some reason

Dolly10a Says... 2012-03-20 09:16:56

oh god I was asked to make this cake and I can't see the pics :(

Dolly10a Says... 2012-03-23 13:56:34

realllllllly wish i could seee the pics can someone please send me them ? :(Have to make this tomorrow

whitlock Says... 2012-07-04 10:42:47

i myself can not see the pix and want to make a cake like this for my stepsons 7th bday. pls pls plsssssss repost them =)))))

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