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The cauldron is chocolate pound cake covered in chocolate BC then Fondant.  Fire, Froth, and Blood in royal icing.  The zombie is MMF.  
This is actually my take on the Rebirth of Voldemort from Harry Potter, but i just said zombie to stick with the Halloween theme and for anyone not familiar with HP.
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By melxcloud
Oct 31, 2005
I made this for a friend's boyfriend's birthday. I used the basic instructions for the Frankenstein cake from the ACD email newsletter. The cake is chocolate pound cake III from this website, and it worked quite well for carving, even though it was a little crumbly. Anyway, I think he looks like a middle-aged geeky guy, but I suppose it takes all types to make zombies.=)
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By alimonkey
Nov 11, 2005
My first graduation cake and they ask for a Zombie. I didn't have as much fun with this as I thought I would...oh well!
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By redsoxgirl
May 18, 2006
This zombie was made out of the 3D ball pan & chocolate rolled buttercream for the skin!
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By CakeWitch
Jun 27, 2006
Done for a birthday for a woman who loved scary movies
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By Florimbio
Jul 21, 2006
carved head, with crusting buttercream frosting. fondant veggies
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By janicemarie
Oct 22, 2006
Nephew turned 13 and is into weird things now. This is a devils food cake with choco buttercream filling and MMF.  It was finished off with karo-color for blood oozing effect from mouth and nose dripping down and neck resting in the puddle. yummy.
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By joaaaann
Nov 13, 2006
These are the Halloween cupcakes I made for everyone at work.  I love the way they turned out.
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By acgref
Dec 10, 2006
A cake with my boyfriend's favorite zombie on it, Bub from Day of the Dead
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By faded_dress
Mar 16, 2007
Chocolate transfers for the zombie and boards... it was for stair builder guy hence the boards, saw, and "sawdust"
By KoryAK
Jun 25, 2007
My sons 15th bday cake. I used Toba Garretts yellow cake for zombie head and a red velvet cake for ground. RK hand holding the candles and glasses (with body parts in them) My first time using rk to sculpt, also first time covering entire cake with fondant.
By coreenag
Aug 26, 2007
Inspired by many cakes in the gallery
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By jenn78
Oct 9, 2007
My cousin wanted a cake for her boyfriend's birthday and he loves zombies.  This is what I came up with.  The head is cake, figures are gumpaste, and the eyes are candies I got at the dollar store.
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By sweetbabycake
Oct 10, 2007
Body of mummy is vanilla cake.  Arms are RKTs.  Head is mint chocolate chip cake.   Writing is tinted piping gel.
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By Strazle
Oct 12, 2007
Inspired by Ellepal's Zombie Head..........
8" Chocolate/yellow cake filled & iced with chocolate icing.  
Cake was carved into approximate shape and cake scraps
used to build up the facial features (cheekbones, brows, nose).
Fondant eyeball and teeth were put in position, then the cake
was covered in fondant. Finally, cake was airbrushed and 
painted with food color to look even creepier!
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By Beckalita
Oct 25, 2007
Devils food cake (of course) with a choc/hazelnut filling and double fudge icing.  This is my first tier!  All decorations are made of fondant except the spiders - plastic.
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By Machel
Oct 26, 2007
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By LauraLanier
Oct 27, 2007
These are my version of those awesome witches fingers! I had to use an alternative to almonds because no nut products are allowed in our school. They were fun to make!
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By mom2aeml
Oct 29, 2007
Red Velvet Cake, chocolate icing, chocolate "dirt".
By MeredithLA
Oct 29, 2007
I made this for a work spooky cake contest. The coffin is made from chocolate and yellow cake mix; american buttercream and covered in chocolate clay planks. Inside is just fondant rolled out to make cushion. The zombie is made out of fondant, rice crispies and white chocolate clay.
By munkey
Oct 31, 2007
This was my first time building a pvc structure...(thanks for the help, Doug) I really like how sturdy the cake was using this method!! It was for my son's 6th birthday party at Monster Mini Golf, so a zombie was fitting, plus it was just after Halloween.  The body is five layers of round cakes stacked up, 11" on the bottom up to 7" w/half ball on the top for his hunchback.  The arms are padded with modeling chocolate. Fingers are also modeling chocolate and the head is rice krispies.
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By mamacc
Nov 7, 2007
This was a zombie that a friend and I made.  The groom loves zombies.  You could see the brain in the back of the head, but I'm not sure you can see it in this picture.  The cake in the head was dyed red so when he cut into it you could see the red.  It was a hit!
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By Htreats
Dec 10, 2007
Here is a fun cake using a rubber glove with mini marshmallows in it to feel like a real hand.  Use a bundt pan to put the hand in like it is coming out of the ground.
Using gummy worms and body parts also adds to the effect.
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By niffer0322
Jan 24, 2008
The wide view, of the cake I made for my friend who just loves zombies!
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By cake_or_death
Mar 24, 2008
I had so much fun with these!! I made these at work... I used white chocolate covered rum balls with cherries inside (can you imagine biting into an eye ball and getting a cherry inside?) then put used royal icing for the iris and pupils. Then I iced the cakes around them in BC and airbrushed the brains and used red drizzle for the blood. SO MUCH FUN!
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By Avaie
Apr 17, 2008
I made this cake for my brother's birthday. My family loves zombie movies, so this was right up his alley. Did a FBCT for the Umbrella logo, and the zombie hand is rice krispies treats covered in green fondant, which I then went back in and stipple painted with black and brown to get it to look more "dead". Finished product also had chocolate graham cracker crumbs for dirt around the base and fondant worms, but was too big to upload. PM me if you'd like me to email a different view. March 2008. TFL!
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By bartar01
May 9, 2008
2 layer 2" x 2" x 2" Swiss Chocolate Fudge Cake nuclear silo covered in rolled BC || nuclear symbol - icing sheet painted with blk food color and gold petal dust || piping gel nuclear slime / 2 layer 9" x 13" x 2" Swiss Chocolate Fudge Cake with vanilla BC || gumpaste people - Celshapes Fairies molds, gumpaste clothing, faces painted on with food color || gumpaste letters & theater masks || piping gel nuclear slime || comic strip - icing sheet hand painted with food color and petal dust
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By Terrisa
May 13, 2008
This was a grooms cake made from red velevet with white chocolate bones filled with cream cheese frosting for marrow.
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By venefica
Jun 8, 2008
I made this for a Gothic theme birthday.  Thanks for looking!!
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By jerryberry
Jun 27, 2008
This cake was actually a birthday cake for a guy who is really into Zombie movies.  It is a chocolate base with a white butter zombie head.  All crumb coated in vanilla butter cream then covered with home made fondant!  Some of the blood is 1/2 and 1/2 icing and piping gel, some of it is just gel color mixed with vodka and splashed on.
By Kay_NL
Jul 2, 2008
I used the Wilton stand up bear cake pan, wasc recipe and covered it in mmf.
The tombstone is a rice krispie treat and flies and maggots are 50/50 
 gumpaste / fondant.  My first use of the bear pan and first attempt at 
making a zombie!
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By melmusick
Aug 27, 2008
for my husband's zombie theme birthday party, mmf
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By iheartcakegf
Sep 2, 2008
Requested by customer  tombstones, pumpkins and Rain??? Well this is what I came up with, from the little black cat to the roses, raven, zombie hand coming out of grave and keep out sign.  TFL
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By CakeswLove
Oct 25, 2008
By betty1boop
Oct 26, 2008
This cake has an internal pvc support. The body is about 7 layers of cake, and the head is rice krispie treats.
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By mamacc
Oct 27, 2008
Made for the drivers at our terminal ... being dead doesn't stop us from delivering while the "other" guys are staying dead!  Everyone got a good laugh! It's hard to see but there is a decapitated head in the box addressed to our terminal.  Iced in buttercream, royal icing fence, everything else fondant.
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By wickedreamer
Nov 1, 2008
This was for a Halloween Birthday. I gave them the option of  "Cartoon" or "Horror Movie" Style...they went for "HORROR" ; )
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By Twisted_Sifter
Nov 6, 2008
My 3rd zombie cake! For a customer's Halloween party on Halloween night. The body is cake and head is rice krispies.
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By mamacc
Dec 10, 2008
The design is from "the Well dressed cake"
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By Cmaysa
Apr 8, 2009
Zombie cake that I made for my sons 8th birthday. I wanted it to look like the zombie was handing my son a cake. It is 2 9 X 13 marble cakes on bottom and the zombie is holding a 6 inch round cake. The zombie head and hand is made out of rice crispy treats and covered in candy clay. I was so worried about the cake falling so I ran a dowel through the cake and hand. It kept the hand from dropping the cake for the whole  party.
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By tamreese
Oct 30, 2005


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