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This was a last minute order for a 10 year old girl. My daughter loved the leopard print cake I did and thought I should do something similar with the zebra print. Luckily, I had some leftover zebra ribbon on hand! They were happy when I gave it to them!
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By traci
May 21, 2006
All buttercream icing and accented with edible pearls.
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By traci
Nov 21, 2006
Inspired by: grgapch....   Thanks
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By donvi
Aug 17, 2007
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By donvi
Sep 13, 2007
Made this for my co-worker's daughter's 12th birthday.  box and purse are chocolate cake with chocolate mocha buttercream then covered in fondant.  the lid was styrofoam covered in fondant and the shoe was gum paste.  the birthday girl LOVED it!
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By EmmyD
Sep 16, 2007
Chocolate chip cake with whipped ganache filling.  The lid is cake also.  All decorations are gumpaste and fondant.
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By ladyonzlake
Oct 22, 2007
My sisters two favorite things- shoes and chocolate.  This was my first time covering a cake with fondant and I was happy with the results untill I relized the weight of the fondant caused my filling to come out the sides and bulge out.  I used a really soft filling instead of BC.  I won't make that mistake again.
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By pennywells
Dec 2, 2007
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By Eliseawood
Dec 9, 2007
For an 11th birthday party. Chocolate chip cake with buttercream and fondant/gumpaste decorations. TFL!
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By laurakelly2
Jan 1, 2008
I made Trace Adkins' wife's birthday cake...a zebra print purse!  Devils Food cake with vanilla buttercream, covered with fondant.  Zebra print is an edible image cut to fit.
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By SherryGrrl
Jan 24, 2008
Thanks to lambshack for the inspiration on this cake.  The customer said "Do whatever, make it pretty or make it fun, maybe polka dots.  Found lambshack's cake in the gallery and adapted it for a 1/2 sheet ccake.  BC frosting with fodant accents.
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By Mac
Feb 3, 2008
I had someone ask for the hot pink and during the conversation had mentioned the girl liked zebra print. I iced in the hot pink the sides are fondant that I striped to make it look like zebra print and the top is a fabric bow. Tag is fondant.
Fun cake to do.
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By cakemaker11
Feb 14, 2008
10 and 8 inch chocolate cakes covered in MMF, everything else is MMF
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By rudycutie
Feb 18, 2008
last minute cake for mom's bday. bc with fondant accents and bow.
3rd cake ever, and 2nd tiered cake.
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By tara22
Feb 18, 2008
9 inch square banana mud cake - all fondant....very fun to do!!
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By YummyFireMummy
Mar 2, 2008
bc with fondant accents. martini glasses and banner made also made with fondant.
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By tara22
Mar 2, 2008
1st tier (zebra) 6" 2nd tier (pink) 9"  Pink tier (can't really tell in the photos) is airbrushed.  Top tier is BC with satin ice accents.  Balls are satin ice in complimenting colors.  I formed my letters to big for this one, but oh well, overall I like the look of it.  TFL
By SugarBakerz
Apr 19, 2008
9" round strawberrry cake with bc icing and bc filling with fresh strawberry slices.  zebra, leaves, blue zebra stripes and branches are all mmf. thanks for looking!
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By Mizzlili15
May 6, 2008
This is an 8" round cake with mmf zebra print, the rest is buttercream. Thanks for looking. This was for a 10 year old girl's birthday
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By turtlemom
May 12, 2008
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By aimeeclaire
May 19, 2008
cake for a bachlorette party. bc with fondant accents and martini glasses.
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By tara22
May 23, 2008
18th birthday cake in zebra print. I used dark chocolate icing for the zebra prints.
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By CakeNurse01
May 25, 2008
I had fun making this cake, especially the animal print, it was my first time trying animal print.  All BC. Diego tiered on top. TFL.
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By AmyGonzalez
Jun 7, 2008
Thanks to everyone on here who's ideas I copied! The girl it was for absolutely loved this. It was a lot of fun to make. Thanks for looking!
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By JCrocker
Jun 11, 2008
Zebra print with hot pink decorations and fondant bow.
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By t2caudill
Jun 28, 2008
iced in buttercream with fondant accents
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By lynsey
Jul 24, 2008
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By darylrc
Jul 27, 2008
Bridal Shower Cake with gift bag on top and zebra print.
By SpoonfulofSugar
Aug 3, 2008
This was made for a pre back to school slumber party.  6" round chocolate fudge cake with BC icing and fondant details.  The letters were still wet when the pic was taken.
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By pennywells
Aug 15, 2008
A stiletto heel  i made to go atop a cake. Made of fondant and painted with luster dust.
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By guzmank
Aug 18, 2008
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By caseyt
Aug 30, 2008
Chocolate WASC with buttercream. This was my first attempt at doing a 
zebra print. I didn't like the picture, the cake looked better in person.
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By dmhart
Sep 5, 2008
I made this for my daughter's 5th birthday party, Hannah Montana themed of course. :) This cake marks my FIRST cake in 6 months after sufferring from some mysterious wrist/hand/arm pain. It's all fondant and was fun to make! Thanks for looking.
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By SeptBabyMom
Sep 8, 2008
Buttercream iced with fondant stripes and bow
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By lynsey
Sep 16, 2008
This is my first animal print cake. My step sister's sweet little girl called me late last night and asked if I would make a zebra print cake for her mom's b-day. eek! I told her I'd try. She wanted to pay me for it, I couldn't stand the thought of taking that baby's money, but she insisted, so I charged her $5. LOL Fench Vanilla WASC with BC. Stripes and roses are fondant.
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By Tootall
Sep 20, 2008
Cakes are iced in buttercream and animal print is fondant cut to shape and applied to the buttercream.
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By JulesM7
Sep 20, 2008
This is a cake that I made for my little girl's 2nd birthday today.  Her bday party isn't until 
later so I thought I would have a little something today, as well.  I was also practicing, as I 
am very new at this.  I got the idea off of this wonderful website.  This was my first time
making MMF and working with it.  I have worked with rolled fondant a few times.
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By kbw5780
Sep 20, 2008
i made these for my friend just a lil of what she likes
By pinkbiz
Sep 22, 2008
2 tier 8 inch cake, cover in fondant, under fondant buttercream icing, 
and balack bow
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By cakesbymac
Sep 29, 2008
Buttercream with fondant accents.  Loved the zebra prints I saw on here and then using the grass tip for the black border.....saw that idea on Sharon's Sugar Shack.  This was for one of my friend's 30th...hope she likes it!!!
4 4
By _ChristyB_
Feb 4, 2006


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