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Marble cake with raspberry filling.  Whipped cream icing - 6"
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By pjaycakes
Apr 23, 2008
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By Barbend
Apr 24, 2008
I made this cake for a friend who did some work outside my home.  The "dirt" is oreo cookies.
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By ChristenRichelle
May 8, 2008
This basket of cookies went to my dd's school as a small thanks to the teacher's and staff.  Sugar cookies with vanilla fondant and kopykake markers.  What a fun way to decorate cookies!
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By marthajo1
May 14, 2008
I made this cake for our neighbor who helped us out with something.  I was so burnt out with making cakes and almost gave up making cakes becuase my fondant was messed up all the time and I couldnt figure out why.  Finally i realized that you cant convert pounds to ounces and that you need a scale.  I had bout a 4 pound bag of powdered sugar, and was trying to measure out the conversion in ounces, finally after 7 cakes with messed up fondant I figrd it out, therefore I was strugging with a design for this.
By fondantfrenzy
May 18, 2008
This was a cake I made for my car salesman at his request. It was right around St. Patty's day! I just did a Chocolate Pound cake with BC , MMF accents, and brushed with gold luster dust.
By BlairsMom
May 23, 2008
Did this as a thank you for kiddos principal.  All yellow, loaf pan cake with mini cupcakes to accent.  All BC.
By Ragdikacie
May 26, 2008
This was for a graduation party, it is based on the Dr. Seuss book. It was kind of a disaster it was supposed to be topsy turvy but the topsy and the turvy of the top two tiers fell apart. So this is the final product minus topsy turvy I didn't want it to fall apart at the party.
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By shannonfl
May 27, 2008
I made this cake for a suprise party that my moms  school is throwing her tomorrow. It is french vanilla, chocolate and lemon cake. Buttercream icing and fondant accents. I hope they like it. Thanks for looking.
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By fmcmulle
May 27, 2008
Thanks you cake for a lady in our Moms Group
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By vasmg
Jun 1, 2008
a 3-inch mini cake in purple and lime green
By gelcolet
Jun 14, 2008
The Four children on the top are to represent my own children . Really had fun making them . Alot of firsts ... MMF Figures in detail and also the ripped sides.This was made to Thank the special education workers ... that worked with my children .  Oh and the writing on the side says "We would like to Thank you!!" TFL :)
By catin
Jun 16, 2008
By BakingJeannie
Jun 20, 2008
Made for my oldest son's Class ... to thank he's teacher for the great year. Caramel-Chocolate Cake with Vanilla BC and Gumpaste and Fondant accents TFL :)
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By catin
Jun 26, 2008
On his way to join the CG, had a party to send him off. 
BC frosting, Fondant ropes, freehanded emblem
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By Reesebaby1
Jul 12, 2008
cake for pastor and his family leaving our church; all buttercream
By winde
Jul 29, 2008
This is one of 13 "Thank You" cakes that I did Thursday as a thank you gift for the nursing staff that is taking care of one of our very wonderful gentleman customers at the shop where I work.  All of the cakes had  the same design, just different colors per his request.  All buttercream.
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By jenncowin
Aug 2, 2008
One of my first buttercream cakes.  I did this in the wilton class.
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By Jenny552
Aug 23, 2008
Sugar cookies with fondant and RI. 
Teacher themed with THANKS across the front.
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By CristyInMiami
Aug 26, 2008
I made this for my son's daycare provider.  Tomorrow is his last day going to her house and he's been going for almost 4 years!  He starts pre-school next week.  Anyway, I wanted him to take a special treat for her.  She loves angels and her favorite colors are pink and gold.  I modeled the angel after her.  I did this in a hurry tonight.  Cupcakes are WASC with my BC.  This is my first time doing the ruffle around the edge.  I really like that!
By momtobtb
Aug 28, 2008
I made this cake for my son's home daycare provider who is moving on to a new job. She had a 'last day' party so I made it for that day. Inspiration from MaryAtk .
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By mrsbutt
Aug 30, 2008
A thank you cake for someone I hate, which made it hard, but nonetheless I did it!
By Ah-na
Sep 2, 2008
I made this cake to thank someone who really assisted my family in the aftermath of Hurricane Gustav.  I live in an area that was hardest hit by the storm--we have complete devastation.  The cake shows a downed tree with power lines falling on it.  It also shows a generator and gas can.  Thanks for looking!
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By marknrox
Sep 7, 2008
This cake was made for our preschool director who was retiring and then moving away.  Bottom layer is chocolate cake; top layer is white cake.  Both layers have buttercream.
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By clopin0
Sep 12, 2008
This cake was done for a customer due to some of her co-workers being moved to a different shift.
By amazinggracecakedesigns
Sep 17, 2008
Chocolate cake with buttercream icing.  Made for a colleague who got bumped from our building...The back side of the cake says "I will obey my teacher"  for fun.
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By kteacher027
Sep 25, 2008
this 10x4" heart iced in buttercream  w/frosting sheet pic on fondant is dusted w/sparkle dust..  Fondant molded floral swags, pearls & roses all dusted with pearl luster dust.  
Would make a great engagement, shower, 'will you marry me?', or anniversary idea.
By kakeladi
Oct 3, 2008
By delicious_designs7
Oct 8, 2008
This was a chocolate lovers cake. Two layers - one milk chocolate the other chocolate fudge. With a cream cheese buttercream icing. They wanted it bright and just to say Thank you. I got the idea from a fellow cc'r that had used this design for a birthday cake. Thanks for looking
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By mommakristin
Oct 9, 2008
My customer asked me to make a cake for her to take when she has her last cancer treatment, so she can say thank you to all the nurses for their help.
I did the Thank You on top painted on and outlined with R.I, And a big Pink Breast Cancer ribbon, the sides are decorated with R.I rose buds and leaves and some white string work on the top sides. The nurse, table, ribbons and all are made from gum paste.
Thank you for looking
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By janine1972
Oct 10, 2008
Hershey's chocolate cake, nutella whipped filling, chocolate crusting buttercream.
By Tug
Oct 14, 2008
9x13 with bc icing and roses.  Thank you for the volunteers that handed out icea and water after hurricane Ike.
By hummingbird59
Oct 19, 2008
3 tier white wedding cake with hearts on and a heart spray including me to you bears
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By kristenb1
Oct 21, 2008
SC w/TG.  I so totally stole this design from Tracy.  Seemed fitting for a thank-you for a man.  The square cookie is huge, the cutter is 4 1/2 from  Thanks for looking. (Can you tell I'm trying to practice my writing) ;)
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By shiney
Oct 27, 2008
This is a cake I made as a thank you to the teachers at my daughters elementary school.  It was a spring luncheon put on by the PTA.  The theme for the luncheon was a luau.
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By MomoTyty
Nov 6, 2008
Cookies are decorated with fondant and royal icing.
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By jenn1119
Nov 11, 2008
I made this just for more practice with fondant.  The teachers really enjoyed it.
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By Kim040508
Nov 14, 2008
I made this cake for my son who loves to sky dive...he was going away for 4 months on business. The cake is butter cream. The skydiver is all fondant, I made him looking at one of my son's former Marine Corp Pics. The little frog, rock, and sign are fondant as well. He is a Bulldog fan, so the canopy had to have the "G". I have only been doing this a couple of months...they cracked the bc lifting it up for the pic :^(.TFL
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By rockysmommy
Nov 15, 2008
A Thank you gift for my clients husband.  He did a lot of remodeling at their house and she wanted to give him something really special.  Red Velvet Cake with fresh raspberry filling (both his absolute favorites) with buttercream icing.  Locks, handle, rim, tape measure, tool belt and nails made from Fondant.  Tools made from chocolate.
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By Trixyinaz
Nov 16, 2008
Barbie BCT
By Crystalhrt25
Jun 4, 2005


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