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Just a simple thank you cake....8" round CASC all buttercream
By ribbitfroggie
Oct 18, 2007
2 Layer 8 inch homemade cherry chip cake with cherry buttercream filling.
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By ANicole
Oct 18, 2007
I made this as a thank you cake for my husband's work throwing us a baby shower. The daisies are royal icing.
By Lea81
Oct 22, 2007
17 mini CC with BC.  I used a paint pen and wrote a message on the flower pot.  Hopefully the next one, the BC will come out looking a little neater.
By Jen407
Oct 24, 2007
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By delicious_designs7
Oct 28, 2007
More leaf cookies and thanks
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By divaricks
Nov 6, 2007
This cake was made for a local agency thanking their employees for all their hard work on the Issue 14 campaign.
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By flamingochic
Nov 6, 2007
Kahlua cake, chocolate BC filling, BC icing
By LindsayMeagher
Nov 7, 2007
This was one of those I-need-a-cake-for-work-but-only-have-an-hour-and-a-half-but-someone-did-me-a-favor-and-I-can't-let-them-down-cakes.  For spur of the moment it didn't turn out too bad, even if the icing was super soft and was sliding all over the place.  My cake pan was empty by the end of the shift, however.
By Mandy2221
Nov 8, 2007
I made this for a friend of ours who's a Marine. It was a surprise for him for Veteran's Day. It's scratch marble cake with vanilla buttercream, with a fondant bow & gumpaste tag. Thanks for looking!
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By mom2spunkynbug
Nov 11, 2007
My first cookie basket. I think it turned out ok and I learned a lot while making it.
By Darla925
Nov 24, 2007
a chocolate banana cake with caramel frosting. All decorations made of MMF and the board made of candy melts.
By efijona
Nov 28, 2007
These were made to thank a fire department in Oklahoma. Toba's glace over butter cookies
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By kneadacookie
Nov 30, 2007
This was a thank you cake for my obstetrician after the birth of my son.  Wine bottle made of cake, covered in fondant, hand drawn label, gumpaste "foil" top of bottle.  My doctor grabbed it thinking it was a real bottle and got red food coloring all over his hands from the still-wet fondant!  Luckily it didn't do much damage to the cake!
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By bdrider
Dec 4, 2007
By delicious_designs7
Dec 12, 2007
She oreder this cake at 2pm on Monday for 2pm on Tuesday. This was the fastest cake I have had to put out and only my second ever present style cake! I told her ordinarily it would have had the big loopy bow. Buttercream with MMF accents.
By tasteebakes
Dec 19, 2007
6 Inch round Thank You cake
By Rainbow
Dec 21, 2007
Made these for a friend as a thank you to a client. Toba's glace over butter cookies.
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By kneadacookie
Jan 10, 2008
Made from 2 cupcakes stacked on top of each other, covered with #233 buttercream strings.  Base is a heart cookie and the sign is a smaller heart cookie.
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By BCJean
Dec 31, 1969
Hockey Rink
By annie_55
Jan 31, 2008
This cake was done for a retirement combo moving away occasion. The smiles smilies around the sides were done in candy melts, along with the lettering.
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By roosterroses
Feb 1, 2008
NFSC with Antonia's Royal Icing. Sugar sprinkles
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By kjenne08
Feb 15, 2008
For man heading off to Iraq this week. God speed,safe return and thank you! TFL
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By susanscakebabies
Feb 18, 2008
I recently got a new job.  I made this cake to thank my new employers and say good luck to the lady that I would be replacing.  The cake is a chocolate pudding cake with butter cream icing.  The leaves and roses are fondant - pink roses for appreciation and yellow roses for friendship.  This was my first time making fondant roses.  I was not thrilled with the butter cream - after several layers, there are still crumbs!  Ah well.  Thank you for looking and Happy Spring! (wishful thinking
By SusieQ1083
Feb 18, 2008
Bottom cake is banana, middle and nurses cap are strawberry. All decorations in mmf.  I made this as a thanks and a bye to a favorite nurse leaving my children's pedi's office.
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By redhare
Feb 20, 2008
This was a 1/4 sheet cake w/buttercream icing and fondant flowers w/shimmer dust.
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By Amy729
Feb 20, 2008
One of my co-workers is leaving for a new job, and this little guy is a logo from one of our customers that she works with, so we thought it would be fitting to have him help us say goodbye to her!!   Done completely in buttercream on a sheet cake.
By JubilationCakes
Feb 25, 2008
BC, yellow cake, strawberry cheesecake filling. I made this as a thank you to some people at my mom's job for buying my new baby some gifts.
By mommakeef
Feb 26, 2008
8-4.5", 2-3.5"
By snowqueen93
Mar 6, 2008
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By kkenyon
Mar 6, 2008
Wanted to thank a tireless group of ICU nurses for taking care of my Father In-Law.
Used their logo for the cookies (also shown on top left of pic).  Little rough on the edges but they seemed to like them.
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By PattyT
Mar 11, 2008
On Tuesday I got a call from the Animal Hospital that someone had brought Mike in. I was really confused becuase I thought he had been sleeping on the living room floor all day like he always does. Apparently he was roaming the streets for most of the day and since he doesn't wear a collar (i know) the guys at the local auto body shop (where he ended up) took him to the animal hospital. Good thing they did because Mike had a microchip in his neck with all our info on it and they were able to call me right way. SO, long story short, I took this cake up to the guys at the shop today to thank them for taking such good care of Mike the dog. 8" butter cake with Butter Cream filling and icing.
2 3
By iloveconfections
Mar 15, 2008
These were for my daughters book bee coach. They are NFSC with buttercream icing. I think this turned out really cute!
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By turtlemom
Mar 18, 2008
White Cake with White BC frosting with texture. Just drizzled icing over sides and wrote on it! Very fun and easy!
By Kandy4283
Mar 18, 2008
This cake was made for the doctors and nurses as a thank you for taking care of my father in law for 6+ weeks in the hospital.  Fondant with buttercream and fondant decorations.
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By dkbateman
Mar 23, 2008
By Barbend
Mar 25, 2008
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By Hardygirl18
Mar 25, 2008
In Dec. last year a magazine out of Germany contacted me for an interview and also sent a photographer out to take pictures. They were also interested in a picture of me with a chinese background, as I live in China. The lady, where I always buy my fruit was so kind as to let the pics to be taken at her stall, the interview was a 2 page spread about my cakes in a German magazine. This is a cake to say thank you to her, she really is a sweet lady
By Ursula40
Apr 9, 2008
WASC with crusting BC requested by the whole staff at my school.  This is a thank you cake for the support everyone has given 2 of us this year as we worked through a national certification process.  Thanks to Cakery for all the great borders--inspiration to try bolder designs on my cakes...I just need a steadier hand.  Thanks also to tiptop57 for her support with all my questions as I try new techniques.  The board is a bit small tonight.  I am a Critique Subgroup Member--all comments welcome!
By ac2steachk
Apr 17, 2008
Barbie BCT
By Crystalhrt25
Jun 4, 2005


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