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Thanks to Talmas for the idea!!  This is also made with the rubber duckie pan, with fondant tree, jacket, walking stick, hands, and feet (first time with fondant).  The rest is buttercream, with sugar cookie ears.  This is going to be used for a smash cake for a 4 year olds Bday, he is a huge Star Wars fan.  The pic doesn't really do it justice, but I like how it came out!
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By ribbitfroggie
Jun 25, 2005
Yoda made from 3-D Bear.
9 16
By amandasweetcakes
Jul 10, 2005
Here is my Yoda birthday cake.  He looks kinda sad but they liked him.
By charlieinMO
Jul 17, 2005
Here is the last one from last week I promise!!  This is the one that I needed the help with.  My cupcakes weren't close enough together in some spots and my icing started to "fall".  I added the star to try and cover.
By charlieinMO
Jul 17, 2005
This is my Yoda cake that I made for one of my daughter's freinds.
9 12
By ShelbysYummys
Oct 9, 2005
Star Wars cake of Darth Vader and Yoda. The pic was a buttercream transfer, and was difficult to do w/ all the shades of coloring the picture had. It didn't come out like I had hoped, to me it was just "okay"...but none the less, my first Star Wars attempt!
By Amylou
Oct 21, 2005
My first ccc, very easy.  FBCT of darth vader and yoda.  Not happy with yoda's face and he is suppose to be facing the other way.  Customer was very happy.  Thanks to the CC member(s) for the flame border idea.
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By sweetcreation
Nov 22, 2005
I made this for my son's 5th birthday on the week end.  The cake was chocolate chip pound cake and the frosting was vanilla buttercream.  He was very excited as he is a big Star Wars fan!
6 8
By christele
Jan 9, 2006
This is what my son wanted this year. He helped design it and make it. You can't really tell but the front of the cake says..."The Force is Strong With This One" !
4 3
By bigcatz
Jan 28, 2006
This is my 2nd Yoda cake, it came out a little different from my first.
8 10
By amandasweetcakes
Feb 28, 2006
9X13 chocolate cake torted with chocolate buttercream and iced with regular buttercream.  The image is a sugar run-in, the light sabre is a glow stick.  Thanks to everyone who helped out on this one in the wee hours of the night!
By tripletmom
Mar 3, 2006
This was my first attempt at a fbct.  I was pleased with the outcome.  I do need practice, because it was too thick.  Overall it was a great process.
2 6
By tmassey5
Mar 17, 2006
This was a full sheet cake covered in whipped cream icing (Wilton brand, which holds its shape very well). I made the lava with red piping gel and made a flame border with #18 star tip, I did striped icing with orange, red & yellow in the same bag to achieve the flame colors. The figurines were from the toy isle at Target, that way the keepsake becomes a toy.
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By danitza
Mar 29, 2006
This was a fun cake!  I really like doing cakes like this, not really a princess cake fan.
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By askarrick
Jun 2, 2006
Butter cake with vanilla buttercream frosting for the grand opening of a sci fi shop.  My first FBCT.  I'm pretty happy with how it turned out but I think the transfer is a little too thick.
1 4
By gina1221
Jul 28, 2006
12 x 18
My son was happy that day!
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By shrn1975
Aug 17, 2006
Yoda birthday cake
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By lilsomethinsweet
Aug 22, 2006
buttercream w/ fondant accents.  Yoda is candy clay
2 3
By jillyjoey
Sep 24, 2006
This was one of my first attempts at a frozen bc transfer. I placed it on a chocolate chip cookie for my boys to enjoy.
By SherriSenger
Sep 29, 2006
cake I did recently for a little boy that loves star wars
i think i got carpal tunnel piping that black
chocolate cake with vanilla buttercream
2 4
By Yjudania
Oct 7, 2006
I made this cake a couple of years ago for my brothers 30th birthday. It was only the second 3d cake I had done & it was a really hot day so the sugarpaste was a nightmare & kept cracking. My brother absolutley loved it & so did his son who was 2 at the time. All he wanted to do was eat Yoda's head!
5 23
By sillyoldpoohbear
Oct 10, 2006
I made this for a supervisor at work that got a promotion.   He obviously loves Star Wars!  :)
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By ang3617
Oct 12, 2006
An inspiration from this very site!  Sculptor I am not, but try I did my first Yoda.  Who knew you could make a Yoda leaning on a stump from a 3d Duck pan?
7 7
By wyatt
Nov 3, 2006
Made this as a birthday cake for a huge Star Wars fan.  Yoda is FBCT.  It started 'sweating' a bit when the picture was taken, but luckily we ate it fast enough that no one seemed to notice or mind!
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By nadjahs9
Nov 24, 2006
Vanilla cake covered in Fondant. The head is carved chocolate crackle.
23 57
By socake
Nov 26, 2006
Sculpted cake covered in fondant with dried fondant ears.  Design inspired by MaryAnn.
4 4
By peasacake
Dec 3, 2006
Made this cake for a 1 year old birthday with a star wars theme. My first sculpted cake. I think it turned out pretty well. Hand-sculpted and hand-painted with a sponge and diluted paste colors. Included a smash cake for free.
8 9
By bohemia
Jan 14, 2007
This is a cake I made for my son's friends birthday.  Yoda was a FBCT.  This is my first attempt at this and I am happy with the results.  I am not too crazy about the blue border but my son insisted on this color for his friend.
By use2bethiel
Jan 18, 2007
Buttercream with royal icing.   This is my first cake ever and its for my son's 5th birthday.
By pavilioni
Jan 28, 2007
ears are fondant the rest is buttercream
1 4
By cakesoutsidethebox
Jan 31, 2007
This was a chocolate cake frosted with cream cheese icing, with a round Yoda carved cake, cookie ears, all buttercream.  He turned out really good, the picture doesn't do him justice.  The small pic is of the matching sugar cookies I made, cut out by hand.
3 3
By ribbitfroggie
Feb 2, 2007
Inspired by a cake on CC, this is all BC and I free-handed the image with a toothpick before filling in with the BC.
2 5
By divaofcakes
Mar 1, 2007
This is a FBCT...I have to practice those. My hubby hates that I go so thick and wide on them...I am too scare they will break .  ALso I have tons of bubbles in this one..Yikes. 
OH well. Thanks for looking.
4 5
By nicoles-a-tryin
Mar 3, 2007
My son's 10th birthday. I got a picture off the internet.
2 1
Mar 9, 2007
My Friends son wanted a yoda cake, I though of making it just a sheet cake with a picture but figured I could make it 3D. So I did. I made the cane out of chocolate the cake ended up being 3 layers high. It was fun and the kids loved it.  ( made in June 2005)
By gateaux
Mar 17, 2007
This cake was decorated with a FBT. I used  french buttercream for all of the decorations except for the action figures on the smaller cake.
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By JSerra724
Apr 6, 2007
Adapted aine2 style...(ofcourse not anything close to her work but i tried).  My friends husband loves star wars but always falls asleep in fron of the TV.  
I have painted darth vader on the tv screen.
2 3
By dods
Apr 26, 2007
I made this for my 7 year old grandson.  It was kind of big, but I needed the room to put Yoda and not have him crowded.  Chocolate cake with chocolate syrup frosting and choc./choc. chip filling.  I put a VERY thin layer of blue buttercream over the chocolate for the background and then used my kopykake projector to fill in Yoda.  his face was pretty hard because I couldn't see it very well over the green icing, so I had to look at a picture, but even still it does RESEMBLE Yoda.
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By kerririchards
Apr 28, 2007
12 x 18 slab cake for friends son!
2 22
By Kiddiekakes
Apr 30, 2007
Yoda in the swamp is what I was going for.  It didn't come out exactly as I hoped but do they ever.  The only thing not edible is the 3 straws I used to stabilize the tree and yoda.  Yoda and the tree are made out of a chocolate pound cake.  I used the 3D duck pan.  I know crazy.  I used MM fondant and buttercream for my icing.  It was lots of fun but I am glad this one is done.
34 68
By talmas
Apr 28, 2005


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