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Ive waited 8 months to be able to make a cake for one of my children and this is what she wanted. She LOVES Yo Gabba Gabba. 6 and 8in cakes frosted with BC with fondant accents and gumpaste figures.
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By roxxxy_luvs_duff
Nov 24, 2007
Yo Gabba Gabba Cake for 2nd birthday.  BC with fondant characters, lettering, notes and radio topper, BC ball border.   Foofa (the pink one) is the birthday girl's favorite character, so the letter and border are done with Foofa's colors.
6 25
By KristinAnn
Apr 7, 2008
My daughter loves yo gabba gabba. simple white butter cake with butter cream frosting. Just started baking!
2 3
By MrsLtSanchez
Apr 7, 2008
This cake was done for a one year old little boy who loves Yo Gabba Gabba. 11x15, half white, half chocolated iced in BC with a few accents in MMF. Smash cake is 6 inch white iced in BC.
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By BlairsMom
May 23, 2008
My DD's 2nd birthday cake, Foofah from Yo Gabba Gabba.  MMF accents on BC.
By bluesavannah
May 25, 2008
Birthday cake for my daughter's friend. Ran out of time and didn't get to finish the decorations. Covered in MMF and figures are made from candy clay.
By beansylovescake
Jun 27, 2008
This cake was a lot of fun to do, but LOTS of colors to mix- bleh.  Apparently, this show is quite popular, it is the 3rd variation I have done with this theme, and it's only in it's first season!  All buttercream & airbrushing. Thanks for looking!
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By momsandraven
Jul 3, 2008
This is a 6" BC smash cake for my friend's daughter's first birthday.  The Foofa figure is fondant as well as the daisy accents on the side.   It was my first attempt at Melvira's method of smoothing BC for decorating.
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By ForNikoandAnna
Jul 12, 2008
My son's favorite show.  FBCT
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By aimeeb1224
Aug 15, 2008
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By chocomama
Oct 13, 2008
"Yo Gabba Gabba" cake that I threw together. Buttercream and MMF.
By Sammysue00
Dec 19, 2008
Is my son birthday and this is a cake for the family. I got the idea from CC and other websites in the internet. Chocolate cake, vanilla icing, buttercream handfree decorations.
By MariaIsabel2007
Dec 22, 2008
Foofa from the show "Yo Gabba Gabba," made for my daughter's second birthday party.  White cake, FBCT, buttercream iced, strawberry filled.  I love the FBCT technique, and this one is my favorite so far.
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By evasmama
Jan 10, 2009
6 layer rainbow cake, buttercream covered with fondant.
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By katieavery
Feb 3, 2009
White cake, colored with gel, buttercream and fondant
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By katieavery
Feb 3, 2009
from yo gabba gabba, one of my son's first birthday cakes. yellow cake with buttercream, rice krispies for arms and legs.
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By iheartcakegf
Feb 10, 2009
This weekend one of my dearest friends wanted a special cake for her Grandsons first birthday, featuring the Yo Gabba Gabba cast. I had fun creating this, and my kids, as always, are my inspiration and helpers! Yellow butter cake, chocolate ganache filling and tinted buttercream frosting. I added the 6" on top so the baby would have his own cake to put his hands into!
4 8
By momz2busy
Mar 17, 2009
This was for a little guy turning 2 and his favorite characters from Yo Gabba Gabba are Brobee and Muno.  10" round and 6" round.  Buttercream icing.  Both characters are fondant.
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By Marypoppins1
Mar 27, 2009
MMF figurines
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By messy_chef
Mar 30, 2009
This is a half sheet size Brobee for my darling little niece's 1st birthday she loved it ! All buttercream and used confetti cake mix with an extender tasted so good! He was quite large almost didnt fit on my half sheet board!
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By ButtercreamBabe22
Mar 30, 2009
request from a friend's friend for her son's 2nd birthday.  He loved it and went crazy when he saw it. Vanilla  pound cake w/ BC fosting.
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By sarahlc8
Apr 1, 2009
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By wendy1273
Apr 20, 2009
Here is a Brobee figurine I made for a Brobee cake I'm doing for my friends sons' birthday.  He will be 4 and is in love with Yo Gabba Gabba.  I'm ok with how this turned out and the little boy LOVES it, so that's all that matters.  It's only the 2nd gumpaste figure I've made before.  Thanks for looking!
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By twingirls05
May 4, 2009
Made for my daughter's birthday. Orange flavored cake with vanilla buttercream icing and rolled buttercream on top. The characters took 4 hours to make and are done on rolled fondant. TFL!!
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By C_LittleSweets
May 9, 2009
1 2
By marice123
May 15, 2009
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By Dawn1000
May 23, 2009
This was a vanilla eggless cake carved from a 9x13. I freehand piped everything and was very happy with the result. It's all buttercream excluding the banner, flowers and butterfly. The cupcake is super sparkly, I don't know if you can tell from the picture though. :) TFL!
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By supermama322
May 29, 2009
Sculpted from a half sheet cake, frosted in buttercream with mmf eye, mouth and horns.
7 25
By sue_dye
May 30, 2009
2 9
By RMF73
May 31, 2009
This is the first stacked cake that I've ever made, and the fourth cake with fondant that I've ever made. I used MMF and hand colored it and for a beginner's mistake had red hands and black nails for about a week!!! My wonderful cake makin' cousin finally let me on to a little secret that I should try not using Crisco and just keep kneading because I complained my fondant was too stretchy and flimsy so for my next cake I'm going to give it a whirl!! Thanks for looking!
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By SGTSweetsCakery
Jun 1, 2009
I made this for a friend. Chocolate cake covered & decorated w/ fondant. My first attempt at a carved cake. Inspired by cakes right here at CC!
By dkltll
Jun 4, 2009
Buttercream with fondant Yo Gabba Gabba characters ~ This was for a little girl, so I designed it around Foofa and her flower garden.
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By TxBama
Jun 5, 2009
I made this for my friends who's twins are turned 4.  Her son wanted a Brobee cake from Yo Gabba Gabba.  THis was my first attempt at a gum paste figure.  I definitely learned a lot!
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By twingirls05
Jun 7, 2009
my daughter loves Yo Gabba Gabba., so i made this cake for her 2nd b-day. i ordered the figurines but they didn't come till the next day. i was sooo upset. oh well....
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By Tasty_Creations
Jun 16, 2009
This is all cake and BC except the horns and mouth. I had fun making this.
By saiia
Jun 16, 2009
This one was tough.  My grass tip wasn't working. so I had to pipe each little piece of his fur by hand!  I still have to do the big cake tomorrow!  Boy do my hands hurt!
2 1
By Misdawn
Jun 25, 2009
Ok I'm never doing any cake that needs 'fur' again!  My hands are so swollen!
8 24
By Misdawn
Jun 26, 2009
Yo Gabba Gabba
8 33
By Spicy_Erin
Jun 30, 2009
1 9
By oOSo-Tasty1
Jul 14, 2009
Plex, Brobee, Muno, Toodee, and Foofa.These are from my 2yo FAV cartoon. Gumpaste characters for my daughters birthday cake this weekend.
25 76
By roxxxy_luvs_duff
Nov 16, 2007


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