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This is an yellow cake with buttercream icing and bavarian cream filling.
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By Eeyore16
May 14, 2006
My friend asked me to make a cake for her BBQ tomorrow - whatever I wanted to do.  I saw a bee hive once & always wanted to do one, so it came to mind...  I did a search here at cake central, for "bee", and then "bee hive".  I looked at all your wonderful creations & came-up with my own.  I wish I had taken note of your names, thank you so much for the inspiration!  This was so much fun!  :D
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By OCakes
May 27, 2006
This is my first attempt at a 3 tier cake.  All of then are sponge cakes and covered with fondant. I used fresh flowers.  As this was not a wedding hence the colour scheme..
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By naz1905
Jun 6, 2006
11" and  6" stacked with BC and fondant accents. Any feedback is greatly appreciated!
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By kstgelais4
Jun 9, 2006
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By dreamer61352
Jun 10, 2006
This was for my brother when apparently I thought that he liked flowers! He was a good sport though, and didn't say anything...I used the wilton pan that has happy birthday embossed on it, and just iced over it.  Just a freehand design
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By mendhigurl
Jun 20, 2006
A mad fan of the australian socceroos team (first team to qualify for the world cup in 32 years) was being given a surprise 70th birthday. His daughter decided on a dark chocolate mud cake made into the socceroos jersey with buttercream. These jersey cakes are sure becoming popular for us.
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By dky
Jul 7, 2006
Lemon cake with raspberry filling and lemon mousse filling, raspberry buttercream.  Flowers are chocolate transfers.
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By trombonekaren
Jul 21, 2006
red velvet and carrot 2nd birthday cake i have done for myself
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By TandTHarrell
Jul 23, 2006
This 1/4 sheet cake was for a fiesta themed baby shower. Iced in yellow buttercream with a basket weave pattern on the sides using tips #47 & #10. The center oval was made with a #16 tip and the border with a #32 tip. Plastic maracas were used as a topper.
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By BakeQueen
Aug 7, 2006
This is a strawberry cake with dark chocolate BC on 8 inch base and regular BC with strawberry filling on 6 inch top. Dragonflies, flowers and leaves are all edible molded from Pettinice. Your critique for positive improvement would be especially welcome.
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By tiptop57
Aug 11, 2006
I made this cake for a co-worker. The theme for her daughter's b-day was just balloons. She didn't want anything with balloons, just balloons. She said everyone loved this cake. Chocolate cake with fresh strawberries. B/C icing.
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By luv2giggls
Aug 31, 2006
By chloe1979
Sep 4, 2006
First cake I ever made, for my daugters 3rd birthday!
By dolphing81
Sep 6, 2006
4-Layer french vanilla cake iced in buttercream with fondant Elmo, bows, stripes, circles, & letters, all done in primary colors.  This was for a little girl's 2nd birthday (hence, the bows).  My version of a design previously submitted by Mommyof2Angels - thanks for the inspiration!  This was a very fun cake to do!
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By mommymarilyn
Oct 17, 2006
I did this cake with nothing but "use yellow and green" as the ordering instructions.  I thought it came out looking super retro with those flower power cut flowers.  Cake is a vanilla cake of 12", 10" and 8" rounds with buttercream icing, fondant flowers and butterfly and gumpaste "baby".
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By reenie
Jan 6, 2007
First of all, I would like to thank all of the other members who put their pictures of Mardi Gras cakes on here.  They were all the inspiration.  The bottom layer is a chocolate cake and was baked in the 13"oval pan.  The top cake is a white mix but I tinted it in the Mardi Gras colors and made it in my homemade checker board pan.  The beads and the crown are not edible.
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By pastrypantry
Jan 12, 2007
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Jan 14, 2007
I made this cake for my husbands birthday.He is an XBOX 360 fan.I wanted to make the actual console,but I had no time.Yellow cake with strawberry filling,fondant covered,BC decorations.The picture is a copy made in special paper.A miracle it stick to the cake! He was so happy almost ate the whole thing.
By Dennysse
Jan 18, 2007
This is a cake that the bride wanted to be different. All three tiers are french vanilla with the different colored buttercream icing and roses. I added little pearl accents to make it shine a little more even though I don't think you can see them in the picture. I hope she likes it.
By fmcmulle
Jan 20, 2007
This cake was made for a boy who is turning twelve. He really didn't want a theme but wanted marble cake and reds,blues,yellows and greens. I think it turned out really nice. I will deliver it tomorrow for his party.
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By fmcmulle
Feb 2, 2007
1/2 sheet Fr Vanilla, All buttercream
Tractor and Shield are FBCT's
"Pasture" is Chocolate Buttercream also on FBCT but with Basketweave Tip
I call the little flowers Spaghetti Roses, because thats kinda what they look like to me
I was really satisfied with the tractor, especially the tires turned out well!!
By southrnhearts
Feb 20, 2007
8" vanilla, 4" chocolate buttercream icing, fondant diamonds, spirals, mask, letters, gold dragees, and pearl dust on mask and letters, hope they like it
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By notjustcake
Feb 25, 2007
Yellow Butter Cake with chocolate pudding and almond buttercream. This never made it to the party b/c I was too sick to attend.  :(    Oh well, Maybe next time.
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By Beezaly
Mar 5, 2007
These were made in July 2005, for a friends parents anniversary. The 2 smaller cakes are Gluten and Dairy Free, all the BC is gluten and dairy free. 
They are all covered in Basket Weave... long night! I made the flowers out of Royal Icing. They were pleased, especially the bride since she does not often get to each cake or sweet having many allergies.
By gateaux
Mar 22, 2007
This is a 9 x 13 sheet cake decorated with all buttercream to look like Sponge Bob. The legs are swiss rolls, the sleeves are marshmellows and the hamburger "crabby pattie", drink and fries are from a local cake store and are sugar. The shoes, legs, socks and arms are all BC.
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By Joolz
Mar 24, 2007
I made a two layer 8' oval cake stacked and frosted as normal then added a half of a bowl cake trimmed to fit on top. I scured top in place and frosted a basketweave and ruffle with buttercream. Blanket was rolled out of MMF and scoured before I hand painted it with clear vanilla mixed with paste color. Royal icing flowers finished the design.
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By trulyscrumptious
Mar 28, 2007
I felt kinda out of practice so I made this cake as a sample cake for my first stateside client for our cake consultation.  It is a deep chocolate fudge cake with a Hershey's Milk Chocolate BC covered in White chocolate fondant and candy clay flowers.  It is not really my type of deco, but I gotta start expanding my horizons.
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By carrielynnfields
Apr 2, 2007
I made this cake in a rush for my great-grandfather's 84th birthday. If you're in a rush, don't do basketweave...otherwise you'll end up with a sloppy cake, like mine...haha. And then...the box smashed my rose. But it didn't matter - everyone loved it, and it tasted SO good (lemon cake w/ lemon filling!).
It wasn't lopsided - however, it seems like it in this photo.
By oneprimalscream
Apr 5, 2007
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By bonnieterrito
Apr 9, 2007
Vanilla cake with Lemon Curd Filling. Yummy! All decorations are tinted fondant. Had minimal time to make this. Wasn't what I had planned and I don't know if I'm too happy with the orange background, but everyone at work loved it!
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By Lizbvic
Apr 16, 2007
Half Sheet Vanilla Cake with all Buttercream Dream decorations. All circles done with various cups and back of tips. I have a list of how to put this together if you need help making one.
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By Joolz
Apr 17, 2007
this is a practice cake i made today. used box cake mix so its not as thick i was hoping. thought I had more lol. buttercream icing with fondant onesie. didnt turn out the way i wanted though.
By Batter-UpBakery
Apr 19, 2007
Just fun trying out some embroidery painting.
By ChristaPaloma
Apr 25, 2007
round cakes covered in mmf for a baby boy.  K on diamonds around base for monogram. gumpsate bows
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By srmaxwell
May 2, 2007
By fmcmulle
May 7, 2007
I made this cake for a great niece that was in visiting from Georgia. She
turned five and couldn't wait to cut her cake. Buttercream frosting with
fondant accents. Thanks for looking.
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By fmcmulle
May 12, 2007
Here is my spin on the cupcake bouquet! Thanks Cambo and everyone else for your ideas :)
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By icing_fever
May 13, 2007
All buttercream, Elmo is made from Rice Krispy Treats and covered with icing.
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By StaceyC3
May 20, 2007
This is a 10 inch double layer with all buttercream icing.  Done for a church dinner.
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By FatAndHappy
Mar 17, 2006


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