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This is actually done for a baby shower with a Christmas Whoville theme. Hopefully Cindy Lou looks Cindy Lou enough for people to tell.  Whimsical marble cake with a chocolate mousse filling, iced in buttercream, royal icing snow, and with fondant/gumpaste tree, candy canes, and Cindy Lou.
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By khoudek
Dec 9, 2007
White french vanilla cake bc icing with rolled fondant snowflakes cut out by hand/pattern.  I got the idea from here and combined a few things from others!  This is a birthday cake for a friends DIL, who's B Day happens to be the same as mine...12/25.
I wanted her to have a BDay cake...not just Christmas.
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Dec 20, 2005
Choc Cake Buttercream Icing  Candy Decorations Real Bow ! Simple Cake For My Husbands Work ! Thanks For Looking !
15 57
By fiddlesticks
Dec 2, 2007
NFSC Royal Flood And Edible Glitter ! Playing With A New Cutter ! Thanks For Looking !
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By fiddlesticks
Dec 5, 2007
A round cake design with icing as a xmas wreath
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By mamasota
Jan 9, 2006
The tree is an icecream cone covered with buttercream using #352.  The candycanes are real candycanes.  Powdered sugar created the "snow effect."  Santa is a chocolate foil covered candy on a mini-Hershey's chocolate and candy canes for his sleigh.
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By PixieDiva
Apr 3, 2006
Last minute cake for our street party.  The person bringing the dessert got sick so this was the dessert.  I actually had 2 hours to make and decorate the cake. Everyone was happy.  Vanilla cake made from scratch with buttercream icing.
By gegon
Dec 22, 2005
Drunken Red  Brested Robins on a cut off tree
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By bel2864
Dec 12, 2005
NFSC Royal Outline Edible Glitter ! Just Playing With A New Cutter ! Thanks For Looking !
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By fiddlesticks
Dec 5, 2007
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By dky
Nov 3, 2005
All edible decorations. Tree, holly and balls around the base all made from fondant. 8 inch fruit cake covered with fondant
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By YummyFireMummy
Nov 29, 2006
An 8 inch fruitcake which is being donated to a local scout group to raise money for their Jamboree.
Santa and the reindeer are made with modelling paste, the antlers are royal icing. This design is taken from the book "A Cake for Christmas" by Karen Davies
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By franjmc
Dec 4, 2006
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By Uberhipster
Dec 6, 2006
DH is having a potluck at work tomorrow, so this is what he's taking. Of course, he told me he needed this... yesterday. It's now midnight and I literally just finished it about 10 mins ago. Never done reverse shells before and my base shells need a lot of work, but oh well. As for the ghastly poinsettia on the top... I had the mentality of ''I can fix this''... I do kinda like the colors though. It's BC on a triple chocolate 9''.
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By cinderspritzer
Dec 7, 2006
Round boiled fruit cake coverd 1st with marzipan and then fondant. I used an impression mat to put the stars on the sides - but I think I didn't press hard enough. I had 2 kids at my ankles when I did this part! The balls wer hand rolled and painted with snowflake lustre as I had no super pearl! Santa, Rudolph and the presents were made from fondant. Rudolph came out much darker in the photo than he actually is. This was rushed so I hope to spend more time on the next one to get it all right!
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By kncab
Dec 12, 2006
I enjoyed modelling FC and he deserves a rest after delivering all those present.
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By Panda-monium
Jul 30, 2006
A deep choc cake (not unlike a mud cake) with a choc ganche toping, surrounded by choc/coffee sticks & topped with a toffy/candy xmas tree decorated with royal icing dots.
This a quick and easy cake - can make in a day or over 2 x half days.
Cake takes an 1hr 40 min then colling takes 30 min or so.  ganache and decorating only took 15-20min!
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By spicc26
Dec 14, 2006
This is the Wilton Gingerbread Kit. Its a display Gingerbread house I made for A.C. Moore.
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By Daniellemhv
Nov 16, 2006
This was made for my 4-year-old son's Pre-K xmas party.  The children and teachers loved it.  It was simple for the teacher to just give out a cupcake to each child and go on without having to cut, serve and clean messes afterward.
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By gegon
Dec 22, 2005
all MMF
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By glitterkris
Nov 24, 2006
I made these for an auction at my mother in laws work. I used buttercream iceing 2 marshmellows skewered on a pretzel stick, fruit roll ups for the scarf and one pretzel stick cut in halph for the arms. I will be making these again with a few added touches. Thanks to the many great decorators for the idea.
By Motherducker
Dec 21, 2006
8" fruit cake covered in white fondant with red fondant ribbons to look like a present. This was made for a raffle for an exchange student who is going to the USA
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By Briarview
Nov 25, 2006
I really love this cake. It looks like a gingerbread house (obviously) but its a Cake!. Its white cake covered in fondant. snowman is made of fondant, snowballs are gobstoppers, tree is upside-down sugar cone with royal icing and decorated with various candies. I Love the Christmas lights around the house. They were Mike & Ikes cut in three parts and the middle discarded
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By Daniellemhv
Dec 23, 2006
By Ursula40
Dec 24, 2006
She made everything herself, I'm extremely proud
By Ursula40
Dec 24, 2006
For a man, who loves golf
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By Ursula40
Dec 24, 2006
Cupcake tree made for reception. All cupcakes iced in BC with molded chocolate hearts on top. Top cake is lemon.
4 2
By sweetbee
Jan 6, 2007
lots of little trees, they're vanilla & chocolate with buttercream and xmas trees sprinkles, and an yellow m&m on top, the trunk is chocolate icing
By Lila65
Jan 7, 2007
This is a simple but effective christmas cake design.  I was really pleased with the result!
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By zoeped84
Jan 11, 2007
Tools were made of gumpaste. 17"x24" cake
1 6
By Nazinga
Feb 6, 2007
All BC.  I made this in cake class, one of my first cakes.
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By PixieDiva
Mar 25, 2007
This was my 5th cake, made in 6 tiers of various cake flavors.  It was covered in fondant and brush painted.  The bulbs are made from jolly ranchers melted down and molded.  The cake stands 2 feet tall.
2 7
By spohnj
Apr 13, 2007
By nikki1201
Sep 3, 2007
I was asked, to make this project for a Greek christening party in Netherland. I had only 5 days to bake,prepare and decorate. But it was so much fun to do !!  thank you for watching my picture
15 37
By ricake
Sep 26, 2007
Inspired by GRAMMASUE. These are mini ball fruit cakes, 3.5" only. I made them as donation to Children Cancer Fundrasing Event. They loved it. Hope they go for a good price.
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By YanaK
Oct 10, 2007
Traditional fruit cake covered in marzipan and fondant. Fondant snowflakes.
My 1st attempt @ airbrushing :)
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By Cakechick123
Nov 13, 2007
Traditional fruit cake with gumpaste elves, gifts and tree.
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By Cakechick123
Nov 13, 2007
Very simple Xmas cookies.  Wilton Roll out cookie recipe/Vanilla and chocolate.  Antonia's icing's recipe.  I made 100 of these cookies.  Houses, Gingerbread boy/girl/leave/Xmas Tree.
By MariaLovesCakes
Dec 18, 2006
This cake was inspired from a similar one made by Emmascakes - so all the creative credit goes to her... thought it was so cute and have made this for a friend that ordered 2 cakes from me this year -- I must be getting better! hehehe
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By Feefs
Dec 20, 2006
5 inch xmas fruit cakes covered in white fondx. Fabric ribbon around base. Royal icing holly and santa. Gumpaste lettering. We also made some in a 3.5inch size. In total about 40. Some as gifts, some as raffle prizes and the majority to fill orders.
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By dky
Dec 8, 2007


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