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11X15 Frosted in buttercream. Belt, lock and chain are made out of MMF.
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By sue_dye
Feb 15, 2008
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By alexp420
Jul 26, 2006
By AnaRodrigues
Feb 2, 2008
I made this for a 4 year boy who love the wrestling.
6 53
By millie
Oct 8, 2005
This cake was a pain, and I was really hoping for it to come out better. The "ropes" were shoelace licorice, and I went to 5 stores before finally finding it, and then I could only get the mini spirals, which were really short in length, which made it really difficult. Otherwise it was OK. The WWE logo is freehand, so It may look silly. Yellow cake with vanilla cream filling, BC and MMF.
Thanks for looking.
2 1
By kstgelais4
Oct 6, 2006
2 2
By HeatherMari
Nov 6, 2006
I made this for a wrestling PPV party.  It was a hit!
By SnowiDawn
Sep 15, 2006
This is for my friend's son who is also celebrating his birthday. He loves wrestling and I got this idea from cmmom, so thank you very much! I hope they like it. Thanks for looking.
9 3
By fmcmulle
Feb 1, 2008
For an 11 year old wrestling fan....=)
2 3
By TCol10
Feb 13, 2007
Strawberry cake decorated in buttercream frosting.  I used edible glitter to help set it off.  The birthday boy was amazed.
6 17
By Fishercakes
Sep 25, 2006
WWE championship belt cake made for Wrestlemania 23 party!  Fondant plaques are hand painted/sculpted.  This cake came together at the last minute, when DH told me I could make a Wrestlemania cake and that he wanted John Cena's belt.  I made it all with stuff I had on hand...with better planning, I think it could have been better, but overall I was really pleased with the way it turned out.
4 6
By cryssi
Apr 2, 2007
This was made for my husband's 30th bday.  It's a wrestling ring and the champ's belt.
2 7
By zulmaivette
May 12, 2007
8 & 10" cakes filled and iced with buttercream all airbrushed.  Pretzel rods iced and airbrushed made the poles and black curling ribbon of the ropes.  WWE figurines were put into the ring at the party.
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By Queenblue
May 31, 2007
Wrestle Mania, WWE, RAW and Smack Down were on all four sides
12 84
By cmmom
Jun 2, 2007
Half chocolate half white cake, buttercream icing and an edible image. WWE is on the side of the cake.
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By cakesbgood
Jun 5, 2007
My Godson loves wrestling. The ring is made of marshmallows and ribbon.
1 4
By deeu13
Feb 3, 2007
WWE Cake, 11x15" Sheet, 2 layer, each layer is 1/2 chocolate, and 1/2 yellow, buttercream filling, covered in regular buttercream and chocolate buttercream dyed black for the sides.  Marshmallows painted black with a water/americolor mixture and used toothpicks to hold together, added red thread for the ropes.  FBCT for the WWE Logo, turned out alright... not the best but alright.. Tasted delicious and looked great! Please see other picture in photos folder for Party Scene, which has the wrestlers in place.
7 4
By OhMyGoodies
Jun 16, 2007
This is chocolate cake with chocolate frosting & fondant on top.   It was for my coworker's son's birthday.  The figures are supposed to look like Rey Mysterio & the Undertaker.  Everyone thought it was great.  I was a little disappointed though.  I ran out of fondant and it was just not a very happy cake experience for me.
By alexp420
Jul 26, 2006
A surprise birthday present for a Chris Benoit fan, ordered before the tragic events that recently took place.  A brownie cake covered in fondant with marshmallow posts painted in black food colour and licorice straps as rope.  Hand painted plaque, my first!  Once side says WWE.COM, and the other says Happy Birthday Jeff (obviously the birthday boy).  Bought figure, likely to become a collectors item!  Marshmallow post idea inspired by cmmom's Wrestling Ring cake.
10 6
By nicolevoorhout
Jul 8, 2007
Thought this turned out pretty cute... for a wrestling fan's 7th birthday.
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By shantel575
Jul 18, 2007
Birthday Cake for my husband's best friend. They are both obsessed with the WWE, so I made a World Title Belt. The cake is 1/2 yellow & 1/2 chocolate with buttercream icing. The Belt is chocolate clay and fondant. I made several belts because the clay was drying out on me. Next time I'm buying black fondant. The kids liked the chocolate belt.  It was a big hit.
By kpargola
Jul 29, 2007
Chocolate cake with chocolate filling covered in MMF airbrushed black and red.  Poles are solid chocolate, licorice strings, and toy WWE wrestlers.  Logo is edible image.
6 28
By jstritt
Mar 16, 2007
Just another photo after the guys were put on.  TFL
6 7
By Rambo
Aug 6, 2007
Marble cake with FBCT top and fondant panel sides.
1 2
By reesesob
Aug 12, 2007
Golden Vanilla Butter cake.  Buttercream is a combination of WC IMBC and regular buttercream.  Chocolate transfer logos.  Marshmallow padding and ribbon ropes.  I originally planned to use licorice for the ropes, but I got too scared they would stretch and sag.  Inspiration from cmmom.  Support our Troops.
2 2
By kelleygirl
Aug 18, 2007
I know the logo isn't perfect, but I tried the pin prick method and let me tell time, it won't be such a complex logo!  The mom was pleased, that's all that matters to me. : )
1 2
By keyshia
Aug 26, 2007
FBCT of John Cena. The turnbuckles are marshmallows and airbrushed black. The ropes are dried spagheeti painted red. Iced with BC.
1 10
By KittisKakes
Sep 23, 2007
Vanilla sponge with jam and buttercream filling covered with vanilla buttercream, chocolate wafers for the ring posts
By AprilleD
Oct 7, 2007
This was one of my first attempts with fondant. The wrestlers are fondant, the emblem in the center of the ring is fondant, and the posts are fondant. It was very hot and humid that day, so the ropes ended up being curling ribbon as everything else drooped. The birthday boy loved it!
By Jocmom
Oct 22, 2007
Freehand Rey Mysterio
1 1
By maniaco333
Nov 27, 2007
This was a fun cake to do.  It's all BC with melted chocolate on top of the tiers, and fondant championship belt around the bottom tier and photo plaques of several wrestlers.  It's a 6 in and 9 in chocolate fudge cake with vanilla almond BC.
3 5
By momtobtb
Nov 28, 2007
My aunt had me make this cake for my two cousins.It's a 1/2 sheet yellow cake with whipped buttercream icing.I only charged her $20.00.
By mom_of_4girls
Dec 16, 2007
Choco cake covered with fondant. The ropes are the pull n peel twizzlers that I just stuck to each other.
2 1
By diamondsonblackvelvet13
Dec 18, 2007
My brother is a huge WWE fan and I wanted to make him a cake he would love for his bithday.  I got lend of the figures, props and posts from and actual toy ring set.  This was my first attemp to freehand  an picture on a cake, I was pleased it turned out as well as it did.
1 6
By cherrooh
Jan 5, 2008
Wrestling ring for birthday, customer supplied wrestling figures which wound up a little bit smaller than the cake. :)
1 10
By violetbutterflyz
Jan 14, 2008
WWE birthday cake. Fondant on sides with FBCT image, BC top with fondant emblem. Poles were wooden dowels tinted with food coloring and pipe cleaners for the ropes.
5 9
By laurynrn
Jan 19, 2008
My son loves WWE, so for his 11th birthday he wanted a DX wrestling ring. I crafted this wrestling ring from buttercream and fondant. The poles are pretzels rods covered with black fondant and the ropes are twizzlers. This is my 3rd cake ever to make and I am very happy with the way it turned out. Unfortunately, I could not get the 3rd row of ropes of because it made the poles want to pull away from the cake.
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By tryoder
Jun 29, 2007
Pretty simple - lots of black food colouring!
1 8
By andrealynmoore
Feb 4, 2007
I made this for my hubby on his birthday. Its a layer of choc. cake and a layer of vanilla. All iced in BC. Wooden dowels and red ribbon for the ropes. Thanks for looking!
2 6
By melissa043
Jan 30, 2008
Square double layer cake covered in buttercream and fondant. painted the botttom black. Ropes are twizzler pull and peel licorice. Posts are fondant. John cena and the boogie man are fondant.
By KariCanary
Mar 20, 2008


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