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This is a wrestling duffel bag, shoe and jump rope. The bottom is chocolate cake with buttercream and fondant, the duffel bag is white cake with bc and fondant. Accessories and details made out of fondant. Thank you to ellepal for giving detailed instructions on her "wood" floor ,I gave it a try with buttercream!
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By heychele
Jan 13, 2006
This is on it's way to being a wrestling ring.  It is chocolate cake with chocolate buttercream icing.  The four sides are all black with paper towel texture on them.  The top is white with the logo on it.  I just printed out the logo and covered it with clear contact paper.  The lady that bought it is adding 4 turnbuckles that go on her sons toy and then adding a couple of wrestling men on it as well.
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By tsuitor
Apr 15, 2006
This is my DH fathers day cake all is edible except the yarn I used as ropes and my "DH" the champ.  I covered pretzel rods with Royal icing,  sign and guy passed out are fondant the rest is buttercream.  The cakes were white cake.
By throwemndapan
Jul 3, 2006
9x9 square pan, strawberry cake iced in buttercream.  Chocolate covered pretzels for the posts, red licorice for the ropes, fastened to the fondant "turn buckles" with royal icing.  Fondant spider in center, and fondant banners with messages in edible markers.
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By K8E
Jul 20, 2006
This is chocolate cake with chocolate frosting & fondant on top.   It was for my coworker's son's birthday.  The figures are supposed to look like Rey Mysterio & the Undertaker.  Everyone thought it was great.  I was a little disappointed though.  I ran out of fondant and it was just not a very happy cake experience for me.
By alexp420
Jul 26, 2006
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By alexp420
Jul 26, 2006
A wrestling ring cake for a little boys birthday.
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By glitterkris
Aug 8, 2006
mmf wrestling wwe for my sons 4th birthday mmf over white cake with rasp filling
By rogers8702
Aug 23, 2006
These are FBCT that I am practicing to use for my son's bday cake. Now I just have to figure out how to use them all on the same cake! lol  The wrestlers include Randy Orton, John Cena, Hulk Hogan, Carlito, Rey Mysterio, and Batista. There will be a large green DX logo in the center of the cake.
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By BellaRosa
Aug 28, 2006
This Cake was made using the Styrofoam head method I have read about here at CC.  The wrestler's mask was made with MMF.  (my first time using this).
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By practiceandpatience
Sep 23, 2006
Strawberry cake decorated in buttercream frosting.  I used edible glitter to help set it off.  The birthday boy was amazed.
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By Fishercakes
Sep 25, 2006
12 inch chocolate chip cookie with Ray Mysterio mask done on it. First time doing a FBCT. Enjoyed it!
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By RRufus83
Oct 5, 2006
This cake was a pain, and I was really hoping for it to come out better. The "ropes" were shoelace licorice, and I went to 5 stores before finally finding it, and then I could only get the mini spirals, which were really short in length, which made it really difficult. Otherwise it was OK. The WWE logo is freehand, so It may look silly. Yellow cake with vanilla cream filling, BC and MMF.
Thanks for looking.
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By kstgelais4
Oct 6, 2006
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By HeatherMari
Nov 6, 2006
This is for my 6 year old nephew who loves wrestling and John Cena.  I found the caricature online and covered it with contact paper.  Posts are dowels covered in buttercream and rope is speghetti colored red with food paste coloring.  I adhered the speghetti to the dowels with black fondant.  Hope it holds!
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By LisaMS
Nov 17, 2006
My first attempt at a wrestling ring.  I made this for nephew.  The rope is red string and the poles are marshmallows painted black.  I made the wrestling symbol by buttercream transfer.
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By skeet1zp
Nov 30, 2006
This is a 1/4 sheet yellow cake with an edible image and b/c icing....thanks for looking
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By spoiledtoodef
Dec 4, 2006
My son's friend wanted a WWE cake, this was my best attempt at it, I ended up pretty happy with it though
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By staceysha
Jan 28, 2007
First attempt at this Hulk Hogan character pan and the customer didn't want all those stars. They wanted a smooth cake. This was a very hard cake for me to decorate.  I couldn't get everything to line up correctly. I'm glad it's done!!
By cncgirl00
Feb 2, 2007
The cake itself is covered with BC. The image is a FBCT and is the character Sting. The black "padding" are marshmallows that are airbrushed black. The red "ropes" are dry spaghetti and painted.
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By KittisKakes
Feb 2, 2007
My Godson loves wrestling. The ring is made of marshmallows and ribbon.
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By deeu13
Feb 3, 2007
Pretty simple - lots of black food colouring!
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By andrealynmoore
Feb 4, 2007
My son wanted a Smack down cake and this is what i came out with.  Thanks for looking
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By jarjam1026
Feb 8, 2007
Chocolate fudge cake, cream cheese & oreo filling, covered with (Chef Taz's recipe) ganache. First attempt at making figures with fondant. Need ALOT more practice!! Birthday boy loved it and it was delicious.
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By dolfin
Feb 25, 2007
This was probably the most unusual cake I have had to do. The boy wanted chocolate cake wit half chocolate and half peanut butter icing and chocolate peanut butter filling. He also loves wrestling. I got this idea from "deeu13", thanks bunches!
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By fmcmulle
Mar 3, 2007
Chocolate cake with chocolate filling covered in MMF airbrushed black and red.  Poles are solid chocolate, licorice strings, and toy WWE wrestlers.  Logo is edible image.
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By jstritt
Mar 16, 2007
This is my wrestling cake I did for my son. If was a battle to get done because my fondant would not work with me. Thanks for looking
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By hamlove
Mar 18, 2007
By lindav76
Mar 26, 2007
justin is a wrestling fan-I used crunch stixx for the corners, string twizzlers for rope and experimented w/frozen transfers for the wrestlemania/middle of ring pictures, added micro wrestlers for the final touch
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By maddy1016
Apr 5, 2007
My DH is a big fan of wrestling and asked for a cake for last weeks I went all out. BC icing, frozen BC transfer for the writing, and the 'ropes' are a fruit rollup attached to twizzlers on skewers. The figures are store bought, of course.
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By dance2874
Apr 7, 2007
This wrestling ring was designed for a 6 year old boy. The outside edges on the top layer were decorated with jelly beans. The bumpers of the ring are constructed out of toasted coconut marshmallows.
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By varneyk
Apr 27, 2007
This cake was for my son's 9th Birthday. All Buttercream and the image was a frozen Buttercream Transfer
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By marowe4
Apr 28, 2007
Since much of school wrestling consists of tournaments, I used 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place boxes for the cake stands.  All 3 cakes are 12" covered with Pastry Pride.  The writing and the school mascot, a mustang, is buttercream (the school logo is zig zagged like that).  The singlet (wrestling uniform) is colored rolled fondant.
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By tripleE
Apr 30, 2007
This was made for my husband's 30th bday.  It's a wrestling ring and the champ's belt.
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By zulmaivette
May 12, 2007
John Cena's hat for a wrestling fan, used a 6" x 4" contour pan and gum paste.
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By Claudine1976
May 27, 2007
8 & 10" cakes filled and iced with buttercream all airbrushed.  Pretzel rods iced and airbrushed made the poles and black curling ribbon of the ropes.  WWE figurines were put into the ring at the party.
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By Queenblue
May 31, 2007
Wrestle Mania, WWE, RAW and Smack Down were on all four sides
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By cmmom
Jun 2, 2007
Half chocolate half white cake, buttercream icing and an edible image. WWE is on the side of the cake.
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By cakesbgood
Jun 5, 2007
This was the cake that almost wasn't.  I iced it and put it in the box in the office and shut the door.  Went out for a while, when I came back to finish my dog had broken in and eaten the top layer off half the cake.  A perfect round hole in the window of the box.  I cut the cake in half, piped the graphic and hoped for the best.  No one at the party had a clue what happened.
By emhurston
Jun 5, 2007
CCC w/MMF accents. My nephew loves Rey Mysterio!!
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By chikie
Oct 22, 2005


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