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Made these for hubby to bring to work.
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By thesocialfrog
Nov 16, 2005
Chocolate cupcakes and buttercream icing.  I decorated it simple as I wanted the "leafs" to show.  I wasn't crazy about the bow, but overall, I was pleased.
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By lpino
Dec 4, 2005
This cake was so much fun for me!  It was my first time making a fondant bow.  I think it turned out OK.
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By ccsweetness
Dec 11, 2005
Copy of a wreath I did last year, but added bow after seeing some of the wreath cakes in the gallery.  Like it with bow much better.  Thanks for the idea.
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By bulldog
Dec 13, 2005
cake is a working candle made of cake with a holly wreath and candy canes made of fondant
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By kgunn
Dec 14, 2005
This is a Grand Mariner Cheesecake from WBH.  The wreath is a chocolate transfer.  Very YUMMY cheesecake!!
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By sugartopped
Dec 14, 2005
I learned on this cake that you can definitely make too lush of a bed of icing to place flowers and leaves in.  No matter what I did, I still see too much icing (ivory) through the leaves.  The flowers are royal, the leaves are fondant, the ivory is bc and the ribbon is non-edible.
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By CranberryClo
Dec 19, 2005
4" cakes with BC leaves and berries. Bow is Candy Clay.  3 of 8 I am making for teachers and neighbors.
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By bulldog
Dec 21, 2005
My first shot at a cupcake cake--and it was really fun to do!  Dark chocolate cupcakes with vanilla cream filling, buttercream icing and decorations.  Got the wreath idea from another picture in the gallery.
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By lotsoftots
Dec 24, 2005
Just a quick cake I made at the Wilton demo at the store where I teach.  French vanilla cake.  Frosting and decorations are all buttercream.
By sweeterbug1977
Dec 30, 2005
I made this for my husband to take to his bowling league "food night."  He was supposed to take cards with him but forgot.  Argh!  It was my first attempt at a  CCC and I didn't have most of my tips so I had to made do.
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By kellyh57
Jan 5, 2006
Christmas cake decorated like a wreath
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By melony1976
Jan 7, 2006
A round cake design with icing as a xmas wreath
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By mamasota
Jan 9, 2006
this cake was for my grandmother's birthday, which is Dec. 23
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By beccal
Jan 24, 2006
Wanted to do something different so I found this design.
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By bertie
Mar 5, 2006
got bored of making sheet i made this one!
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By cakez
Apr 4, 2006
Ice cream cake - spice cake with pumpkin ice cream. Cream cheese icing.
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By jlh
Apr 7, 2006
1/4 sheet cheesecake with white chocolate cream cheese icing (both cheesecake and icing recipes are from the Cake Bible)
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By cakesbyjess
Jul 6, 2006
4 2
By grams
Sep 13, 2006
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By pattycaker
Sep 18, 2006
well... it was supposed to be a xmas wreath but i got too lazy making fondant ropes that were supposed to look like twigs formed to make a wreath. this was one of my first cakes. the inside is a german xmas chocolate cake with gingerbread spice (lebkuchen). i didn't even ice the cake before covering in fondant. i wanted to put a big red bow on it too but the fondant wasn't workable being that i didn't have the proper food coloring for fondant. obviously i didn't have a clue how to make the cake i wanted.
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By cosmicbear
Sep 20, 2006
12 ladies all first time cake decorator made 6 (3 designs) beautifull Christmas theme cakes.  Designs were mostly inspired from here. Thank you everyone!
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By tiarra
Nov 12, 2006
first christmas cake of the season!!
l just had to make these ones, they are so cute!
not easy to do, took me a few hours to get their faces right.
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By catherien
Nov 22, 2006
These are Christmas Cookies of a Tree, Wreath and Rudolph.
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By Richiescakes
Nov 30, 2006
Got the idea from someone on another site. Thanks by the way if you double post! Excellent instructions. Did this for combined Nov/Dec birthdays for work. Used rolled buttercream for the bow and the berries. Still need work on my bow, or at least make it ahead of time so it will stay up!
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By RRufus83
Nov 30, 2006
This is one of six cakes I made this weekend for the Make a Wish Christmas party.  The stars were my first attempt at brush embroidery.
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By Bettycrockermommy
Dec 3, 2006
White MMF w/buttercream greenery, pine cones and holly, fondant bow. I would change a few things next time.
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By Sharolo
Dec 5, 2006
My first attempt at CCCs.  Thanks to Kiddiekakes for all the inspiration, tips and advice.

This is one of three I did for an early Christmas Party at my daughter's school. 120 cupcakes in all, to create Santa, a Christmas Tree and a Christmas Wreath. Devil's Food cake, Chocolate fudge icing, butter icing and fondant for snowflakes and the star.
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By karennayak
Dec 7, 2006
I downloaded a pic. of this cake already but then decided it needed some finishing touches as it was a bit "blah" so here's my final version.
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By ckkerber
Dec 7, 2006
CCC with BC icing and wreath.
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By hktaitai
Dec 9, 2006
I made this for my son's buisness Christmas party.  I had been thinking about a wreath with a real candle in the center and then I saw the one by kgunn on cc and went from there.
The candle is chocolate cake with bavarian cream filling.  The wreath is red velvet with raspberry filling.  They are both frosted with butter cream.  The flowers and wicks are royal icing.
8 15
By grams
Dec 9, 2006
First of 3 cakes for our Emmanuel Celebration at church tomorrow night. Devilsfood with butter cream and fondant. Some of the leaves are painted with luster dust.
3 1
By ohbucko
Dec 9, 2006
Quick and easy christmas wreath using mostly tip 18 stars and zigzags.
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By MaryAtk
Dec 9, 2006
Finally had a little time to do a cake.  It's an 8" chocolate cake and iced in buttercream.  My middle was bulging again so I put the holly around the middle to hopefully hide it.
11 29
By rayven
Dec 11, 2006
3 5
By cakekim
Dec 11, 2006
First cupcake cake.  Made with about 26 mini cupcakes.  I wanted to make some of these for Christmas, and since I had never done anything like this before, this was a practice one for my co-workers.  Very easy.  Iced in buttercream.  Thanks for the idea CCer's.
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By mhill91801
Dec 11, 2006
1st sugarcraft course cake.  Fruit cake covered in hazelnut paste (almond paste with hazelnut substituted for almond), fondant.  Wreath on plaque holly berries, leaves and small white flowers, Christmas roses and ribbon made from modelling fondant. Bells made from sugar.  Star border piped with royal icing.  Ribbon... just ribbon! :D  
First time piping borders and making leaves and flowers, pretty pleased with the outcome.
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By nicolevoorhout
Dec 12, 2006
This was my first cupcake wreath I've made (for a Christmas party).  My circles are not exactly round, but everyone at the party thought it was so pretty.  Does anyone have any suggestions on how to get it round.
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By jguilbeau
Dec 12, 2006
This is a cupcake cake I did for my husband to take to his co-workers for the holidays.
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By Marlo
Dec 13, 2006
All BC.  Leaf Tip wreath,  Red leaf tip Poinsettias.  Last minute request.  Very easy, but went over well.
4 20
By bulldog
Sep 17, 2005


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