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I got the idea for this cake from Pollys Cakes.  It is supposed to be like  a cake present wrapped in fondant as wrapping paper. The inside is red velvet cake with vanilla cream cheese filling
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By icingonthecupcake
Mar 5, 2006
Another view of my first all fondant cake.
8 12
By ps3884
Mar 7, 2006
This was a playing around cake, gonna donate it to the Labor and Delivery ward nurses and doctors. colored Roses are starburst roses with luster dust white ones are fondant along with everything else..well that and royal icing.  First time doing stringwork, fondant ribbon wrap, and royal icing design patterns.  Really need to practice more.  I need dummy cakes.  My DH doesn't want to give the cake up. sweet
9 3
By carrielynnfields
Mar 24, 2006
Chocolate wrap w/strawberries.  For the birch effect, I first spread a thin layer of white candy melts and scored them over and over with a fork. I let it sit a minute or so to set up a bit and then spread the chocolate.  I used clear contact paper.
4 5
By MissyTex
May 19, 2006
This is a choclate cake filled and frosted with Toba Garrett's Chocolate frosting and then wrapped with a chocolate wrap.  RI roses on top.  It was for a cake class I took
4 2
By melxcloud
Aug 11, 2006
Strawberry chocolate used on this cake to make the wraps.
21 321
By cakesunlimited
Sep 23, 2006
2 tiers, 10" and 6" iced in buttercream, wrapped in white chocolate. Gumpaste bow.
14 21
By ShirleyW
Sep 26, 2006
Two Toned gumpaste bow for chocolate wrap sweet sixteen cake
13 16
By ShirleyW
Sep 26, 2006
6" sample cake wrapped in white chocolate, chocolate curls, silk flowers, satin ribbon base
12 16
By ShirleyW
Mar 24, 2007
A chocolate wrapped cake with chocolate ruffles.
24 81
By ShirleyW
Dec 10, 2006
"Darn good chocolate cake", chocolate syrup frosting, condensed milk caramel filling, and semi sweet chocolate band. It was heavenly. It was my first time trying out the choc. band. I was nervous but when I finally peeled away the wax paper I was like "woohoo! that was easy!"
27 49
By jsmith
Nov 16, 2006
Chocolate cake with mocha IMBC filling and chocolate buttercream frosting. Chocolate wrap on the top layer and chocolate strips on the bottom layer. Lettering is white chocolate candy melts brushed with gold luster dust.
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By krissy_kze
Nov 19, 2006
White chocolate raspberry cheesecake on chocolate crust. Wrapped in pure white chocolate with old gold luster dust, bc decorations.
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By Zmama
Dec 2, 2006
Big Huge thank you to ShirleyW  for her instructions on chocolate wraps. This is my first try…. I’m liking the chocolate art! It’s a chocolate mud cake covered in chocolate ganache, chocolate curls, chocolate slabs and the chocolate wrap.
22 93
By katharry
Dec 22, 2006
Another mud cake with a chocolate wrap, chocolate slabs, chocolate curls chocolate ganache. This is the second one of three mud cakes I have to make this Christmas. Thanks to Sweet_as_tisse giving me her mud cake recipe I now get asked to make this. Now that ShirleyW has taught me how to do a wrap they will never be plain again!
8 19
By katharry
Dec 23, 2006
This is a marble cake with Chocolate BC icing, Mr. Goodbar bites and Swoops on top, with pieces of my first wrap that I took off (white chocolate), this is more difficult than I thought and I look forward to trying again
6 1
By jonilovescake
Dec 30, 2006
happy new year!!! i had so much fun doing this. the chocolate wrap was a little messy but end result pleased me.
By dandelion
Dec 31, 2006
This my first try at the chocolate wrap that everyone has been talking about.  I had so much fun and learned so much!  It's not as hard as I thought.

I did let a friend do the boarders.  She has never decorated a cake before and loved it.  She is now going to take lessons!
14 12
By JoanneK
Jan 4, 2007
First time trying chocolate wrap.  Used waxed paper...didn't work out perfectly, but it was mighty tasty!
By Steffen74
Jan 5, 2007
My first chocolate wrap - thanks to ShirelyW for the great instructions!  BC roses.  The stripes smudged when I did it, but I can't wait to do this again!
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By beachcakes
Jan 8, 2007
This is not a good wrap at all but I learned a lot from it..which is a good thing..At least it will be is a big 10"  Chocolate Kahlua cake
There is a horrible crack around the side which I did patch..the wrap below it (first attempt) had white choc dots on it..some of that got a bit smeared onto the 2nd not a good  chockie language was, fun and will try again..
8 10
By JaneK
Jan 14, 2007
Okay okay I know a tad over the top! But I’d originally made this shoe for this polka dot mad friend so had to use it somewhere!!! I hope she doesn’t expect 3 cakes every birthday! This is a MILK chocolate mud cake, it’s sweet_as_tisse’s recipe, it is awesome – and she gives out the recipe if you are interested!
27 37
By katharry
Jan 20, 2007
Chocolate Mud Cake (thanks to Boonenati for the recipe and the help!), with cream cheese icing (DH's fav) with a chocolate wrap and chocolate curls and shavings.  This cake was for my DH's 30th Birthday, and all turned out well except that the melted chocolate for the wrap was setting before I'd finished spreading it, hence the air bubbles!
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By kelly75
Jan 21, 2007
This cake was a torture to do!!  Tried new chocolate frosting recipe and it did not do what I needed it to do so I had to alter it, which changed the flavor a bit.  White Chocolate floral wrap (thanks, ShirleyW!!)   The white chocolate on top was an after thought and it DID NOT turn out like I wanted.  The roses are tootsie rolls (first ones I've done) and the pinks were too pink so I brushed on some CC amethyst luster dust right before delivery and that helped tremendously!  Oh, well, live goes on!!
6 2
By christeena
Jan 27, 2007
See original - thanks ShirleyW for chocolate wrap pointers!!!
3 5
By Steffen74
Feb 9, 2007
torted chocolate cake with chocolate mousse and a white chocolate wrap
4 2
By reese04
Feb 21, 2007
Three tiered wedding cake with strips of icing wrapped around it.
5 2
By Simone1310
Mar 4, 2007
Practice cake, first chocolate wrap.  The pieces broke off where it was too thin.  I used choclate melts (no butter or shortening added), then spread it on the shiny side of freezer paper.  (My daughter then wanted the cake for her Super Bowl party; hence the cheezy "Go Team" choc/luster dust accent!)
4 1
By lsawyer
Mar 10, 2007
My first wrap cake.  Made it for a friend's birthday.  It was a hit!    Special thanks to ShirleyW for helping me out while doing this cake.
6 7
By cocorum21
Mar 11, 2007
First chocolate was interesting. i'll try again soon. thanks shirleyw for the instructions, sorry i didnt do them justice!  12" round by 4.5" high. gumpaste/luster dust fish/waves.
7 23
By melysa
Mar 18, 2007
Torta Italiana, with coffee custard filling; chocolate wrap (top & around) using chocolate transfer sheet.
10 2
By Fascination
Mar 19, 2007
Made for a friend.  Got to use my new jewel candy mold, too!  White chocolate wrapped then sponge painted pink and silver.  Thanks for viewing!
8 1
By bethola
Mar 21, 2007
My second try at chocolate wrapping.  This cake edge was more sturdy than the first as I first put a white layer of chocolate and then covered it with a second with the transferable pattern.  The top decoration was a great disappointment to me, but I was rushed at the end!
1 1
By CherylB
Apr 1, 2007
My second attempt at a chocolate wrap...results...NOT SO GOOD! i added a tsp of veg.oil as suggested to give the chocolate shine- well, apparently that was too much because the choc never dried and stuck to the mylar as i peeled it away, so the surface was dull and there were broken pieces.  i'll try again!!! mocha scratch cake, milk choc whipped ganache, dark choc wrap w/ dipped berries w/ white choc drizzle. mango sparkle dust.
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By melysa
Apr 22, 2007
5" round, 5" high- Chocolate Mocha cake with milk chocolate ganache and a white chocolate collar / wrap. Satin Ice Fondant "bubbles" rolled in blue sparkle dust.
7 22
By melysa
May 3, 2007
My first attempt at chocolate wrap which I experimented on this tiny cake.  Cake is devils's cheesecake.
By nanzz
May 5, 2007
mini cake 2" and 3" stacked...scratch vanilla from whimsical bakehouse (mmm) and whipped milk chocolate ganache. went for the rustic look, and used plain parchment paper for the chocolate wrap so it would be wavy and uneven. swirled white and dark chocolate with toothpick and topped with fresh blackberries, ribbon and a glitteted butterfly.
5 23
By melysa
May 14, 2007
This is my 3rd cake and by far my favorite. Made with an MMF wrap and MMF decorations. I learned this go around that fondant needs A LOT of drying time. I also learned that I love luster dust! Fondant so far has been much friendlier than buttercream to me...
4 5
By jenndga
May 15, 2007
A little 8" birthday cake for my sister. 72 years old and she still rides in horse shows and wins blue ribbons. Jusr a chocolate wrap, strawberries dipped in Sarah Bernhardt chocolate glaze. Gumpaste plaque with chocolate molded horse, First Impressions mold.
19 27
By ShirleyW
May 15, 2007
Pumpkin spice cake with cinnamon cream chease frosting, wrapped in white chocolate.  Top is covered in white mosaic chocolate pieces and sweet peas.
By sweeterbug1977
Sep 28, 2005


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