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This is a butter cream frosted cake with chocolate wood planks on the sides, chocolate box on the top, with chocolate tools inside the box.  I used a veggie peeler to make the shavings.  Words are also make out of chocolate.  Cake I believe is a 12" square. My grandfather loves wood working and plans to put accounting to the side to concentrate on his passion.

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By danasflowers
Apr 17, 2007
All of the cake is made out of mmf with mmf animals. I've learned to allow for a little more time when decorating this cake. :) I really had fun with this one and thought it turned out quite cute!
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By jewelykaye
Apr 29, 2007
Here is my cake for Habitat for Humanity.  I made a triple chocolate fudge cake with whipped chocolate ganache as the filling.  Iced in Vanilla BC.  Saw, hammer, and nails are fondant painted and luster dusted.  Thanks for looking!
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By dtmc
Apr 10, 2006
White chocolate pudding cake with buttercream frosting and MMF lettering (my first try at MMF...or any kind of fondant for that matter).
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By naekramer
Jul 11, 2005
2005 Father's Day cake.  Fondant wood planks and nails for lettering, fondant picket fence and tape measure.  Wilton's tool candle set.  Buttercream grass, writing and border.

My husband is a handy guy and this just seemed like a good fit for Father's Day.  He is building a fence in our backyard so that's what gave me the idea.
<img src=yellow_ribbon.gif align=absmiddle>2nd Place 2005 Fathers Day Contest
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By klsunny
Jun 18, 2005
FBCT buttercream and pine cones made on straws. Thanks for the help on that.
By tirby
Jun 29, 2006
Cake made for a friends nephew who is a Lexus fan. He just recently earned his degree in mechanical engineering and landed a job with them too!
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By Godiva
Jul 1, 2006
Used sugar cones to pipe trees and edible rock shaped candies. Also used pretzels for the bench and camp fire. Piped red, orange and yellow buttercream for the fire.
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By edibleartwork
Jul 23, 2006
This cake was inspired by a Debbie Brown book.  All decorations are made of MMF with the exception of the brown sugar dirt.   It won First Place (Blue Ribbon) at the Plumas County Fair, California - Fair Theme Cake Class.  Yippee!!!
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By CakesUnleashed
Aug 5, 2006
I used devil food chocolate cake, with chocolate frosting and grahm crackers crushed for the 'saw dust', The tools, wood planks and nails on the planks are all fondant.
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By brenners
Jun 17, 2006
Lemon Cake w/Vanilla BC Icing.  12", 8", 4" rounds. Little girl wanted Princess Snow White and Dora the Explorer cake.  Her Mother send me a cake pic of plastic Dora on a leafy, grassy, cake and told me to use my imagination on how to combine the two.  So I came up w/ Apples for Snow White and Trees/Grass for Dora.  Added plastic Dora and SnowWhite at party.  Also, I wanted to thanks ChristyCakes for the inspiration I got from her tractor cake.  Thanks!
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By bjfranco
Mar 26, 2006
I had already uploaded this one, but the picture I had was very blurry. A customer (who turned me onto cake central) just sent me a picture from the party. Thanks Christine.
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By lillcabby
Jun 25, 2006
This is supposed to be a wooden table all set up. It has a Pepsi bottle, chocolate chip cookies, and cherry pie, amongst other things.  Covered in fondant.  Everything is edible, except the sunglasses.
By JustMe81
Aug 23, 2006
By sugarnut
Aug 30, 2006
Thanks to Aine2, I could make this little carpenter. I couldn't find my sugargun, so the hair is made of royal icing.
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By frulund2600
Sep 2, 2006
I made that that cake for Adriana, my friend's daughter.  I used a wood stand, a butterfly pan and two rounds pans of six and seven inches.  I used the butterflies of the candy bags to decorate the stand.  The flowers of the base were made with foamy. In the two round cakes I draw two flowers.
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By Goldy
Sep 4, 2006
all decorations made from fondant
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By Viks
Sep 11, 2006
Buttercream frosting, with painted gumpaste details and colored chocolate letters.  The mom loved it!
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By izzybee
Sep 15, 2006
This was a cake for celebrating the life of a very special man.  His family held a memorial get-to-gether and my friend asked me to make this cake.  I was so happy that it turned out the way I had pictured it in my mind.  Thank you for looking!
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Oct 7, 2006
I made this for my best friend and camping buddy....Halloween was her birthday and we LOVE to camp....she loved it!  :0)  9X13" yellow cake with buttercream icing....fondant and gumpaste accents.....all edible!
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By CustomCakesBySharon
Nov 2, 2006
This was made for a friend of a friend who is retireing.  The cabin is made out of graham crackers and the trees are made of sugar cones.  All covered in BC.
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By shannan6607
Nov 3, 2006
This is a chocolate cake with chocolate mousse filling.  The top is iced in BC and the sides are iced with the chocolate syrup icing recipe from this site.  This is my first time making it, it tastes just like Betty Crocker's canned frosting.  The hammer is made out of fondant and the nail heads are silver beads.  You definately need a big glass a milk to have go with a piece of this cake, it's so rich.  Too bad I won't get to taste it.
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By Lousaria
Aug 6, 2006
Two stacked 9"x13" cakes (half banana and half chocolate) iced and decorated in bc with the DecoPac Little Peoples Noah's Ark Signature cake kit. Such a cute kit and you can keep the animals and the top of the ark for the child to play with! It is for my husband's 3rd cousins baptism this weekend.
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By HeatherMari
Nov 17, 2006
I made this cake for my 5th year wedding anniversary.  The cake was vanilla cinnamon from the foodnetwork (quite delish!) with Billy's Bakery chocolate buttercream and a white chocolate french buttercream.  I tried to imprint a wood look with an impression mat I had onto the sides of the cake, but it didn't show up too well.  Oh, well.  I tried.
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By aupekkle
Aug 18, 2006
There's another cake. Troll is all marzipan, also flovers. Everything else is buttercream. I myself think that its not so pretty that i imaged it would be, but my friend says that it's just fine. I dont know.
By Evieh
Nov 25, 2006
fondant covered cake with gumpaste tools
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By frulund2600
Dec 1, 2006
I threw this cake together while on vacation in the mountains. BC icing with crushed oreos for dirt, and yellow/orange sprinkles for the sun. Thanks for looking :)
By Vmoore
Dec 14, 2006
cake for a carpenter. 11x15 cut in half and stacked. Wood grain stamped onto MMF then "stained" with brown color. Hammer, nail, letters also MMF. Not happy with the board should have made it darker brown. Oh well, trial and error right?
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By GIAcakes
Dec 22, 2006
Carved Pecan Sandie cake covered with airbrushed and hand painted Satin Ice fondant. Cattails and leaves are 50/50 gumpaste and fondant. Your critique is greatly appreciated!
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By tiptop57
Dec 28, 2006
I drew inspiration from lots of cakes on here, so a big "Thank you!" to everyone. I prepared the board with royal icing to make the water and then sprayed it with aerosol cake color spray.  Then I added the island, which is an 8 in round and a half ball carved out. It was iced in BC and covered in nilla wafer crumbs.  The ship was carved out of a loaf pan and covered in fondant "wood". The treasure chest was made from a mini-loaf pan and covered in fondant. This one was really fun!
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By Ishi
Jan 5, 2007
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By SGordon
Jan 13, 2007
Here's a truck for a trucker!  The truck colors are the same as his real truck (almost...)  He's turning 40 and his wife wanted a truck because he just bought one.
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By Pootchi
Jan 26, 2007
1/2 white 1/2 choc, white chocolate bc; MMF & chocolate plastic emblems for Scouting & Wood Badge
By bkdcakes
Feb 3, 2007
this was a cake for a Dinner Theater Fundrasier this past weekend.  The theme was "Survivor-esque" so i went with this!  Its' all marble cake with chocolate BC and a few fondant accents.  I added chocolate rocks on the bottom of each tier as well.  ALOT of fun to do.
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By cakesbykellie
Feb 5, 2007
This is a Yule Log that I made with vanilla sponge cake, homemade chocolate mousse, chocolate frosting, and meringue mushrooms.  My first attempt at a Yule Log.
By PixieDiva
Feb 7, 2007
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By bdrider
Feb 11, 2007
The Liberty Bell is white cake (w/ extender) and is iced in buttercream colored gray and sprinkled with silver sparkle dust to represent the original color.  The crossbeam is foam covered in fondant.  The flag is fondant and has 13 stars representing the first US Flag.
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By Steady2Hands
Mar 27, 2007
Stacked 2 tier cake.  Top cake is 2 layer yellow iced and filled with raspberry BC and covered with MMF.  Bottom cake is 2 layer chocolate filled with fudge and iced in BC.  Grass is BC; Bunny, skunk, hedgehogs, mushrooms, snails, turtle, and fence posts are all MMF and gum paste.  This cake was so much fun to do!  It was my first time making fondant/gum paste figures.  Thanks to all who helped with directions and pictures.
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By startropics
Apr 12, 2007
Canada Cake - all fondant, including Beavers and maple leaves.
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By leightorres
Apr 17, 2007
My friend requested a "piece of wood" for her husband who does woodworking... I tried to be as creative with it as I could (and I'm very pleased with what I managed to come up with!). Chocolate cake is covered in bc and Satin Ice. I carved the woodgrain in and painted with gel colors and luster dust. Chisel is sculpted from fondant as well. Wood "shavings" are white chocolate curls. I wish I'd gotten the carved letters painted a little more neatly, but at least it's supposed to be from the kids!
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By Lueet
May 9, 2007


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