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I made this cake for my niece who is really into fashion.  The design is made from Color flow, with an MMF plaque as the base.  The rest of the cake is covered in buttercream.
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By TToomer
Feb 4, 2007
Got this design from the new Wilton Course 4 Gumpaste book.  Made it for my son's girlfriends birthday.  The template provided was for an 8" round, however, I used a 9" round, so the handkerchief's weren't touching side-by-side as in the book.  I added little heart candy in the box and attached the ribbon from 3 helium balloons up under the box.
By StandingForJesus
Mar 3, 2007
This was my first go at Fondant - MMF.  I found it easier to use than I thought it would be.  The colors did not turn out as deep as I wanted.
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By cakecre8tor
Aug 10, 2005
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Dec 2, 2005
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By kakeladi
Mar 6, 2006
3 layer 9 inch round cake - bow, strips, tissue, pearls are edible gumpaste.  Lid is styrofoam covered with fondant.
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By tanyacakes
Feb 8, 2007
This black, white and red cake was done with buttercreme and the shows ad bow are fondant. It was my first tiered cake and was a big hit at the party. I used sugar cookie dough to make the shoes and covered with dyed fondant.
By KandK
Jan 26, 2006
Cheese cake for a wonder woman fan.  Wonderwoman cookie with "building" sugar cookies
By margery
May 17, 2006
I had a luau for my husband's birthday and I decided to give him a hula girl cake.  It was a big hit!  Everyone loved it.  It was a fun and easy cake to make.
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By Timojen2002
May 23, 2006
This isn't the most beautiful attempt at a Wonder Woman cake, but my sister was happy with it.  I would have used stars on the skin if I could do it over.  Originally, the cake pan came with a plastic face.  Unfortunately, I didn't have it.
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By karajoy
Mar 3, 2006
I made this for my son's birthday.  He is wild about the Justice League.  I wish I had known about BCT back then....this might have been a good candidate.  Red Velvet cake with cream cheese frosting, piped design from a piping gel the design from his JLA calendar.  He was so excited!
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By karateka
Jun 22, 2006
An 8"x4" round; iced in buttercream.  Flowers are commercial gumpaste, airbrushed w/super peal dust.  Of course this generic design could be used for many different occasions.
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By kakeladi
Jul 30, 2006
All decorations are edible.
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By tanyacakes
Mar 12, 2006
happy Birthday cake for anyone or any age.
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By JennB
Jan 1, 2006
This is probably my favorite cake that I've done so far.  It's a full sheet, vanilla cake, raspberry mousse filling, iced in snow white buttercream.
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By marina34
Aug 31, 2006
Oscar, the 5yo birthday boy is having a Super Hero party!  The Flash is on the backside of the city.  I got the idea from the 2005 Wilton Yearbook and have used it a few times for other themes ~ Batman and King Kong.
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By wyatt
Mar 19, 2006
This is a burning skyscraper with Batman, Robin, Superman, and Wonderwoman.  It was for a friend's daughter's 7th bday.  Each layer is a different flavor cake with different fillings!  Lots of work, but she was so happy when she saw her cake!!!
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By jennianne
Sep 17, 2006
Simple request for her mom's birthday party.  Used the plastic mini-molds (for micro-wave cake mixes) for the numbers and they worked really well.  Nice clean release and edges.  Sure beats having to hand carve and deal with all the crumbs!  Buttercream with fondant accents.
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By Lambshack
Sep 20, 2006
This is a terrible mess but a good experiment for me.  It is a 3-D cake, the buildings are cake some are frosted and some are covered in fondant. I had a terrible time with the fondant and I was running out of time. The little figures are also fondant but they came out bigger than I wanted.  The cakes stayed in building formation easily. I did not use dowels or any other support.
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By SunshineFamily
Sep 30, 2006
Here is the cake that I made for my mothers birthday. It is made using the small oval pans. It had a cookies-n-creme center (Buttercream and Oreos). It was iced with white buttercream icing then took the Purple Wilton Color Mist & sprayed it. I patted the cake for that "look" & then used a butterfly cookie cutter to outline and the "Brush Technique" to make the butterflies. I used a letterpress for the "Happy Birthday". Overall I was well pleased with the end product :-)
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By sabbrina
Oct 15, 2006
Second Super Hero Cake. 10" & 6" BC icing, Fondant letters & stars, white chocolate spider webs, hershey chocolate candy bars for buildings & plastic figures.  The kids flipped over the chocolate buildings....thanks goodness there was enough for all the kids.  Will make more next time. :)
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By bjfranco
Jun 17, 2006
For a customer who is going back to Trinidad to live. First time doing human sugarpaste figures. Used SF Extra Red to get the brilliant red colour for the Trinidad Flag. Cake was cut freehand to the shape of the Trinidad island. Cake is a rich fruit cake with lots of rum!!!. Customer loved it.
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By Arty
Oct 21, 2006
My first attempt and doing people.  I didn't have a picture of what this was supose to look like, but I'm pretty satisfied.
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By Fairytale
Oct 22, 2006
My tribute to the incredible Aine2, thank you thankyou thank you for sharing your amazing talent with us! You are truly an incredible and generous teacher! Now please please go get published :)
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By katharry
Oct 26, 2006
This cake is a surprise cake for a friend. He Apparently liked wonder woman when he was young.  Quit laughing nearly every red blooded American boy did. Ha ha  That is a picture of his wife, an edible image.   Hope he likes it
By Mommyofseven
Nov 1, 2006
I done this for my neighbor/friend next door for her birthday.  She's a hairdresser whose had her own shop for 25 years and has had to get out of it, but misses it dearly.  She does all my perms tho and I don't know what I would do without her.  When I took this cake over to her house, she laughed so hard, she about peed her pants.  She just loved it.  I so enjoy doing cakes, but I'm not so sure I don't enjoy folks reactions to their cakes even more.  Thanks for taking time to view my pic.
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By StandingForJesus
Nov 19, 2006
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By cakesbydana
Aug 2, 2006
This was a 6 inch heart, and I used the mini-ball pan.
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By marina34
Nov 25, 2006
Half chocolate, half white cake with buttercream icing and rolled buttercream dogs and person.  This picture was taken before I put teh border on and added some flowers.  Thanks for looking!
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By vivedcreations
Aug 19, 2006
Well not the best looking Wonder Woman but I guess it could have been worse!  I absolutely hate doing faces!  Straberry cake with strawberry filling.
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By Jenn1978
Nov 29, 2006
This is a woman who is stiring in a huge bowl of melted chocholat.. it's a marsipan cake. Both the voman anf the culdron.
By Little-baker
Dec 5, 2006
first attempt at chewy gingerbread people, the flour didnt bake off either???tips?
By sarahleecookies
Dec 14, 2006
This is my first cupcake cake.  WOW...they are a LOT of fun!!!  I can't wait to think of an idea to do another one.  However, the FBCT was awful.  It looked great until I went to apply it to the cake and it smeared everywhere.  I was really proud of my tracing, since I REALLY cannot draw.  I used the canned chocolate fudge frosting for the black.  I won't do that again for FBCT.  I'll figure out another way to get black.  I also used the VIVA method for the first time....WHAT A DIFFERENCE!
By Derby
Sep 10, 2006
This is a basic sheet cake iced in buttercream with buttercream swirled flowers.
By MicheleH
Dec 28, 2006
My best friend has her b'day today, so I came up with a replica of her sofa, of which she is really proud of, her sitting on it with the saying,: not yet again another party, I'm sick of parties.  That's pretty much verbatim, what she told me, when I asked her, whether she was going to celebrate or not. Xmas season was one party after the other, I think we had something like 12 big events in 3 weeks, late night ones, each and every one. BUT we all decided to suffer with her and all turned up at her place .
By Ursula40
Jan 10, 2007
1st attempt at sculpting a cake and 1st attempt at covering with fondant. Buttercream border. Lemon cake with raspberry filling. Actually a little proud of it as it turned out kinda decent. What do you think??
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By Ishie
Jan 20, 2007
This was for a woman's group.  Buttercream with fondant Goddess.
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By MelZ
Jan 27, 2007
This was the first shoe cake I made with the template I downloaded from CC and it was sooo much easier than the shoes I've made in the past.  thank you so much for posting it!  I'm curious if anyone has a really good way to make the heel?  Mine come out kind of lumpy. I was thinking of making a silicone mold of a real shoe or something
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By trace0011
Jan 29, 2007
This was my first attempt at making a make-bag.  It was much easier that I thought it would be.  The make-up and comb are made of gumpaste.  The case is covered with MMF.
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By TToomer
Feb 4, 2007
This was a Fr. vanilla cake with butter cream icing that was designed to look like an action scene. The scene is suppose to look like Cat Woman bat signals Batman because Joker is getting away as Cat Woman tries to catch him after calling Batman.  It was for a 5 yr.old and his Mom gave us some old Mc Donalds play toys and said create something with Batman and add these toys, so this is what we came up with.  It was cute.
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By wolfyjules
Mar 13, 2007


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