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WASC with cream cheese icing covered in mmf.  MMF accents too.  Fondant didn't smooth out very well on the bottom, but cute cake anyway :)
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By startropics
Jun 24, 2007
Almond cake with buttercream filling, covered in fondant, fondant bow and wire swirls.  First time using the wire, I covered them in plastic wrap, but just wasn't that easy to do.  Must find another way!
2 21
By Rexy
Sep 20, 2006
CCC w/MMF accents. My nephew loves Rey Mysterio!!
8 21
By chikie
Oct 22, 2005
Birthday Cake for 13 Yr Old twin girls who said they wanted something "Cool and Radical".  This is what they're getting.  White Almond Sour Cream Cake with Strawberry Mousse filling and BC icing.  Flowers are royal, buttercream accents.
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By LadyGDiver
Oct 14, 2006
This cake is iced smooth with buttercream.  MMF stars on sides and top.  50/50 MMF & Gumpaste stars attached to floral wire that was coated with white candy melts before inserting into cake.  Cake sparkles are also sprinkled on top.  This was SO much fun to do!
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By gourmetcakes
Nov 9, 2006
My daughter's first birthday cake! 8" chocolate and 6" French vanilla with 3.5" carved to look like a cupcake. WBH House buttercream with mmf. Decorations all mmf, the stars are covered in shimmer dust although it didn't show in the picture. My first three tier cake!
8 75
By Emmers
Dec 7, 2006
Covered in white fondant.  Made bow loops in all different sizes and widths with bright fondant pack and pastel green.  Made stars in 2 different sizes and put on wire.  Then curled wire and put a fondant ball at the end.  Got that idea from "Ace of Cakes".  Thanks Duff!!  Rolled up little balls of pastel green fondant for the border.  That took forever but it looked awesome when I was done.
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By mcbeal42
Oct 5, 2006
Every month we have a birthday potluck at work for everyone who has a birthday that month.  August didn't have any birthdays or holidays, but everyone wanted to have a potluck anyway.  I'm in charge of doing the cakes and it made me think of an UnBirthday cake.  Topsy turvy came to mind.  It was my first attempt and not the best, but everyone loved the uniqueness of it.  I know the things I did wrong and will learn from it :-)  Thanks for looking!
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By sun33082
Aug 20, 2006
Sponge covered in sugarpaste and decorated with hearts and stars on wires, champange bottle, balloons and figure (all sugrapaste). details in royal icing
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By rssmdb
Jan 22, 2007
parcel cake - Sponge covered in sugarpaste with hearts and stars on wires (use flower pick with small blob of sugarpaste to hold wires)
By rssmdb
Jan 22, 2007
I went a little over board on the Royal icing butterflies! You couldn't even read the birthday girl's name on the cake. But she wanted butterflies and she got 'em! They turned out too heavy for the wires and drooped more then I wanted.
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By Rosery
Jan 24, 2007
This is for a co-worker's grandaughter's 17th birthday. (say that 5 times fast). :)  Cake is classic white cake with chocolate buttercream. Not sure if I made it right, but I melted a bar of german chocolate, added it to the butter/crisco/flavoring mixture, mixed well, then added ps.  It turned out tasting great!! First time I've ever used the wire thingies...learning experience.  Lettering in MMF w/ amethyst luster dust, stars in fondant w/sparkle dust, first reverse shell I've tried.
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By evesloven
Feb 15, 2007
First time to use wire and loved it
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By gaylarenee
Feb 17, 2007
I did this cake for a lady who was getting her 7 year old daughter and 1 year old son christened at the same time.
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By YummyFireMummy
Feb 22, 2007
Satin Ice Fondant, Piped with Royal Icing & Painted with Super Pearl Dust, Gumpaste stars and numbers painted with pearl and old gold on 26 gage floral wire.
12 41
By melysa
Jan 1, 2007
3 tier cake,6&8 are white 10 square choc.  Made with homemade marshmellow fondant(thanks sue) ,and wire curly cues with fondant balls. The girls at my work went gaga over the cake, great fun and well worth the extra time in pre-prep work. Thanks for looking
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By newfyicing
Mar 14, 2007
Hand made wire and crystal cake crown.  Not sure if i put this in the right gallery,  but didn't know where else it would  My next venture in the world of cake decorating is Cake Jewellry.  I absolutely love it!!!! so i am teaching myself how to make different styles to use on my cake's...
2 8
By sweet_as_tisse
Mar 22, 2007
Made this for family new year's party.  This was my first time using wire accents.
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By Flur
Jan 1, 2007
8" 10" 14" covered in blue mmf with brown and blue mmf circles and dots .mmf blue and turqois daisies.  every thing edible but ribbon , bow and a few of the things on wire bouquet.
3 45
By darylrc
Mar 26, 2007
Birthday cake fo a 6 year old.
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By klg1152
Apr 2, 2007
Cupcake cake with skeleton, cross bones with fire and barb wire border all piped in buttercream.
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By KimAZ
Apr 2, 2007
4 4
By pippilotta
Apr 8, 2007
6" rd - 8" square - 10" Round. Baby shower cake, fondant exterior. Topsy Turvey, Fondant accents, Tulle inbetween the layers
14 16
By Sugarbean
Apr 15, 2007
Made to match the child's invitations. "cupcake" ladybug, 6"-8" Chocolate cake with white choc. filling.
3 39
By Sugarbean
Apr 20, 2007
This is only my second buttercream cake and it was a short notice cake (night before) so I guess it came out ok all things considered.
4 3
By ozcake
Apr 23, 2007
Cowboy hat made with the wonderful directions on this site! Barbed wire was my own little twist!  just twisted some black and brown fondant/gumpaste mix, and sprayed with pearl dust.
10 33
By JenniferRemington
Apr 27, 2007
For  chinese wedding - White cake with raspeberry and vanilla buttercream layers. Topper means Double Happiness, a traditional Chinese wedding icon, and sides of the cake are long life and luck. Spray is to give idea of fireworks. Border is missing and was not not possible to add as it had to be done at location, and restaurant was extremely uncooperative in giving me any space needed for 15 minutes to build it.
2 3
By LesleyB
May 1, 2007
3 tier fondant covered dummy.  Made for community sale a few days before Mother's Day.  I really liked the springy wires with flowers on top.  They were fun to play with.
6 26
By meggylou
May 21, 2007
Cake made for a co-worker's mom.  Top tier is vanilla cake, bottom is classic white cake.  I backed the ribbon with the Glad seal wrap stuff.  Finished this at 4am.  Pretty pleased! LOL..fondant stars and lettering, w/regular buttercream icing.
3 6
By evesloven
May 25, 2007
Another "practice" cake.  This time for my brother's birthday.  Chcoloate cake and filling covered with Fondx.  The blue is also dusted with the new Wilton pearl dust.  First time using wires in the cake.  I think I could have used more, but wasn't sure how they were going to stay put.
2 8
By mconrey
May 28, 2007
Made of gumpaste and on wire
14 4
By Pannkakan
Jun 1, 2007
This is a close-up of my Mom's birthday cake.  TFL
8 38
By nefgaby
Mar 10, 2007
This was a last minute order.  The Mother said her daughter (turning 16) didn't need anything special.  WHAT?????  Every 16 year old deserves something special so she got it!
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By AlamoSweets
Jun 2, 2007
I did this cake for my daughter's 2nd birthday.  Based on a design I saw here by jdogga.  Everything is fondant except for the royal icing ladybugs.  Much easier than I thought it would be!
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By mconrey
Jun 5, 2007
3-tiered graduation cake covered in fondant with fondant accents and wire spirals on the top.
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By 3tiers
Jun 8, 2007
Chocolate cake with twinkie filling and buttercream frosting.  Bees are fondant on 20gauge floral wire.  Thank you to Cakebaker for sharing your website.  I could never do anything as wonderful as you but it is sure fun to get ideas and try!
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By JennLitton
Jun 10, 2007
This is a full sheet WASC cake, Duff's BC (flavored with almond), and Toba Garrets fondant flavored with almond.  decorated with gumpaste roses, leaves, RI outlined sun, with a gold wire topper holder gumpaste hearts and beads.
17 7
By pumpkinroses
Jun 11, 2007
I made this cake for an internet forum party (  I actually airbrushed directly onto a yellow cake for camouflage colors, with no icing on top.  I then made the grenade and barbed wire out of BC and brushed it with silver lusterdust.
By PixieDiva
Mar 25, 2007
Here's a short notice whimsical cake I made last night for my co-workers bridal shower. These are her wedding colors (pink, orange and brown). TFL.
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By fooby
Jun 11, 2007
Cupcakes for a girl's 8th birthday party, with a "High School Musical" theme.  Mom requested 8s.  This was my first time putting anything on wire.  Hope it holds!!  8s and stars are fondant.
By Kate714
Jun 25, 2007


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