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White cake with a whipped raspberry filling.  All that was requested was that it have wild flowers on it, so I decide to make it look more like a flower basket.
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By cheesecakes-galore
Jan 12, 2009
I made this cake for my dads birthday cause every weekend he goes pig hunting. Wooden plaque is RKT covered in fondant and the cake is chocolate with vanilla buttercream. The snout is RKT as well and then it is all covered in fondant.
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By JawdroppingCakes
Feb 4, 2009
This was my version of a Wild Thing Cake. I used 'Eight' 's idea to work from. I used the barbie dress pan to make the body. I stacked in on one 8" round cake. I used the leaf tip for the hair. The arms and mohawk are made of rice crispies. Not sure how Eight got her arms to stay on. Mine didnt. I used a wooden dowel rod in the arm and put a plstic column into the body, filled with fondant. Put the dowel rod into the column. This worked ok, but my rice crispies split in two and half of one arm fell off. He was one armed on delivery! it was for my son's v-day class party. no big deal!
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By kweenofengland
Feb 13, 2009
This is what we made in Michele Foster's Arizona class. Wild rose, buds, jasmine & rose leaves made of gum paste and a pastiallage log. My first try making any of these. Lots of fun!
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By KimAZ
Feb 18, 2009
This may be my favorite cake yet. I keep saying that, but who doesn't love Max and his Wild Things? This was for a boy baby shower and knowing the parents, it will be a wild rumpus indeed! 
Yellow cake with IMBC, raspberry IMBC filling.
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By alimonkey
Feb 23, 2009
This was for a double anniversary party.  White cake with a whipped raspberry filling, bc icing, royal flowers.  Tried a different pattern on the borders this time.
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By cheesecakes-galore
Feb 24, 2009
Spice cake with apricot filling covered in blue fondant.
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By AllysonR
Feb 27, 2009
Lions, Tigers, Elephants and more.  SHHH!! It's a Baby Sleeping.  This is a wonderful, fun cake.  That fits any special event.
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By mimi08
Mar 11, 2009
Tail is cardboard neck /head is styrofoam
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By mrsprinkles
Mar 21, 2009
wild west party- my 1st stacked cake ever! All BC.
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By candoo
Mar 22, 2009
western train party. Made for my three yr. old, tracks are in shape of a 3. Used train pan from Williams Sonoma. He loved it!
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By candoo
Mar 22, 2009
Cougar made from Rice cereal sitting on bed covered in Fondant. Man made from gumpaste.
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By BandT
Apr 1, 2009
3 Tier cake with wild animals
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By LindieRG
Apr 3, 2009
For an Easter birthday.  Gumpaste dogwoods; fondant leaves, painted for color variation;  White Chocolate monogram plaque.  I didn't have a dogwood cutter, so I used a small heart-shaped cookie cutter for each petal
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By amysue99
Apr 13, 2009
1/2 sheet cake iced in bc with bc spring flowers, TFL
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By KHalstead
Apr 20, 2009
This was a cake I did for a friends grandaughters 13th birthday
chocolate cake and fondant in wild colors
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By Sweet_Sensations
Apr 22, 2009
By ddracice
Apr 24, 2009
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By shantel575
Apr 25, 2009
incorporated favorate colors and personality, hence the wild side (zebra stripes) and the red roses into this cake
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By heavenlybaked2
Apr 28, 2009
B.C with fondant stripes, dots, and bow.  Fun cake for a 13th birthday.
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By JamieBrooke
May 17, 2009
matches party decor; iced in BC with fondant stripes, dots and hand cut animals from gumpaste
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By shantel575
May 23, 2009
Made for a party at the movies, "Night at the Museum"
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By cloudy30
May 28, 2009
I made these in a gumpaste class!  They are wild roses & a wild rose bud!  
We had an amazing teacher, I surely would have never done this good on a first attempt without him!
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By jenkosman
May 29, 2009
16"/12"/8", fondant flowers attached to floral wire. (I just wet the backs down and squished the leaves around the wire and then wet the flowers down and stuck them to the leaves) The flowers are not wired at all.
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By dellboi2u
Jun 2, 2009
This is my very first wedding cake, and I was extremely pleased with it.  It is a 12", 9", 6"; white on bottom, chocolate in middle, and yellow in top tier.  Buttercream icing, gumpaste flowers, and buttercream vines and leaves.  Cinderella toppers.
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By xfilepunk
Jun 6, 2009
This was a wedding cake foe a hog hunting couple. The nose was fondant and ears were gumpaste. I also wanted to thank DenaB for all her help!!
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By shell62995
Jun 13, 2009
My daughter turned 16 and loves the book Where The Wild Things Are and can't wait for the movie in October, so we designed a cake based on the book.  Edible Image with a buttercream Moushie peeking over the top.  The sides was made to resemble monster fur.  She was very pleased with how it turned out.
By CIndymm4
Jun 24, 2009
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By QueenJessica
Jul 3, 2009
Here was a FUN wedding cake to do.  Bride brought in a pic and said that she wanted it to look just like it.  I told her we would do our best it wouldn't be exact.  This cake matched her wedding colors exactly!!  It was so fun do create!
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By tlreetz
Jul 15, 2009
This cake was inspired by the Whimsical Bakehouse cake decorating book.  The cake was covered in chocolate ganache.  The swirls and dots are chocolate melts.  A very yummy cake!
By Ayako
Jul 22, 2009
I made this using the design by alimonkey.  I had never tried the FBCT before and it works so well!  I'm a huge fan of that technique now.  Thanks alimonkey for a great design!
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Jul 24, 2009
wild animal baby shower theme. Cake with fondant covering. Zebra is white fondant with black fondant stripes. Giraffe and Leopart prints are airbrushed with hand painted pattern. The trees, butterflies and baby animals are made from gumpaste and fondant. This was a very challenging cake for me as I'm very new to cake decorating and have only airbrushed one cake before. I also hated my fondant animals and had to remake them several times so they looked like baby animals.  I was very happy with the end result tho and it was a big hit for the baby shower.
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By grammatlcl
Jul 27, 2009
cake for grandson's 2nd birthday.   His favorite story is "Where the wild things are" so the open book was based on that with 8 inch max and wild thing plushes for accent.. Animals,nursery rhymes and harold and the purple crayon "books" complete the look. Cakes are covered w/ buttercream then a layer of colored choco-pan and  hand painted.  Page seperations in sides were made with fork tines. Some details were cut from chocopan, laid on the cake then painted.  Various size square and rectangle pans were use
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By MimiStacie
Aug 3, 2009
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By Benja
Aug 8, 2009
I made this for my brothers 40th birthday had loads of fun doing it nearly forgot to take pics!!!! The horns are rices krispie treats struggled a little as have never made them before and it was more keen to stick to my hands than to it's self!!!!
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By TessaWood
Aug 24, 2009
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By sisterscakeplace
Sep 8, 2009
Class 4 Final Cake  Challenge - Make a cake based on your favorite book.  So I decided on the classic "Where the Wild Things Are".  Wanted to incorporate a book with the pages and the make the cover come to life. This was a blast to make. Thank you for looking. :)
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By mommyandmecakes
Sep 12, 2009
This was for a woman's 60th birthday.  She thought her daughter was getting her a sheet cake with a lion's head on it!   Base is rough iced buttercream to look like dirt, lion is covered in Satin Ice.  Lion's head made from Rice Crispy Treats.  Flowers and grass made from fondant.  Can't really tell from the picture how big he was, but his head was the size of a bowling ball!    The birthday girl said, "Thats the cake??  I can't eat that - it's too nice!"   I never get tired of hearing that!  LOL!  TYVMFL!
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By ckiecrumb
Sep 13, 2009
Cake was red velvet and carved for a grooms cake at a wedding.
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By RiLinNa
Oct 6, 2009
I actually started out trying to make that cute valentine's cake with the pink monster that says "wild thing" but that was a disaster.  So I scraped off all the pink icing and tried to make this from the Childrens' book "Where the Wild Things Are" by Maurice Sendak (the birthday theme was "wild thing").
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By APCakes
Mar 25, 2006


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