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By lynndy-lou
Mar 31, 2007
I made this for my daughters 9th birthday which was a doctor who theme.  Its a chocolate cake covered in fondant.  Went a bit wobbly but she liked it.
By pleasantkiwi
May 28, 2007
My son wanted one of his favorite bands for his 17th birthday cake.  He loved it!
By MsTonyasCakes
May 31, 2007
3D Tardis for a 9yr old's birthday. Stacked madeira (oooohhhh I LOVE Madeira, incase u haven't noticed!!) covered in BC and fondant. All edible except the sparklers on top.
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By murf
Jun 13, 2007
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By djjarrett88
Jul 21, 2007
cake for a dr who fan
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By nikki1975
Oct 7, 2007
madeira cake with sugarpaste. Used blue smarties on bottom half.
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By Bayamoy
Nov 11, 2007
This is 8X8 vanilla cake with cookies and cream filling. Everything (except for the wires in Cindy Lou Who's head) is edible. The fireplace is RKT covered in fondant. The Grinch, Cindy Lou Who, presents, cookies, mug, stockings, bags and candy canes are fondant. The tree is a sugar cone covered in fondant with candy and icing decorations. Most everything is hand painted. I made this just to kind of see if I could. :) I welcome ANY comments! (GALLERY SUPPORT MEMBER) TIA
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By jadak
Dec 16, 2007
First try at a 3-D cake, For a Dr Who Fanatic.  All homemade materials; vanilla cake, vanilla icing and vanilla mmf.
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By lemmonwheel
Jan 18, 2008
Peanut butter and jelly cake. White cake, raspberry buttercream filling and PB frosting. Carved from 2 stacked 9x11 pans. Head is styrofoam. Satin Ice fondant.
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By krissy_kze
Mar 15, 2008
Second dalek, slightly bigger this time. Sponge cake and sugarpaste
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By Bayamoy
Apr 7, 2008
Airbrushed fondant.
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By saracupcake
Apr 16, 2008
This was for a great friend of mine who is having a "Doctor Who" watching party tonight.  I had so much fun doing this.  As with every cake I do, I learned some lessons.  You definitely need dowl rods when stacking that much cake, make sure you trim your cake so it is level before stacking.  All buttercream.
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By cookinmamma
Apr 18, 2008
This is the cake I did for my daughter's end of the school year party.  We had a Dr. Seuss themed party, with the main decor being Horton Hears a Who.  The cake is done in buttercream with fondant accents.  Horton is done in fondant.  The black accents lines are hand painted.
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By jaklotz1
May 13, 2008
It has been soooo long since I've posted anything ...just thought I'd share this photo of a cake I did not long ago. I made it during a segment of a local TV show to demonstrate cake carving & fondant work. I plan on posting some other cake photos soon.  Sorry I've been absent for the past several months...I've been surrounded by cake!!!!
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By Twisted_Sifter
May 25, 2008
My first topsy turvey cake.  I learned a lot. Next one will be much better! Horton is made from a cupcake, and the who family is piped with Sugarveil. Matching "Spec" cupcakes
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By venefica
Jun 22, 2008
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By lilfitz
Jun 24, 2008
My cakes are so amateurish compared to the pros out there, but I guess I gotta start somewhere.  Thanks to Ilena and Dodd for their pics as inspiration.  Cake is chocolate BC, animals are MMF.  Hortin is a frosting sheet. Writing looks better from eye view than the pic shows it.  Cakeboard is covered in MMF with balloons imprinted on it.
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By gizzylover
Jul 12, 2008
This is the face of The Ood a character in Dr Who. it is all fondant except the eyes (which are haribo cherries and the mouth which is red liquorice
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By citruspink
Jul 16, 2008
Ran out of navy sugarpaste on this one and couldn't make the corners and bottom bit look right.  What a stressful day, but at least client was happy!
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By Bayamoy
Jul 25, 2008
Sponge  cakes stacked and covered with fondant decorated to resemble the Tardis. Colour not correct blue
By Suzie-A-Qs
Jul 26, 2008
3 x 5" square cakes stacked and covered with marzipan and sugarpaste.  4 dowels through the entire height of the cake for stability.
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By Relznik
Sep 14, 2008
Whipped cream frosting with fondant TARDIS, stars and balls. I just toothpicked in some Wilton color for the details. J.M.K. are birthday girl's initials.
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By llynnowens
Sep 21, 2008
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By MBoyd
Jan 25, 2009
made this for my best friends 40th and also threw her a suprise party, shes just about still talking to me lol, bottom cake is fruit and tardis is sponge, all covered in fondant.
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By preciouscakes
Jan 27, 2009
This was my first attempt at a topsy turvey cake.  I learned that I needed more cake layers for the dramatic slopes.  I covered a plastic elephant with fondant and used food color to add details to the elephant as well as carefully placed sprinkles.
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By echoswhimsy
Mar 5, 2009
My first FBCT! It turned out okay. I couldn't get the icing from the transfer to melt into the surround icing on the cake, so I had to "mess" it up a little!
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By cakesbycole
Mar 17, 2009
My nephew always requests that his aunt make a birthday cake for him. The request for this year was a Horton Hears a Who cake. Yellow cake topped with buttercream frosting.
By pookie126
Apr 1, 2009
Close up of Horton on my Dr Seuss themed baby shower cake
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By kooklaroo
Apr 6, 2009
I hated doing this cake, it was a nightmare. I stacked a load of cake on top of each other, it leaned, the sugarpaste all looked bumpy and uneven, i even took all the paste off and did it again! Arrrgh! My neice was pleased with it though it was her birthday cake! I also made a sugarpaste Dr Who which i will post seperately, he stood next to the tardis
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By jojo76
Apr 11, 2009
I made this Dr Who (the david tennant one, for dr who fans!) - he stood alongside the tardis cake....the cake was an utter nightmare!
By jojo76
Apr 11, 2009
This was a very short notice favor for a friend's daughter. Everything is fondant except the characters, since it was such short notice I just printed out images of the characters and placed them on the cake. The tops of the "specs" is cotton candy. TFL!
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By LovelyCreations
May 11, 2009
Scooter bike with mirrors, sitting on an 8 inch cake.
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By alisonarty
May 27, 2009
My attempt of a tardis cake, madiera with jam and vanilla butter cream filling and fondant. The light on the top is a battery operated tealight.
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By Grandma7
May 29, 2009
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By delaware
May 30, 2009
Horton Hears a Who cake! I am so pleased with how this turned out! I made this for a friend of my DH. WASC cake covered in fondant with fondant accents. TFL.
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By amytracy1981
Jun 6, 2009
This was constructed Feb '09 for my Science Fiction club's annual "Death By Chocolate" event. I decided to do a "Dalek" cake (from the TV series Dr. Who), and it took about 3-1/2 hours start to finish. The end product sat on an 11-inch x 17-inch heavy cardboard covered with aluminum foil and was about 12-inches tall. The finished cake was heavier than I thought it would be, almost 8 pounds! (Please ignore the chocolate cream puffs on the right side, they're not mine.) The construction: four tiers of devil's food chocolate cake baked the day prior and cooled in the fridge then carved into the proper shape, covered in dark chocolate frosting and smoothed to resemble the Dalek's actual lines. The decorations are cherry licorice, red fruit roll-ups, chocolate Pocky sticks, chocolate donut holes cut in half, and French Pirouette chocolate wafer cookies. The cake is stabilized with three bamboo skewers just off the center.  It was a big hit, everyone loved it! :-)
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By CaptainRoq
Jun 8, 2009
My very first FBCT!! I learned alot, can't wait to do some more! Not entirely happy with this one, but had fun doing it. This was for my middle son's 12th birthday, the Who is his favorite band.  Thanks for looking!
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By Idreamofcakes
Jul 27, 2009
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By Leigh01
Aug 27, 2009
For my best friend's 21st birthday, I made her a Dr.Who themed cake with a FBCT of a tardis (a police call box).  It was slightly disasterous, but she loved it.  The inscription reads "Happy 21st Birthday, you tard(is)"
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By funkychica1_2004
Aug 1, 2006


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