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I made this for my daughters 4th birthday.  She had been wanting a Frog party ever since last year and then two days before her birthday she changed her mind and decided she wanted a pink ballerina tutu party :)  It was a lot of fun to make.
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By isabelianico
Aug 12, 2009
Made for a wedding.... didn't though it was going to turn out great and I loved it
3 8
By MamaNenascakes
Aug 20, 2009
I wish this cake turned out better but the fondant ribbon is good.  The free hand piping is also pretty acceptable.
By mycakerox
Aug 23, 2009
This was my first wedding cake.  although it looks pretty good in the picture it really wasnt to good.  it was my first time with fondant and there were cracks every where!  My sister in law was so gracious about it though ansd the cake itself was really delicous, everyone ate it, just not the fondant!  It was a 6,10,14,18 layer cake.  Really huge for being my first cake!
By mamapastel
Aug 30, 2009
All buttercream, diamond impression on top, hand applied scrolling on bottom. First attempt at both!  Black ribbon between cakes say "Joy Love Cherrish"  husband made topper.
1 3
By charleezgal
Sep 7, 2009
Sep 13, 2009
I made this for  a 1st birthday, the mom wanted a topsy turvy whimsical ladybug themed cake.  It was all buttercream with fondant accents.  Ladybug and #1 are also fondant.
3 27
By Rachaelm
Sep 27, 2009
This was my very first cake using fondant!  It was for my friend's 22nd birthday.
By Windy0909
Sep 27, 2009
Fondant covered 6" & 8" with ribbon
1 23
By mmlj316
Sep 29, 2009
Inspired on the New Museum of Contemporary Art in New York. Bride and groom wanted black and white colors. All Fondant. Figurines in gumpaste.
1 1
By dulcefactoria
Oct 12, 2009
Final adoption for a 7 yr.old girl who's "parents" had legal guardianship for the last 7 years!  14" round chocolate cake with 2 layers of oreo cream filling and 1 layer with chocolate ganache filling,  frosted in white bc.  Fondant shapped Salt Lake LDS Temple (w/ gold tie pin used for Angle Moroni) on top (perfect size)!  Fondant polka dots and roses.  Need to learn the bc ruffle on the bottom better.  TFL
2 2
By cocobean
Oct 18, 2009
My birthday present for my best friend. I used Jennifer Dontz's semi homemade fondant and atleast 100 flowers from Cal Java. Bottom tier is a dummy and the rest is chocolate cake with alternate filling of chocolate fudge and cappuccino filling. I used ganache under fondant. I changed the design plenty of times but I am happy with how it turned out.
71 340
By Rylan
Oct 19, 2009
9 42
By tammy1977
Oct 19, 2009
Iced in BC and fondant. Combined corn syrup and black gel color then dipped in a round cookie cutter to make the circles on the top tier.
By KelsiJewel
Oct 24, 2009
This cake was white almond, & chocolate & peanut butter. Buttercream icing & decorations w/ fresh roses. Thanks to acrosstx & youngestdecorator for the red rose topper inspiration.
1 17
By CocoaBlondie
Nov 8, 2009
My version of a cake inspired by gwu90, thank you.
By ambrat
Nov 11, 2009
Buttercream with fondant accents.  The cake is based on a similar one by another CC member... thanks for the great ideas!
2 6
By watertown
Nov 15, 2009
This was my first ever cake.  I had thought... "how hard could it be"..... oh foolish me!  But I did get the fever and continued on to make many more cakes.   Love using the imagination, trolling through hundreds of cakes to get ideas and coming up with something unusual.  But the talent that is out there is truly magnificent.
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By Colliegirl
Nov 21, 2009
The wedding reception was decorated in black and white. I used those colors along with silver. The couple had eloped and the family held a reception for them afterwards. I used the couples initial also on the cake
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By dmhart
Dec 3, 2009
Three square tiers, 16-12-8 with metal monogram letters on top. Buttercream with black chocolate fondant circle cut out accents.
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By jtnbatch
Dec 10, 2009
2nd birthday snow white themed cake
By KamganCakes
Dec 21, 2009
Cake#6 - Was a cake for my customer's parent's 25th anniversary celebration...was a rush cake so I did a really bad job.  The colors are her selection.

Bottom tier - White cake w/ mango mousse,
Top tier - Dark Chocolate cake w/ fresh strawberry slices & cream,
Decoration: White Calla Lilies, White Roses, white filler flowers, Gold Bows & Ribbons, Silver 25 topper.  My hubbie turned on the heat and the buttercream started to melt, you can see the sides arent even.
But I have to say "THANKS so so much Hubbie!!"
He stayed up til 8am in the morning trying to help me with the cake, and he has work in a few hours too!
1 4
By BecuzImAGurl
Dec 31, 2009
This was a good luck Godspeed party cake for our accompanist at church.  I loved the design on this one.  It was simple with only black and white, but the flow of the music staff from one cake to the other paired them together nicely.  And I love the quote.  This is a favorite of mine.
By Ramsey941
Jan 10, 2010
My first piped icing cake and first buttercream only cake. I'm taking the Wilton classes and the instructor said if you don't practice, I'll know!!! So I'm practicing. I'm really happy how it turned out...I was afraid I wasn't going to be a pastry bag girl.  French vanilla cake with lemon filling and lemon icing.
1 1
By snowballwinters
Jan 25, 2010
By shazza23
Jan 30, 2010
Birthday cake for a cheerleader turning 11. Her team colors are red, white and navy.  Buttercream iced, fondant bow, fondant covered board and other fondant decorations.
3 24
By SHogg
Feb 9, 2010
This a cake dummy covered in fondant with fondant husband says it looks like leather and lace, lol. I don't see it but, hey - he liked it so that's good! It is by far my favorite cake since I love pink and black :)
1 17
By CakeDiva73
Feb 10, 2010
2 9
By vibekekc
Feb 12, 2010
2 20
By chocomoo
Feb 16, 2010
I made this for a little girls naming day
By Ktcakes1977
Feb 19, 2010
This is a almond cake with Raspberry creme filling and almond buttercream.
By Tangerine1765
Feb 22, 2010
My first attempt at a two tiered cake, - and based on High School Musical!
By Crumpa
Feb 25, 2010
2 8
By 17tangerine
Mar 4, 2010
All 3 cakes for the same man. 
(my lonly photo of the middle is to small to add in here)
1 1
By elin
Mar 5, 2010
Practice cake for fun. Orange flavored cake with cream cheese filling and frosting under fondant.
By pinkslppr
Mar 10, 2010
My graphic designer friend asked me to re-create the two circle motifs on a triple layer chocolate cake.  I thought the simplicity of it made the cake awesome!
By jayandjenni
Mar 13, 2010
CSM: I saw this cake in a magazine and it reminded of white picket fences and it is such a great spring time wedding cake, so I had to make it myself. :) TFL!
2 7
By sylly
Mar 13, 2010
Mar 17, 2010
1 4
By SweetAugust21
Mar 26, 2010
I designed and made this cake for a couple I know.  I absolutely love it!  It's a two tier cake... with a stryofoam ball, covered in fondant then decorated on the top with stripes painted with white shimmer and blossoms of varying sizes.  I free-hand painted the words "love, laugh, trust, smile, share, forever" (picked by the bride and groom) around the band of the middle tier and also painted their names on the board.  There's a modern/retro looking flower on the side and board (which you can see in other pics)... and loose scattered blossoms over the entire cake.
9 52
By Bel_Anne
Mar 26, 2010


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