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This is a variation of a wilton project.  I used an impression mat which make it just gorgeous.  I'm very proud of this one
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By umfalcon
Oct 3, 2005
This is one of 2 wedding cakes I made a couple of weekends before the hurricane hit us.  This was a very last minute wedding cake order (1 week prior to the wedding).  Her colors were light pink, light blue and white.  For the cake, I used the super enhanced cake recipe from here.
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By ntertayneme
Oct 8, 2005
Project in Wilton Gumpaste class.  Tipped white rose in pink edible powdered dust.
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By Phoov
Jan 31, 2006
This cake is still one of my favourites.  Although time comsuming with all of the flowers, the white on white is very elegant.
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By hockeymom
Feb 23, 2006
This is my friend and I's first time using fondant.  I had one HUGE hole from where it stuck to my counter so we patched it and covered in gumpaste roses.  Basically just playing since neither of us have had any training in using fondant.  Learned lots of important things though, next time it will be better.
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By Katydidz
Feb 28, 2006
This was my first cake with ganache.  It came out a little bumpy, I'm sure it'll be better next time!
By marina34
Apr 6, 2006
My friend engagement cake
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By zahurinina
Apr 11, 2006
I did this cake so I could practice my roses. Got the design from the Wilton course 1 book.
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By emilykakes
Apr 23, 2006
I starter to decorate the cake when the lights went out.I'am still happy with it
By bertie
Apr 30, 2006
This is a 6" anniversary cake for my boss and his wife. I have a heck of a time getting the icing smooth. That's why it's buried in roses. I hope it was because I had just thinned the icing too much.
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By ohbucko
May 11, 2006
This cake is 8in, 6in and 4 in.  Covered with basketweave.  I made a spiral of red buttercream roses.  This was fun to make, unfortunately it didn't make the car ride.  I know better than to prestack cakes, but I didn't have a choice in this situation.
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By alicegop
May 21, 2006
This is a white cake with chocolate b.c. icing and filling. I tried to go for an elegant look by adding white roses with white leaves. I think it looks ok.
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By ken
Jun 23, 2006
White chocolate cupcakes with buttercream icing. The baby shoe is hand molded out of fondant and other decorations are buttercream and white chocolate.
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By heychele
Jun 23, 2006
spice cake with english toffee filling and cream cheese icing.  first time doing swags and using cake sparkles.  they sure add to the cake.
By allymac
Jun 23, 2006
All buttercream.  White roses are tipped with gold luster dust.
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By jenncowin
Jun 25, 2006
I made this awhile ago.  It was my course 1 final cake.  Even though it was one of my first I really liked the way it turned out.
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By springlakecake
Jul 2, 2006
This is a cake dummy that I did for fun. I saw a picture like this in Wilton's book and tried to redo it. It is all buttercream. Just practicing...thanks for looking!
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Jul 3, 2006
Practiced with some Wilton fondant freehand. Going to get the proper tools to give these a whirl.
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By Zamode
Jul 16, 2006
Finally got to do it, and finally got the picture of it!  Was for my best friend's wedding on July 1st.  Cake looked great until topper fell off and smudged it all the way down.  I tried to fix it while I was there, but the picture showed the imperfections.  So I airbrushed some of them out ;-)
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By sun33082
Jul 24, 2006
8 inch round yellow cake w/butter cream frosting and pink mmf strips. Thanks for looking.
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By sue_dye
Aug 1, 2006
I made this cake for my Grandparents because they never had a real wedding cake. After 65 years I felt it was about time! All BC.
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By Melvira
Aug 20, 2006
All BC, tiers are 6", 10", & 12" Satellite cake is 14". Since this was a second wedding the bride opted for a blanket of BC roses on the top tier instead of a traditional topper.
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By Melvira
Aug 20, 2006
Whimisal abstract thorn bush. Chocolate layered 6 inch and 4 inch cake. BC with Pettinice trimmings. Inspired by antique fabric. Your critique would be greatly appreciated.
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By tiptop57
Aug 25, 2006
My first wedding cake.  I was scared silly that the cake would fall, it didn't but I was glad when it was disassembled for cutting!
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By cake2g1
Aug 31, 2006
This turned out to be one of my Favorite cakes I've ever made! I put Alot of time and effort into it. The scroll work thru the middle was all hand piped and took me quite awhile to do. I ended up taking one of my plastic scrolls and using it to make the pattern all the way around each of the cake tiers. I had never made this design before so I was nervous. The Bride/Groom and Guests all LOVED it. Said it was the Prettiest Cake they'd about Ever seen! I was so HAPPY!!! If you have any questions Just email me
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By Cakesbykaye
Sep 10, 2006
I did this cake this past weekend it turned out ok. I need alot of practice on my writing. It is a yellow cake I substituted veg oil for peach flavored applesauce everyone said that it was very moist and had a great taste. The roses are made of royal icing and the rest is buttercream. Everyone said that it was beautiful but I think it could have been better got a lot of practice to do before I am even close to some of the cakes that I have seen in here
By ladyharley
Sep 17, 2006
2nd ever wedding cake. 1st stacked cake. 10 inch base & 6 inch top layer. Both caramel mud cake with caramel ganache layers. Covered in fondx with gumpaste roses. Matron of honor (considerably older than the bride) ordered this with very little information, she liked a pic I had of a similar cake but wanted swans and a bow. Personally not keen on either of these additions but its what she wanted. All feedback welcome and appreciated.
13 22
By dky
Sep 28, 2006
Top tier chocolate, middle tier yellow and bottom tier marble.  It was for a family that 2 family members who were all receiving thier first communion on the same day.
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By cakecre8tor
Oct 15, 2006
This is a coconut cake. The flowers are fondant and the rest is buttercream icing.
By FancyLayne23
Oct 22, 2006
My first wedding cake. TFL.
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By LeonardoLi
Oct 24, 2006
vanilla cake with chocolate filing covered in fondant. Fantasy leaves are made from modeling paste and roses are made from gum paste. TFL.
8 12
By LeonardoLi
Oct 24, 2006
This is the cake I done for the last day of Wilton Course 1. I was happy with the way it turned out, but I still need to practice those roses. It is a three layer german chocolate cake with the Ding Dong Cream Filling recipe I found on this site. I can't wait to eat it!
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By Kristian
Nov 2, 2006
I did this cake for my Great-Grandmothers 99th Birthday party that we're having later on today. The theme is red and white Roses, so that's what I went with.  This is a 12" French Vanilla and a 10" Vanilla Chai Cinnamon Chocolate cake with buttercream icing.  Thanks for looking!
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By jenncowin
Nov 11, 2006
Fondant 10 inch and 6 inch with gumpaste roses.
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By angelas2babies
Nov 21, 2006
This was for my sister in law.  Fun to do but tricky to transport!!!
Round cakes (10 and 14 I think) covered in white fondant with Fresh roses as accents.  Top is bridal wonder mold.  That was a little tricky to do but it worked out in the end.  Thanks for looking!!
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By cakes4fun
Nov 23, 2006
This was a last minute cake for my great neice's birthday which just happened to be on Thanksgiving.  It is a pumpkin cake with Jello's new pumpkin flavor pudding for filling and Toba Garrett's buttercream icing.  The pearls are easy MMF rolled in pearl lustre.
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By dynee
Nov 23, 2006
This is my very first paid wedding cake.
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By tiarra
Nov 28, 2006
First, thanks to jenncowin for this design...perfect for Grandma's 80th Birthday!  Mine was a bit smaller w/an 8" round & 10" square.  First time doing swirls on the that!  Used a styrofoam 1/2 ball under the mound of roses.
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By ladybug03
Nov 30, 2006
These are some of the decorations for the desserts I'll be making for a Christmas party.  Everything is gumpaste except the wires/stems.
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By jmt1714
Dec 12, 2006
I made 2 small wedding cakes for the dinner after our ceremony at the courthouse. This was also one of my first cakes that I decorated- just over 6 years ago now. There is lilac roses, white roses, bear grass, baby's breath, and freesia on the cake. There is also ivy around the cake on the cake board. As you can see, it's not very smooth and the writing is not very good either (and hard to read in the picture), but I saved myself money and had fun making it.
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By m0use
Aug 30, 2005


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