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I made this cake as a sample for a prospective client. She wanted something simple and elegant.  She loved it and I got the job!!! The cakes were 3.5-5.5-8 inches. The top tier was chocolate with whipped chocolate ganache filling and icing. The middle tier is french vanilla with BC filling and icing. The bottom tier was chocolate with cherry filling iced in whipped chocolate ganache.
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By Bettycrockermommy
Nov 5, 2006
MMF doll cakes (real dolls) and 6 " cake.  My first time with MMF and second time with fondant.  Self taught so not really very good but made my dd happy.  Should have used cake boards and then put them all together instead of decorating in such close quarters.
By redbird
Nov 12, 2006
This was my 1st wedding cake. Its covered in bc icing.
By aerorach73
Dec 10, 2006
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By gracefull
Feb 10, 2007
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By gracefull
Feb 10, 2007
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By mrratty
Feb 11, 2007
yay! my First 2 teir cake! White cake coved in MMF.  8"-6" filled with butter cream icing.

-Samantha (age 15)
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By bananaslug14
Feb 11, 2007
The bow got broken on the end during transport.
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By Barbend
Feb 17, 2007
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By gracefull
Mar 24, 2007
Mud cake made for my sister in law's 21st birthday, everything is edible (apart from martini glass of course)
By Doohan
Apr 9, 2007
Made this cake for my sister in law's 21st birthday, everything is edible (apart from the martini glass of course)
By Doohan
Apr 9, 2007
This cake was for my sister's bridal shower. Her colors were black, white and red. I also used a pearl luster dust to add shimmer.
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By bakerbeth
Apr 25, 2007
15x22 sheet cake, half white and half chocolate with dreamy buttercream icing.
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By nisha_ru
May 19, 2007
I made two of these for two different girls from the same school.  I airbrushed them green, so my whole house is green, due to the airconditioner being on at the time.  I got the cake idea from sugar creations.  Letters are gumpaste made with the  tappits cutters.
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By MommaLlama
May 21, 2007
Each cake a different flavor, bc icing.
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By GrannieJ
Jun 5, 2007
I made this for my son's end of the season party. 11X15 sheet w/ball pan with BC icing.. I didn't have graham crackers so I improvised and used cinnamon toast crunch cereal for the sand on the field. I made NFSC and put all the players names on them.
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Jun 7, 2007
Yellow cake with buttercream icing. Casino night/birthday party. Fondant symbols.
Hope you like it
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Jun 29, 2007
This cake was supposed to have a fountain the middle, but the cake table was too small, so it got nixed at the last minute.
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By Sugarbean
Jun 29, 2007
This was my first stacked wedding cake ever. So I was a little apprehensive about how it was going to turn out! Royal icing dots on fondant cover the cake. The flowers are silk. Thanks for looking!
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By luckygurl1203
Jun 30, 2007
shamelessly copied from MelZ!  Loved that cake and just had to do it! All MMF.
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By kidsnurse
Jul 1, 2007
White cake with red no taste coloring and mini chocolate chips. Fondant frosting over buttercream with fondant curls, stem and leaf.
Hope you like it. Everyone there loved it.
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Jul 5, 2007
This is a half sheet cake I made last weekend for a graduation.  I also made 2 dozen coordinating cupcakes.  I have never had more problems with a cake before and it should have been simple.  My original design didn't work out, it was uneven, BC crusting too soon/not crusting enough issues...the list goes on.  But I think it turned out OK in the end - the person I made it for was happy so that is what counts.
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By awolf24
Jul 14, 2007
Three tier cake covered with fondant. The bride found a picture online and we tweaked it a little. Finished look has roses on the top and around the bottom. The middle layer has sparkle dust on it.
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By luckygurl1203
Jul 20, 2007
This was for my sister's wedding... the pictures a little fuzzy, but it was the best I could find. It was my first wedding cake and the first time I've done a pillar construction.
By CuteCakeName
Jul 22, 2007
An aussie football team shirt.  Hand painted the fondant to get the blue, a little patchy but I figure the colour is flat when the shirt is on anyway.  Next big purchase AIRGUN!  Client seemed to like it, so pretty pleased with the general overall look and the logos etc.
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By nicolevoorhout
Aug 4, 2007
Fondant covered with silk red roses
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By Babycakes99
Aug 7, 2007
I got a call yesterday evening that someone is throwing an office wedding shower and needed a cake for Wednesday- that it didn't really matter what it was, just that it looked wedding shower-y and served at least 25. I normally do great with cakes that I can be creative, but not quite so last minute and whatever I wanted. This is what came out...
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By aligotmatt
Aug 14, 2007
Yet another cake inspired by A Piece of Cake in AZ, but I really liked the changes the bride decided on. All WASC with raspberry filling. the squares were 14" and 8", and the rounds were 11" and 6".
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By eriksmom
Aug 18, 2007
My daughter found this cake in a Wilton book, changed a couple of things and this was the end result. It was fun to do. The flowers are all gumpaste and the cake is covered with fondant.
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By GrannieJ
Sep 10, 2007
By monica1981
Sep 18, 2007
Bridal shower cake.  Customer asked me to use my imagination with what she wanted. Her theme was hearts, black, red & white.  Entire cake is marble with BC covered in fondant and all accents
are fondant.
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By inspireddecorator
Sep 30, 2007
This was for a 1st birthday party.  10" double layer bottom, and 6" triple layer top.  Covered in MMF with fondant accents.  Ladybug is from a clay mold - made of fondant with little straight pins for antannae.
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By DollyCakes
Nov 7, 2007
Thanks for looking. Happy Holidays!
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Jan 1, 2008
This is my first paid wedding cake.  I made all of the fondant and the bride provided the roses to me.
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By lpd228
Jan 6, 2008
This was a cake I made for a woman's 40th bday that is crazy about jewelry (Especially diamonds). It's tough to see in the photo but there was sugar rock candy all over the cake that looked like "raw diamonds"! She has a handful of diamonds as well. The jewerly box had a cute lid too but forgot to put it on when i took the photo! OOPS! White cake, strawberry filling, buttercream icing, and fondant accents!
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By DelectableCreations
Jan 21, 2008
Chocolate stones and gel dot decorations
By DelectableCreations
Jan 21, 2008
For a friend's new business.  WASC & choc/choc chip CCs.  BC icing and my first attempt at chocolate transfers on top - that's fun stuff... loved it!!!! TFL
By ljudd1969
Jan 22, 2008
This was my first time using FondX fondant.  I LOVE it!!!  I will never make fondant again.  I am terrible at it.  This stuffis soooo much better.  This is also my first time using my new clay extruder.  It also works great!  I can't wait to try so many more cakes using this great fondant and my new clay toy.  Thanks to heidihill for the design of this cake.  I thought hers was so pretty.
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By lilmansmum
Jan 26, 2008
All BC, purchased boa for bottom.  Made to match napkins for the girl's sweet 16 party.
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By Mencked
Feb 3, 2008
2 tier stacked fondant cake with red royal icing flowers and black and white checker ribbon.
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By absolutecakes
Jul 20, 2006


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