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This was my first atempt at a topsy-turvy cake.  This was for a birthday party at a club in Vegas. The little figurines I made are of the birthday people.  The theme for the party was "Let's get physical, 80's work out gear"  that's why the figurines are in leotards.  The DJ's who's party it was are house music DJ's hence the theme of the cake.  The records and music notes are all made of chocolate.
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By jaimee679
Dec 13, 2006
The party theme was Alice in Wonderland. This was my first attempt at a whimsy cake. It is all buttercream with fondant and royal accents. It was challenging but a lot of fun to do. Now I know I can do it and I'll charge a heck of a lot more next time!!
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By DiscoLady
Jan 28, 2006
This cake was a true labour of love.  It was for my eldest daughter's first birthday and I wanted to capture all the whimsy and fancifulness of childhood.  It was decorated with rose and purple fondant.  The bottom layer was chocolate with caramel filling and the top was white cake with toffee cream filling.
4 37
By suzyqqq27
Sep 22, 2005
Just got my new WBH book so I decided to try and replicate the Whimsical cake in there.  Woah, there's a LOT of colours in this thing!! So this is my first WBH cake, first stacked cake, first big cake, first "public" cake (ie not for family). Hope it tastes good... 
WBH coffee-chocolate flavour, with crushed Oreo & whipped cream filling. Surprisingly not overly sweet. I hope the flavour of the cake/filling can combat the taste of the Wilton gel colour which is present in the icing.
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By rainbowz
Dec 14, 2005
My favorite was the top layer with the fence and flowers.  I had a lot of problems getting the base icing smooth, and I wasn't very happy with the color of the pink border but it was very late.  Luckily my co-workers like whatever I bring in!
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By marccrand
Apr 13, 2006
Top tier is strawberry, middle chocolate and bottom white cake. I'm not so happy about the overall shape, but it was my first whimsical cake and I only had two days notice (gotta love those last minute orders!)... it was certainly a learning experience. I'm looking forward to doing another one, maybe with a bit more time to plan next time.
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By edencakes
Apr 17, 2006
Vanilla and chocolate cakes with BC with fondant accents. I'm not feeling very confident about this...and I'm hoping my sister in law will like it. Any feedback is appreciated! The curlieques were a booger to add... I'm glad I made waaaay to many because I've had quite a few break on me!
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By bethanne73
Feb 25, 2006
The top tier was lemon w/ lemon SMBC, middle tier was lemon w/ lemon SMBC & filled with Kahlua Raspberry filling, base tier was chocolate w/ chocolate SMBC filling & icing. Homemade fondant (Toba's recipe) decorations. I had SO much fun doing this cake!!  Please feel free to critique & offer suggestions for improvement!!
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By swoboda
Apr 30, 2006
By Anonymous
Apr 3, 2006
All BC with fondant accents and pearls
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By DiscoLady
May 23, 2006
Our youth minister was leaving for a new career, so I made a cake to show that things are "up in the air".  He created the character--Floyd--that I made in gumpaste for the topper.  Floyd was used to illustrate children's services.  This cake really wanted to topple over--I think only prayers saved it!  The road to the church was under construction and I watched this cake bump up and down for miles!
5 2
By BlakesCakes
Jun 12, 2006
4 8
By KayDay
Jun 16, 2006
I did this cake for a sweet 16 birthday party.  My first topsy-turvy cake.  I was TERRIFIED something was going to happen to it, like it was going to collapse once I left the party, but it didn't!  I have learned several lessons for next time though (like put my borders on at the site).  Bottom tier was chocolate cake with oreo filling, middle tier was yellow cake with dark chocolate raspberry ganache filling, top tier was yellow cake with lemon filling.
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By WebDiva
Jul 3, 2006
A cake for my husband's co-worker's going away party.  Words are gumpaste/fondant mix.
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By missyjo30
Jul 26, 2006
This is a birthday cake I made for my sister's friend.
Swiss Meringue Buttercream
By yellowjacket
Aug 11, 2006
This cake was cursed from the moment I took the order last year at 50% off the price I would usually charge. The customer was practically in tears begging for it to fit into her "budget", then I found out her venue was one of the most expensive hotels in the city! More fool me. I've said it before and I'll say it again...don't lower your prices. A server at the hotel ripped off one side of my fondant board after I asked him to please not attempt to move the cake. Grrr!!!! Glad this one is done.
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By antonia74
Apr 23, 2006
For a combo mother/daughter. Boyfriend wanted the corny plaque in front (oh well). Not a true whimsy cake but I like the effect anyway. 
B/C with fondant riboon roses/leaves, royal names. Writing is not symetrical with bottom part of cake...oops!
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By DiscoLady
Aug 20, 2006
4 2
By islandije
Aug 30, 2006
65 503
By samarie
Aug 31, 2006
This is a cake me and my friend made for a client who likes bears :)
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By samarie
Sep 1, 2006
This is just the top tier of the Summer Daze whimsy cake in the WBH book.  I did it for a girl scout fundraiser auction and they told me when I dropped it off they were going to put it in the call out auction rather than the silent acution so that made me feel good. Plus the council leader asked me if I would make a cake for a troop sometime and I said of course. : )  Chocolate cake with cookies and cream filling and italian meringue buttercream. Chocolate runouts.
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By okieinalaska
Sep 9, 2006
3 5
By marecip
Sep 17, 2006
8 12
By marecip
Sep 17, 2006
A chocolate chip cake with chocolate buttercream filling was the foundation for this whimsical design.  For a woman's 70th birthday, her daughter requested something whimsical and youthful.
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By mmichelew
Sep 18, 2006
Here is my first attempt at a whimsy cake. It is iced in buttercream with fondant flowers, bow and banner
3 5
By pinkflamingo
Sep 19, 2006
Chocolate cake with buttercream icing in 8" 6" and 4" tiers.  Almost a complete disaster, a deer ran in front of my car while I was delivering and I had to slam on my brakes which made the cake shift a little, I almost cried.  I fixed it the best I could.
3 2
By Cookie_Brookie
Sep 22, 2006
It was fun to figure out how to combine his two passions into one cake! Used fondant for the stethescope, bought the trees and figurines, made the sign out of gumpaste and chopsticks!
6 10
By antonia74
Sep 23, 2006
Not sure what category this should go in, it is a whimsy cake but not a wedding cake. Made for my daughters birthday and displayed on a wonderful, wacky cake plate my best friend gave to me at Christmas. All fondant decorations except the shoe ornament on top and the gumpaste bows.
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By ShirleyW
Sep 24, 2006
Again, not a wedding cake but I don't see a whimsy cake category. Thank you Ted Geisel for your wonderful inspiration. This is actually a styrofoam cake dummy made for a friend who doesn't eat sweets. She collects and loves anything Seuss so this was my Christmas gift to her. Covered in fondant with gumpaste decorations.
44 87
By ShirleyW
Sep 24, 2006
Yes, it's outside and pouring rain! It was for an Art exhibit this evening, to serve to guests. They ordered about 6 or 8 wedding cakes, all different styles from different companies. It was fun to see other work close up!
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By antonia74
Sep 30, 2006
Yellow cake with dulce de leche filling. My daughter designed this cake, she picked the colors and design. This is my very first time making a whimsical cake and I must say that it was the easiest cake I ever made, I was very scared of making this cake, but the technique was easier than I anticipated and I'm happy with the results.
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By ShabbyChic_Confections
Oct 8, 2006
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By mvucic
Oct 9, 2006
requested by cakesbyamym
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By Doug
Aug 16, 2006
This is my first attempt at a whimsy cake.  This is a little boy's 1st birthday.
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By craftmasterchris
Oct 12, 2006
fondant bow, flowers and banner.  all else is bc
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By LisaBa
Oct 14, 2006
This is my own signature design -- fustrated with disaster whimsy cakes, but wanting a differnt look -- developed the Captiva line == Captiva, French for "cage" -- these cakes are encased in a cage of fondant -- made basically by putting covered boards that are at least 2 inches larger than the cake -- and then applying fondant strips  -- 

This is one of my favoirtes... 

the create a great illusion --
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By MelissaRHK
Oct 30, 2006
This is my attempt at a topsy-turvy cake.  DH's 30th birthday and he LOVES chocolate.  Something went wrong, somewhere, though.  I think I put the middle layer too far out, it collapsed after awhile.  Better luck next time!  Top and bottom layers chocolate with praline filling, middle layer is cheesecake cake with dulce de leche filling.  Thanks for looking!
10 1
By sweetlybaked
Nov 6, 2006
The third one I've done in this style. (It's perfect for getting rid of all those leftover flowers and tinted fondant scraps!!)
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By antonia74
Nov 12, 2006
I had fun with this one. But i cant say wether or not id do it again. lol
By dandy207
Dec 4, 2006
Chocolate buttercream and fondant accents.  Gumpaste letters and topper pieces.
13 67
By DianeLM
Dec 18, 2006


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