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A cake I did for a new baby.  Used MMF for most everything.  Whales are MMF pressed from candy molds.
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By cakecre8tor
Aug 31, 2005
just another view of the bubbles
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By cakecre8tor
Aug 31, 2005
Four different side views and the top, all from the same cake.
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By mendhigurl
Apr 19, 2006
Whale of a time!
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By Feefs
Apr 27, 2006
I used one of my son's whale's for the top of this cake.
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By neicey1971
May 4, 2006
The birthday boy's party theme was sealife, and he requested a killer whale on his cake.  The whale is a FBCT.  I was so excited when I got to the party with the cake because the airbrushed background matched his tablecover even had the same color coral reef (completely unplanned!)
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By gmcakes
Jul 13, 2007
Carved vanilla cake covered with airbrush fondant, birthday cake for DD's 3rd birthday.
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By alimonkey
Jun 12, 2006
Thanks to Cake Corner for sharing some hints with me for this cake!  Although I totally messed up and was not even able to build a stand as instructed, so this cake is luckily staying home for my son because it does not have any inner support to travel with except the board inside the shark.  I also broke a few of my own "all edible" rules by making the lower jaw of styrofoam and the fin of paper plate.  My son will like it, that is what counts!
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By Kitagrl
Jun 15, 2006
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By augustlm
Jun 28, 2006
Pound Cake formed with an egg pan, covered with Fondant & plastic figurine.
By beegirlbee
Jul 25, 2006
For my nephew's first birthday.  3D Whale cake copied from "Party Animal Cakes" by Lindy Smith.
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By puffed_tofu
Jul 31, 2006
Rainbow fish cake and whale melon bowl. 
My third cake.
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By melgsix
Aug 13, 2006
This cake was for my son's second birthday party tonight.  It was my first time molding with fondant (MMF) and the first cake I used fondant on outside of my Wilton class.  It took me a LONG time to mold with it.  I either need a lot more practice or maybe it's not for me.  The whale took a couple of HOURS.  But I loved how easily it draped on the cake and how impacting it was as "snow".  The cake is a vanilla caramel cake with  chocolate caramel ganache filling and caramel flavored buttercream.
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By ckkerber
Sep 17, 2006
This was a practice cake I did for fun. I used white buttercream icing and airbrushed the blue to make it look like the ocean. Added some sea animals also.
By fmcmulle
Oct 7, 2006
Got idea from Cake Central member, thought it was so cute decided to make, though I made it all from buttercream tip 16
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By Ili
Oct 15, 2006
Whale cakes - there were 2 separate parties, therefore the 2 cakes.  Purple whale was the requested color.  These were made out of a dairy free cake mix - not the best, but it was also requested by the mom.
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By pooker
Nov 5, 2006
For a double bday for my nephews (1 and 3).  Shamu is a carved almond sour cream pound cake covered in fondant.  Base cake is a white scratch cake with BC icing.  Starfish, seaweed and anemones and lettering are royal icing.  Yellow Starfish cake in front is for the 1yr old. <ignore the toothpicks, forgot to pull 'em before snapping the picture> oops
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By destini377
Nov 14, 2006
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By sampy
Nov 24, 2006
This boat cake was ordered by a lady who’s husband is turning 59. They spend a lot of time on their yacht and she was telling me how they had a whale come and swim beside them for about 10 minutes recently and how magical it was, so I have incorporated it into the cake. I am taking this to her at work today but I am quite worried that the gumpaste sail won’t make the trip…….!!!!!!!! Wish me luck :)
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By katharry
Nov 28, 2006
Cake for a 4 year-old girl's Shamu/ocean-themed party. Cake had to be completely dairy/egg/nut-free due to family allergies, so it was interesting to work with - BC came out kind of gritty so it's not up to my normal neatness standards - but I love how this one came out! I borrowed the sculpted Shamu idea from destini377's gallery cake, but made mine out of fondant.
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By Lueet
Dec 4, 2006
carved yellow cake with bc and mmf- last minute cake for nephews 6th b-day!
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By sweetviolent
Jan 7, 2007
All buttercream. Whales head on top is2 mini-eggs put together.  I also sprayed it with luster dust and added blue and clear edible glitter for lots of sparkle.
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By jenncowin
Feb 13, 2007
Just another view of the cake I just posted.  I like the way this whale turned out.
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By jenncowin
Feb 13, 2007
This was one of my favorite cakes. I used colorflow for all the animals and connected the dolphins with floral wire. The beach scene was created with granulated brown sugar and blue tinted piping gel over buttercream.
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By jenniferhattery
Mar 6, 2007
The animals are made with colorflo and the cake is iced with buttercream. The beach scene is made with granulated brown sugar and blue tinted piping gel over buttercream.
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By jenniferhattery
Mar 6, 2007
My son wanted a "sea monster" cake. He also requested the great white and killer whale. My favorite is the great white. I made the sea monster using candy clay made from green candy melts. This was my time using the clay. Although I like the monster, the clay wasn't stiff enough to have his head stay up. Any tips on working with candy clay would be appreciated. Thanks for looking.
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By arosebro
Mar 17, 2007
My son's name is Jonah, so we did a whale theme for his 1st birthday.
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By mindywith3boys
Mar 18, 2007
I made this cake for my father's 70th birthday last weekend.  It is a journey through the four states that he has lived in - starting in Wisconsin, California, Alaska and then Maryland.  The postcards are edible images on fondant.  Cake is covered in buttercream with fondant accents.  I'll post some follow-up pictures of each side of the cake as you can't see everything at the same time.
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By azterp
Apr 4, 2007
3D shaped whale cake for my son's first birthday.  Adapted from Lindy Smith's pattern.
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By froglife
May 16, 2007
Hayden's wanted an ocean cake for his 6th birthday.  It's completely dairy free.  all the sea creatures are made out of starburst.  The seaweed is made out of fruit rollups and the shells around it, which were not suppose to be there but he liked them and put t hem on are made out of fondant.  It's and orange cake with vanilla buttercream.
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By ljhow623
May 20, 2007
This cake came to me, lying in bed last night around 3am!!
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By sugarbakerqueen
May 28, 2007
These are some cookies I made just for fun, using some new cutters I got.
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By aminium
May 29, 2007
Sugar cookies with royal icing. 
Made for the display at the Williams Sonoma store that I work at.
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By mundy33
Jun 12, 2007
Mom wanted an underwater scene with some chocolate icing, so I decided to put in a big black (chocolate) whale. It's the only thing I think of that was either black or brown underwater!! Anyway--she loved it!
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By icedideas
Jul 3, 2007
This was for my nephew a few years back.  I took a 9" circle and carved out the pieces from there the water spout is a ribbon tied to a toothpick and instered in.
By diamondjacks
Aug 24, 2007
By cakewoman1
Sep 21, 2007
I made these today for my shop. They are all done in fondant except for the little ghost which is buttercream.
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By tasteebakes
Sep 27, 2007
The little boy wanted free willy...  This is my interpretation - not one of my favorites I have done in a while.  Pieced together whale, the rest is buttercream.  Thanks for looking!!!
By cakelady5
Oct 10, 2007
3D whale cake made from 1/2 soccer ball mold and two 9" round layers.  Yellow cake with Praline buttercreame filling.  Covered in Fondant with Royal "waves".  Tail made from rice crispie treats covered in fondant.
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By Kimskakes23336
Oct 25, 2007
Vanilla cake with buttercream frosting.  Used Wilton's Color Mist for the blue.  Discovered the coolest thing--Frosting Doodle--in black for the whale.  You heat the tube in hot water and it comes out kind of like Wilton's Color Flow...BUT, you don't have to wait for it to dry.  It starts to dry right away.  I free-handed the whale and outlined it with black icing, then used the Frosting Doodle to fill in.
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By KC2BeAgain
Jun 4, 2005


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