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This cake was for my son's wedding.  I have a long way to go but he loved it.    I made the top out of polymer clay - it is a likeness of the two of them.
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By gloria
Aug 3, 2005
This is my wilton III finale Cake.  I saw a cake on CC that I just fell in love with, submitted by Sue_dye, and decided to to model my final cake after it.
Still not as pretty as the original, but I'm getting there!  Hope you don't mind Sue!
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By Sherry0565
Jan 31, 2006
6-in 2-layer torted round sample wedding cake with cornelli lace
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By KrazyKross
Sep 2, 2005
This was my very first wedding cake, and lucky for me it was my best friend...she didn't care that I changed designs at the last minute!  I had just taught myself to make daisies, so used the colors that matched the ones in her bouquet, and added lattice-work on the sides inside the garlands.
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Feb 5, 2006
last wedding cake order I took before taking a break to get married myself!  this was for my future mother in law's second marriage.  Chocolate fondant on the outside, decorated with various chocolate truffles, inside was chocolate cake with buttercream filling.  There wasn't a crumb left!
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By PerryStCakes
Feb 17, 2006
These Cakes we For my Best Friend.  So With two weeks noticed, and not living in the USA at the time, I tried my best to make my First cake ever and it happened to be for a Wedding Cake. They are Both made with Fondant, Pink=creamy Yellow, Green=Chocolate.
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By Aquadame
Feb 23, 2006
This is a practice cake for my daughters wedding that I put together in about 5 hours last night.  I dont really care for the middle layer - dont like how the luster dust turned out - but not bad for the first wedding cake!
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By celeste120
Feb 1, 2006
Purple flowers on top of this two - tier round wedding cake made with butter cream icing
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By kellykake
Mar 2, 2006
Simple cake w/ diamond imprint, scrolls and dots, w/ fondant bow.  This is one of my favorites, very simple and classic.
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By cakesbyallison
Mar 8, 2006
Iced in white buttercream w/ ivory details, each layer seperated by fresh berries (smelled delicious!).
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By cakesbyallison
Mar 8, 2006
All chocolate cake with chocolate filling.  Buttercream icing and gumpaste daisies.
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By gregsjoy
Mar 8, 2006
This was just a plain round yellow cake, white BC.  I did absolutely no detail work because the florist was going to put live flowers on it.  Oh, brother, did the florist ever.  It was absolutely the worst thing I had ever seen.
By egarman
Mar 10, 2006
This was done for a couple who are famous musicians.  In addition to these six cakes, I make four chococlate heart shaped cakes frosted in chocolate and topped with chocolate covered strawberries.  The rose were actually very deep red (live) roses.  The cakes were yellow, torted with lemon flavored BC.
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By egarman
Mar 10, 2006
I can't believe we actually did this cake!  My friend April (Ape on this forum) and I made this cake together this weekend.  Her 1st wedding cake, my 2nd.  It is butter cake with pineapple buttercream filling covered with bavarian cream icing.  The flowers on the bridge are silk and the white roses around the bottom are Wilton's lighted garland.  This cake is in the Wilton Wedding Dream Cakes book, but with peach roses.
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By mommymarilyn
Mar 13, 2006
These Cakes we For my Best Friend.  So With two weeks noticed, and not living in the USA at the time, I tried my best to make my First cake ever and it happened to be for a Wedding Cake. They are Both made with Fondant, Pink=Creamy Yellow, Green=Chocolate.
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By Aquadame
Feb 23, 2006
The cake stand is the kind that holds 4 candles on the corners candles were not right for this cake so I made 4 small flower arrangements to put in their place. The cake topper I made using a mini vase filled with flat gold marbles. Rest is buttercream icing.
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By ellyrae
Mar 13, 2006
Wedding cake featuring featuring garlands, drop strings and a scroll design
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By sewfancy
Mar 18, 2006
I copied this wedding cake from a magazine.  The flowers are real.  I used a 6, 10, 12 & 14 inch pan.
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By divaofcakes
Mar 18, 2006
Decorated w/ cream cheese icing, scroll work, and red satin ribbon. Fresh roses placed on top.
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By cakesbyallison
Mar 20, 2006
Wedding cake.
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By geehouse
Mar 20, 2006
Wedding cake
By geehouse
Mar 22, 2006
I am so proud of this cake. The piping looked like little crowns.  When the florist arrived, it just set off the cake.  Please let me know what you think.
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By Birdlady
Apr 3, 2006
First wedding cake...chocolate fudge with chocolate filling layers and vanilla with bavarian cream filling layers. Picture taken before transportation...where top layer tumbled off! Cake was reconstructed and propped-up...and autumn leaves placed on top.
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By micfish
Apr 6, 2006
These cakes are all white cake with buttercream icing. The triangles of blue icing were made by making a stencil with wax paper. The heart designs in the middle of each drapery were done with a press. This was my first Wedding cake and I am pretty proud of it. The bride and groom loved it and they had a guest that contacted me about doing his son's wedding and groom's cakes in late July.
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By BamaSweets
Apr 10, 2006
This is the wedding cake that I did for my best friend in Utah.  Our family drove from Texas to make a cake for her.  I made this cake in about 1 1/2 days.  I used mostly round cake pans and encircled it at the bottom with the little hearts.
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By pastrypantry
Apr 11, 2006
This was my wedding cake.  I started it the night before I got married and finished it the morning of my wedding.  We had a really small wedding at our house and I still wanted an impressive looking cake.  Although this isn't exactly what I wanted I was still pleased with the outcome.  We got married in December and I thought the candy canes on the wedding topper tied it all together.
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By pastrypantry
Apr 11, 2006
I have to laugh when I look at this cake I did for my bro's wedding. Done about 15 yrs ago before I had barely any experience in deco'ing at all! Never took a class (still haven't except for Wilton course 1), just learned from a book, trial, and error. This was done in all BC. Sheet cake with hand drawn fan in BC to match. (There were actually two full sheet cakes like this). Wish you could see the tulle fan topper on the tier cake. I finally found the photos so thought it would be fun to upload...hee hee
4 5
By ellyrae
Apr 16, 2006
3 2
By tysmom
Apr 20, 2006
This is the second half of my second wedding cake.  This was a design the bride chose.  All BC
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By mariamom
Apr 20, 2006
This is the cake I made when my husband and I got married.  We had a small ceremony in the little town on Tombstone, and this was the cake he wanted.
By Bettycrockermommy
Apr 27, 2006
Thanks to the forums this cake went smoothly.  I was well prepared and knew exactly what to do.  The bow on top is made of fondant.  Enjoy!
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By rlctic
Apr 30, 2006
This is a view of the back of the cake.  When we got to the receiption hall and found that the cake table was at the balconey on the 2nd floor, we had to improvise and add flowers to the back side of the bridge!
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By mommymarilyn
Mar 13, 2006
I made this cake for a cousin, they have been together since very young but decided to get married. She asked for something very simple in ivory color, I made french vanilla with amond icing and butter pecan with pecan icing.  The Cowboy hat is the groom's cake, my first hat cake. Covered in fondant
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By Reyna
May 2, 2006
This cake was made for my family renunion, it is a double layer 8" strawberry cake with pink BC icing and choc dipped strawberries. This is the first time I have ever dipped strawberries before.
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By Sonya
May 6, 2006
I made this cake for my little sisters wedding.  I couldn't get the icing as smooth as I wanted, but she loved it anyhow.  The top and bottom layers were lemon w/BC and the middle was red velvet.  My mom and I placed the flowers too.
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By jenib_99
May 8, 2006
I made this for a friend.  Her colors are pink and green and she likes daisies.  I took the easy road and bought silk flowers.  I tried and tried and tried, but for the life of me could not get that icing any smoother...argh!   That Baker's Buttercream tastes yummy though...
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By wyatt
May 11, 2006
At last, this is my first wedding cake. I wish to thank Karennayak for her generous support, after viewing her golden wedding cake I sent her my queries and she guided me through making this beautiful cake.  Tuggy for sharing with me how to make the gelatine wings and Nati for her suggestions. Last but not the least I wish to thank my dear brother who gave me the opportunity to make the cake.
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By Tamanna
May 19, 2006
A view of the top
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By Likim
May 20, 2006
My first official wedding cake and first time to do such a large cake with Fondant. They wanted complete smooth flush 4 tiers with red roses in between. Their initials are on top in red. I had a bit of trouble with the smaller tiers with the fondant but I think it might have been it was too thin. They absolutely loved it and I am really proud of myself for accomplishing this.
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By MomoRox
May 24, 2006
This is a 2 tier fudge decadence cake with raspberry filling and double chocolate ganache covering.  Fresh hydrangia on top.  Too yummy!
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By divaofcakes
May 29, 2006


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