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I made this cake for my husband for his birthday.  We have a pool and thought it would make a cute cake.
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By katrich00
Jul 23, 2005
I made this for my husband for his pool party.  The center is piping gel.  The tiles are skittles.
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By katrich00
Jul 25, 2005
This was a spur of the moment cake for an organization I donate cakes to.  July birthdays.  Orange Creamsicle cake with orange cream cheese filling, iced in buttercream.  I didn't think it was too bad for a first attempt at "water".
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By Ironbaker
Aug 1, 2005
This is a cake I did for a guy that is going to be going to school in Florida and it was also his birthday.
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By dkay
Sep 3, 2005
I wish the picture had turned out better.  This cake was done for a ladies night event where we were all hot tubbing.  All the decorations are buttercream or gel.  The "water" was done with blue gel.  The ladies were done so their chests were floating on top and some of the ladies had towels wrapped around their head.  This was a big hit with the party.  we did discover that because we were figure piping buttercream up we had to anchor the heads with toothpicks.
By jennawing
Sep 5, 2005
Another view.
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By piklpop2
Sep 9, 2005
My best friend decided that she just HAD to have a waterfall with REAL WATER on her cake. I said no at first of course, but after a professional cake decorator told me it was impossible I was committed to do it! lol. The cake was passion fruit/guava/papaya with pineapple filling and coconut BC, hence the tropical decorations.
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By soygurl
Sep 28, 2005
Cake for my niece's birthday.  Two-toned icing (WBH) and Chocolate transfers for the characters (first time).  Thanks for looking!
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By mrwarnke
Sep 30, 2005
Marble cake with buttercream frosting.  Gumpaste surf boards and birthday banner with edible images.  Candy sea shells, fish, sea horses.  Royal icing and pretzel umbrella and beach chair.
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By newtocakes
Sep 30, 2005
This cake was made using "Mrwarnke's" duck cake design as a guide.  The shower theme was ducks, and they were having a girl, so pink bows for the ducks.
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By cindycakes2
Oct 13, 2005
Blue gel for water and buttercream dolphins.  The sun looks silly; I need to take an art class!  I added blue droplets of 'water' on the sides of the cake for more effect.  It's posted in my pics.
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By sunlover00
Oct 14, 2005
- beach towel is a piece of gum
- board walk is the top layer of those sugar wafer cookies that have cream in the middle
- the "wood" posts at the end of the boardwalk are pieces of caramel rolled into a log
- sand is "sugar in the raw" on top of tan frosting
- sea animals are from a package of Swedish Fish Ocean Friends
- the waves on the side are from white icing with a blue striped bag
- ocean on the top has blue frosting with some spots of white and deep blue underneath the blue piping gel on top
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By KimberlyKakes
Oct 19, 2005
This was a cake for an 8 yr old boy.  His grandma said he was in love with the deers, hunter and trees and wanted them on his birthday cake!  I used the horseshoe pan and added the bridge, water, rocks and he LOVED the cake!!
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By golfgma
Oct 29, 2005
My son's 1st birthday cake. He loves Barney and fish/water.  It's a 12in white cake with pineapple filing and a 6in white cake with raspberry filing.  Both covered in buttercream and crushed vanilla wafers for sand.
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By dodibug
Oct 31, 2005
I love the octopus!
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By dodibug
Oct 31, 2005
made the goldfish in gumpaste with little cookie cutter
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By antonia74
Nov 5, 2005
This was my final for Begining Chocolate and Sugar class.  It is all poured,molded and pulled sugar pieces.
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By pastrypuffgirl
Nov 6, 2005
Cake is a Yellow cake. Baked in two 9 inch pans. Grass made with Wilton tip. Rocks around pond are Maple Nut Goodies (candy). The pond was made with Blue Gel Icing. Flowers made out of Gum Past.
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By thesocialfrog
Nov 7, 2005
This was a class I took. It is all fondant. I even marbilized the cake light blue and dark blue so that when the cake was cut it still looked like water!
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By HeatherMari
Nov 10, 2005
from a danish tv channel for kids
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By frulund2600
Nov 28, 2005
Just made this for a customer's 6 year old daughter.  She didn't want any writing on, there's not!  Looks a little naked to me!  She's picking up tomorrow...hope they like it!!  Iced in buttercream, except royal flowers on the side.  It's vanilla cake with chocolate filling (that's what the 6 year old wanted!)  Thanks to many on this site, especially Aitza, for the inspiration! :)
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By Cakeasyoulikeit
Dec 2, 2005
This one was alot of fun doing. The ice cream cones for the trees, but the most fun was the detail work on the waterfall, especially at the bottom.
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By chefdot
Jan 14, 2006
2nd beach themed cake and much easier then the 1st. (Used fondant to make trees, flower, shells, etc.- very time consuming!).  This was fun to do and the bride to be loved it.  You can't tell in the pic but I used the edible glitter and the "sand" looked very real.
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By jewels625
Jan 17, 2006
This cake was for a wedding in Santa Barbara, it was pretty big.
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By ceggie81454
Jan 18, 2006
The boys had to have "H2O" and not "water" on their cake!  This is a full-sheet with edible image picture and buttercream icing.
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Feb 9, 2006
This is the third and final cake in the series of cakes I made for my hubbies goodbye party. Overall I would say I did pretty well considering they were only the 3rd, 4th, and 5th decorated cakes I have ever made.  The cake itself is a white cake with bavarian cream filling and buttercream frosting.  The sub is covered in chocolate mmf (MMMM soo tasty) and painted with black food coloring, everything else is buttercream.
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By freddyfl
Mar 1, 2006
1/2 sheet cake, vanilla. Buttercream icing, crushed vanilla wafers for sand, pretzel rods with fondant leaves for palm trees. The seashells, starfish, beach blanket, beach chair and beachball are all fondant. The only thing not edible is the little umbrella. I'm so proud of this one! And I can't believe how easy it is to make, I have to thank everyone here on CC for their ideas on the beach cakes, your all great!
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By cakesbgood
Mar 3, 2006
My first BCT! I'm so proud of it! Its a lot easier than I thought. This was cracked on my though but i tried to fix it the best way i could. thanks for looking!
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By ken
Mar 24, 2006
Well guys the valcano and the cake turned out great, I put a shot glass in the top of the valcano and some dry Ice and it was smoking.

Thans for the great words and advise, this was only the 2nd cake I have done, and I am thinking that I am not done yet!
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By dolphing81
Mar 31, 2006
This was a cake for my son's 3rd b-day. Shamu weighed too much and pulled the top tier. He was MMF. My first attempt at that. I don't know what went wrong. He wouldn't harden; so I had to lay him on top instead of upright coming out of the water. He continued to droop until he looked dead! Oh well, at least it wasn't for a customer! All buttercream with 2 colorflow fish and a turtle. All freehanded.
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By CakesWithAttitude
Apr 10, 2006
I made this cake with bc icing (colored & chocolate). The river is icing gel and the trees are made with pretzel sticks and icing (the icing was melting off the trees because it was so hot outside!) The rocks are made with jelly bellys and robin eggs. The power rangers were obviously toys that I added. This cake was thought up well in advance but put together just an hour or so before the party! I flew have way across the country to made this cake for my godson and he LOVED it!
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By ajeffery2001
Apr 12, 2006
GTB loves fishing.  I found the statue and made the cake on that theme.
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By jewels625
Apr 18, 2006
The cake is decorated to look like a beach.  There is a retaining wall, dock, trees, umbrella and jello for the water.  The little bears are having fun sunbathing and swimming.
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By didivella
Apr 19, 2006
This cake represents a day at the beach complete with retaining wall, sand, dock, trees umbrella and little bears that are swimming and sunbathing.
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By didivella
Apr 19, 2006
I decorated this cake in under 10 minutes. My son was hit with a baseball during practice just before his party, so I ran out of time. This is the 5th cake I have decorated since starting the Wilton classes (I am on course 2 now). I would love feedback!
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By tgirl22
Apr 21, 2006
first time with a major 3-d cake.  lady called and wanted this for her husband.  i thought what the heck i will give it a shot.  i am very pleased with the turn out of it.
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By cdstem
Apr 27, 2006
This little girl wanted a Mermaid but not "The Little Mermaid"  She was good with this.
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By Coastiemom
Apr 28, 2006
All iced in buttercream.  Small duck is a "smash cake" for the birthday boy that I stuck on the cake, thinking it'd look cute there.  Its a mini ball with a donut hole for a head.   I'll just have to warn mom about the toothpick inside.
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By Kitagrl
Apr 29, 2006
My sister and I made this cake for her nephew. It was our first time using dowels but it was fun:)
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By isakov1
May 3, 2006
Strawberry, lemon, strawberrry cake with corresponding fillings.  MM fondant for the "sand" and "water" and candy melt sea shells!
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By zoozieqv
Apr 25, 2005


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