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Princess theme- 1st birthday. Little girl can wear the crown and hold wand afterwards
all buttercream
By Noxema214
Mar 27, 2010
My first time making a pillow cake - discovered I love carving cake! All vanilla bean cake w/ vanilla b/c filling. Mom wanted a princess theme with pillow, tiara and wand. I was really happy with the result. Thanks to the tutorial here on CC for the pillow cake!
6 43
Mar 27, 2010
This is the latest little Fairy gumpaste figure - she isn't on a cake this time but on a covered board with a message to the birthday girl.  She will have a cupcake beside her when it is time to go so I will photograph the finished product and put it up in a fortnight or so. I hope you like her :-)
17 209
By Lulubelle1970
Mar 31, 2010
This is the other latest fairy, she will sit upon a small cake in a week or two so will take a pic of that when it is done.  She does have some tiny wings at the back - otherwise she would just be a little girl I guess! Ha, ha. I haven't taken a photo from that angle yet but will when the cake is done and she is sitting on it.  Hope you like her too :-)
9 92
By Lulubelle1970
Mar 31, 2010
This is my first Princess Cake and my First Tiara, this cake is inspire by a cake that i found here at CC. i Love this cake... and i love the Tiara... specialy because is my first one... i think is beautiful .. jajaja hope you like it to.
By Sweets_By_Sary
Apr 2, 2010
This cake was based off one of's cake. The cake was for a princess girl who was turning 4 and wanted the crown, wand and all the glitter too! The entire cake is fondant and gumpaste. I really had a lot of fun with this cake. The cake is funfetti, and vanilla buttercream. I also made cupcakes with wands on them! TFL and I am a CSM member!!!
By Pitchers_Bakery
Apr 5, 2010
BC frosting, gumpast decorations.  Any tips welcome - these were my first attempts at the shoe/tiara/wand.
2 13
By Swanfam
Apr 10, 2010
Black forest cake for a friends daughter. She saw this design from  ptanyer's cake on CC. Thank you  ptanyer. I have blanked out the child's name on request from the parent.
By CakeTreats
Apr 10, 2010
By dumplin1995
Apr 11, 2010
For siblings sharing a birthday party.
By Cathy741
Apr 12, 2010
Princess-themed baby shower cake.  Mother to be wanted chocolate icing with pink accents. Gumpaste and edible pearl tiara/crown, magic wand and roses.
By llbesq
Apr 12, 2010
Harry Potter themed cake for 2 adults.  9x13, 10x15 cakes filled, IMBC, fondant.  Golden Snitch is gumpaste painted with gold dust.  Wand is fondant/gumpaste mix with wire support inside.  Coin bag is 2 cupcakes carved down & wrapped in fondant.  Gumpaste glasses, fondant coins. TFL!!!
6 64
By mbpbrighteyes
Apr 12, 2010
wasc cake with buttercream filling and frosting, MMF accents.
By young9
Apr 14, 2010
firtst I wanna give credit to melissaRHK for the inspiration! One of my hubby's friends asked me to do a cake for his little girls 1st b-day and they saw this one and loved it! I made the tiara look slighty diffrent and I added a wand. The smash cake is suppost to look like a cinderella coach.
1 2
By 1elisamarie1
Apr 16, 2010
yellow cake with buttercream filling covered in fondant, fun to make!
1 3
By Jenmarlene
Apr 26, 2010
3 20
By halfbaked
Apr 30, 2010
By wattersbw
May 3, 2010
...I am up to no good.
Harry Potter cake for Marti.  Choc fudge with cookies and cream filling, marbled choc fondant with fon/gp accessories.
5 35
By saycheese
May 4, 2010
My Neice wanted a Harry Potter cake with a sorting hat, golden snitch and a magic wand.  This was the result.  She helped make her cake.  It is a chocolate puffed wheat cake with chocolate and plain marshmallow fondant.  We used the small figurines she had as models for the cake.  She was pretty happy with the result,
By teabow
May 4, 2010
The little girl this cake was made for said she wanted "pink and princess" on her cake.  1/4 sheet with buttercream and Disco Dust
By Lyns082608
May 11, 2010
Fondant crown (decorating inspiration from bakinccc) NFSC wand, butterfly and flower with Toba Garrett's glace.
By berniel
May 19, 2010
Chocolate cake with Vanilla Buttercream filling. Everything edible.
1 33
By natskys
May 29, 2010
customer requested a pink and purple princess cake all buttercream and sprinkles with a plastic princess crown and wand!! tfl!
By destineysway
May 29, 2010
1 3
By Jesse0977
May 30, 2010
By cakebuds
May 30, 2010
1 1
By lmbent
Jun 4, 2010
12" inch square, 10 round, 10 pillow.
2 3
By lilym
Jun 5, 2010
This is one of the "pinkest" cakes I've done so far!! All thanks and credit to a fellow CC user who gave brilliant instructions on how to make a tiara wrapping the fondant around a tin of tomatoes with 2 layers of parchment paper (sorry I've lost the name).
By odish
Jun 10, 2010
I made this for two little girls celebrating their birthday.  They are my very dear friends daughters and they were turning 3 and 5.  I made a mini castle cake for each girl.  They are chocolate and vanilla cupcakes with italian meringue buttercream and MMF cupcake toppers.
By smf-tls
Jun 13, 2010
By glittercakes
Jun 17, 2010
A Harry Potter birthday cake.  Everything is made out of fondant and gumpaste. TFL!!
12 84
By jsouth82
Jun 18, 2010
Tiny Meg had a "princess tea party" and her grandmother asked me to make a cake for her.  The cake was inspired by a cake I found on the web, but I tweaked it a bit, added the fondant crown, make-up, and wand.  WASC with alternating layers of whipped madagascar vanilla butter cream and caramel buttercream.
By peggyslee
Jun 26, 2010
All fondant decorations
By nananina
Jun 27, 2010
This was for a joint celebration - a little girl's 4th birthday and her grandmother's retirement. Inspiration from mbark for flowers on their Micky Mouse cake - Thanks.
By odish
Jul 1, 2010
Made for my sister's birthday, who is a huge Harry Potter fanatic.  Golden snitch is a cake ball made from cake scraps and left over icing, covered in MMF.Coconut cake and pina colada cake, coconut butter cream icing.  Coconut flavored MMF.
4 10
By jstoops08
Jul 5, 2010
Buttercream with fondant accents
By candicedianeflores
Jul 7, 2010
9 in. round
By stepht347
Jul 10, 2010
10,8,6, " rounds all buttercream with fondant accents, Tiera was fondant / tylose. this was my first stacked buttercream cake. I always cover with fondant. But customer requested iced in i didnt have Viva towells so used sosme with a print, but I thought it looked ok......I have rather stack a dozen fondant cakes then B/C
2 16
By Sweetgrl1963
Jul 12, 2010
Abby Cadabby themed cake.  Cookies n creme bottom layer and Strawberry top layer.  MMF accents and gumpaste magic wand.
By tnterri
Jul 13, 2010
Cake iced in fondant with edible image. Decorated with gumpaste sorting hat, wand, broomstick, glasses, books and school scarf.
By SuzieT
Jul 19, 2010


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