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This is a cake made for the daughter of a friend of mine. Bottom tier is french vanilla, vanilla mousse filling and vanilla BC. Top tier is chocolate cake w/almond BC. 
Crown and wand are cake decorations. Flowers and accents are royal icing.
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By mamafrogcakes
Oct 29, 2005
Couldn't quite find the right cutter to use for this little boy's party all about his love for magic, so I copied a simple rabbit/magician's hat/wand design I found online onto a cookie.
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By antonia74
May 21, 2006
I created this cake from a photo of only had the top half of her & the wings were barely visible. So, I really liked how this one turned-out, I tried to make the wings 'transparent' by swirling-in some of the frosting from behind/under the wings. I actually got the wing shape from a butterfly on this site, & I used silver luster dust combined with "edible laquer" for the silver sparkles. It was the 1st time I'd used it & it was GREAT! & fun!! =)
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By OCakes
Apr 23, 2006
I did these for a princess theme party.  The princess wands and light pink on dress have luster dust.
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By di55
Jun 24, 2006
I made this for my DH 45th b-day. Everything is edible except the birds and the wires that attach them and the curling ribbon. I was going to use chocolate molds in the shape of doves, and then press fondant in them, but my cake store ran out. The cards are fondant painted with straight gel color. The magic wand is fondant too.
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By luvbakin
Aug 21, 2006
1/4 sheet cake (two layers with bc filling) is covered in bc with fondant stripes and fondant stars. Hat is round cake covered in fondant with a circle cardboard covered in fondant for the brim of the hat. Bunny is a cupcake (head) and twinkie (body) covered in bc with a grass (233) tip, and the ears are carboard covered with foil, then piped with bc using grass tip. Magic wand is fonant (dried in a dehydrator) and birthday sign is 50/50 with bc writing. Curling ribbon was added for a finishing touch.
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By luvbakin
Sep 5, 2006
I made this cake for a girls magic birthday. The hat and bunny is all cake!!! The cake must have weighed 30lbs! The wand is a big long pretzel covered in buttercream.
I know the background was not the best, but it was take the photo now.....or not at all! :-)
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By ctnesset
May 27, 2006
Both cakes are iced smooth with buttercream.  The design on the top of the main cake was done to duplicate the plate for the birthday girl's theme.  All accents are done in fondant.  Accompanying purse is accented with a fondant handle and heart.
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By gourmetcakes
Oct 16, 2006
I had wanted to do this cake for a while. It's fun decorating it. This one is meant for a friend's daughter who turns 5 today. Incidentally she's dressed up with all the princess accessories, what a perfect match! The kids especially the girls were all too excited to see the cake.
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By nanzz
Nov 19, 2006
this fairy, all made of marzipan is made for a little girl's birthday. her party had 'magic' as a theme, so l gave the doll  some wings and a magic wand.
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By catherien
Dec 13, 2006
Magic themed birthday party, buttercream frosting fondant accents.
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By klg1152
Feb 7, 2007
My daughter wanted a princess cake for her birthday, it was incredibly quick and easy, but I thought that it was cute and that it turned out well.
By mistygaildunn
Feb 23, 2007
The cake is two 2 layer 8 inch chocolate madeira covered in chocolate bc and fondant.  The rabbit is made out of rice crispies covered in choc bc and fondant with some spaghetti holding its ears up.  It was a nightmare trying not to stain the white fondant with chocolate bc!  I do not feel this is one of my better cakes, but as long as the child likes it that is the main thing (I will find out tomorrow).  I took inspiration from Rosiecakes and my son's magic set.
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By Panda-monium
Mar 1, 2007
Chocolate cake for box, mushed brownie for handle, and fondant for wand.
By Jiki
Mar 2, 2007
Last minute call for a cake for customer.I didn't have time to do the carriage and horses in Royal and the Royal Icing was no cooperating so I used candy melts and fondant.Candy melt tiara and shoes,earrings.Wand is fondant( Star)  and so is pearls,mini flowers and banner.BC roses.
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By Kiddiekakes
Sep 23, 2006
MMF on NFSC.  My boss ordered 25 cookies on a stick... I couldn't figure out how to deliver them so I just made a couple of cookie baskets for them.  I'm happy I did!
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By alicegop
Apr 2, 2007
The crown for this cake was inspired by Subaru. It is made of gumpaste which I have brushed with Super Pearl and detailed with royal icing. The sceptor is also gumpaste brushed with gold pearl dust as are the pearls attached to the crown.  Roses and icing on the cake are BC.
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By practiceandpatience
Apr 14, 2007
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By catherien
Apr 18, 2007
I just did this cake last minute for my DD's birthday tomorrow.  It's not my best work, as I am sick as a dog, with fever and all.   On top of that it's been very hot the last few days.   I found a "wand" pen at Hot Topic(boy was I out place in that store! LOL) and I had an edible printed for me from her favorite pic of "Harry".    Nothing fancy, and not my best, but she loves it!  Thanks for looking!
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By Momkiksbutt
Jul 13, 2007
Cake is chocolate with Chocolate BC. Wand was made from gumpaste then brushed with brown petal dust. The gold seal is gumpaste painted with gold luster. Thanks for looking!!
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By CakeL8T
Jul 16, 2007
These were made for my baby girl's 1 b-day. Tiara is subaru's pattern-thnk-you!
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By dabear
Jul 23, 2007
Two tier princess theme cake. Tiara and wand are cookies painted with lustre dust.
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By Aaris
Aug 10, 2007
This was for my nephews 8th birthday party.  He loves magic.  The wand and bowl are poured sugar.  The dice are gum paste and the cards are fondant.  The cake is chocolate and ganache.  It was for 15 people.
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By pbjoachim
Aug 13, 2007
This was for a customer who needed a H.P. cake and knew nothing about H.P. She had a budget of $75 and I was able to do this for $80. She came, picked up the cake and tipped me $10 so it was $90 cake :D. This is a Butter cake 9x13 with BC and Satinice Fondant for book cover. Letters are Royal icing dusted with gold luster dust. Want is made of fondant. This was a 1st for me and I am VERY happy with the outcome!! :) Thanks for looking and as always, comments are Loved!! :)
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By Beezaly
Aug 27, 2007
This is my latest, 6inch chocolate fruitcake covered in Fondx, details are modelling paste.  I borrowed ideas from franjmc, louise and ximenilla.....thanks ladies! 
Wings & caterpillar antennae are piped with unbreakable gel. Her wand is made from spaghetti and its star is painted with edible glitter.  The fairy dust container was filled with magic sparkles but when I went outside to take the photo, the wind blew it away! 
All suggestions and feedback welcome, thanks for looking.
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By beany
Oct 28, 2007
Another princess cake.
2 tier princess cake. Purchased the tiara and wand and Walmart.  Gems are from the craft store and are not edible.
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By Amyr
Dec 28, 2007
This is the monster book of monsters from Harry Potter.
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By aliciag
Jan 22, 2008
thick cut outs w/ RI & luster dust
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By nikki1201
Feb 23, 2008
she is elmo's 'lil sis. turned out better than i hoped considering i had never seen her before this request lol. had so much fun making her. all cake, mmf, gumpaste. wings are gelatin sheets, tfl!
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By jwong9664
Mar 2, 2008
Favors for my daughter's princess party. Each girl got thier own initial.  Antonia 74 icing NFSC.  painted with gold pearl dust.
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By my3girlies
Mar 3, 2008
These were made to go along with the Wizard of Oz cake I did for a little girl's 4th birthday party.  The "ruby red slippers" were made using a candy mold.  I painted the mold with red luster dust before adding the candy but you can't so much tell in the photo.  The wands are fondant.
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By Betsy1102
Mar 5, 2008
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By moreCakePlz
Mar 9, 2008
book is cake, hat is rice crispy treat, all the other stuff is fondant, 1st time with chocolate fondant, there may not be any left for the next cake, man that stuff is yummy!
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By Sandra80
Mar 23, 2008
I made these magic wand favors for my SI.  She is a huge Wicked fan and has seen the musical 5 or 6 times in Chicago.  I made pink Glinda wands and green Elphaba wands for her birthday and to share with her teacher friends at school.  They actually had a field trip to see it last week, so it was fitting.  She was tickled pink....and green!  Thanks to Nikki1201 for the idea!
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By Schmulie65
Apr 2, 2008
Made for a local magicians bday.  Hat is 3-8" layers of chocolate fudge cake w/ peanut butter BC, Covered w/ MMF.  rabbit and wand is all MMF.
Thanks for looking!
Rim of Hat is a Cake board w/ a hole cut out of middle and covered w/ MMF.  Ears are MMF that I allowed several days to dry then painted w/ pink gel paste color mixed w/ vodka.  I cut two slits in head and "glued" them in place w/ RI.  Next time I will use gumpaste/fondant mix to make ears and wand. (I am in the deep south w/ lots of humidity)
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By rachelbradley
Apr 8, 2008
NFSC with royal icing.  I got the idea for the tags from some photo that I believe I saw on here long ago.  To whomever gave me the idea - THANK YOU! The cookies were a big hit.
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By heidinamba
Apr 26, 2008
all MFF
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By NoahLili
May 6, 2008
Cookie on paper stick
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By Jenn123
May 12, 2008
hand drawn out of bc
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By DanielleMakesCakes
May 15, 2008
I copied this design
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By beany
May 20, 2008


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