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Humpty Dumpty sat on a wall.... well, you know the rest!  Hollow white chocolate Humpty Dumpty clothed in royal icing, buttercream 4-layer wall.
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By msbask
Jan 23, 2006
I made 4 6" round cakes for the rock wall sitting on top of an 8" square cake.  I pushed small indentions in the buttercream icing and then added the climbers and hand grips out of buttercream.  It was lots of fun doing this one!
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By jamesab9151
Aug 11, 2008
My first 3D cake ! The wall is made with Host paper and chocolate, the 2 aries are marzipan and chocolate, the cake is a chocolate mousse and fruits on a biscuit.
Sorry folks, for the moment, I can't translate you the joke on the wall, but I work on it !!!
By mingsai
Jul 3, 2006
Used candy legos from candy store and secured with buttercream icing
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By chucknme
Jun 2, 2006
Birthday cake for a male.  Hope he likes it!!
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By marniek
Jun 6, 2006
This Castle Wedding Cake Measures: 19-3/4" High x 13" Wide.  It is heavier than all get out!  LOL!!  Once again, "Thanks Tuggy, for such great ideas".  All decorations are edible, made of MMF and Butter Cream.
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By CakesUnleashed
Aug 8, 2006
This was my very first cake for profit!  Done for the baby shower of a wife of a pro football player.  Though you can't see it, I did sculpt a mini football and placed it in the crib as a nod to dad.  The crib, rocking chair and wall (incl. chair rail & waincoting) are gumpaste.  The bear, mom, quilt, rug and curtains are fondant.  The cake is covered in fondant.   Top is chocolate cake with raspberry mousse; bottom is coconut white cake with mango coconut mousse.
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By KathyKakes
Mar 4, 2007
Bird's eye view.  You can see the football here. as a nod to dad, as well as a a litte more of mom's detail.  I sculpted mom from a photo.
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By KathyKakes
Mar 4, 2007
For 2007 SDCC cake show.  Fondant covered with primarily fondant (& some gumpaste) accents.  All hand modelled and hand painted.  Bottom layer: forest scene including owl, birds, chipmunk, squirrels , gluttonous bunnies and cottage (on back).  Middle layer: Prince Phillip battles dragon Maleficent.  Top layer: Princess Aurora sleeps in castle tower complete with window and flower box.
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By KathyKakes
Mar 25, 2007
MMF plaque of a bull
By glitterkris
Mar 30, 2007
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By pickles777
Jun 8, 2007
By srmaxwell
Jun 15, 2007
the parent's night theme in the intermediate room was spring and bugs and this cake reflected the song "poor little bug on the wall"  The children were dressed as ladybugs!  "Bricks and lady bugs were made of fondant, cake was rainbow chip and it was iced in buttercream.  Thanks for looking!
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By cakelady5
Jun 27, 2007
my eleven year old son made this cake for a school project on the great wall of china.  the wall and the people are mmf and he did the color touch up with an airbrush.
By TheMixer
Oct 16, 2007
Buttercream iced, with royal icing transfer Isis, Osirus, Thoth, Anubis, and Horus. My first RIT, and first square cake. Just practicing. I love all things egyptian.
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By toodlesjupiter
Oct 18, 2007
Three tiered cake, fondant rock walls, gum paste daisies and day lilies, and royal icing flowers.
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By carriefree
Nov 26, 2007
made this for a restaurant. mmf, an edible image for the log, hand-painted gumpaste signs, and chocolate modeling clay 'wings'. i was super excited about this one and am loving how it turned out! thanks for looking!
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By jwong9664
Dec 8, 2007
Where to begin? I got the basic idea of the brick wall from Lisa's design. First time to make a fondant figure that had to look like something specific. The request was for a spiderman cake with a yo-yo somehow incorporated. The cake is 9X13 yellow box cake with BC icing. The brick is MMF and the Spiderman is Wilton fondant. This was alot of fun and I was overall happy with the turn out. The customer was ecstatic!
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By kweenofengland
Dec 15, 2007
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By Sarahsmile77
Dec 20, 2007
this was for the other twin-boy.  bob is made out of RI, painted with icing colors. wall is made out of red and white chocolate melts.
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By birdtweet
Jan 21, 2008
Customer wanted old school Adidas with graffiti somewhere so I airbrushed a brick wall and the greeting. 12" x 18" sheet cake covered in bc. Sneaker carved from three 9" x 13" sheet cakes and covered in fondant.
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By KimmysKakes
Jan 26, 2008
This was a cake I did for 3 friends who love rock climbing.   The wall was molded out of rice krispie treats and then covered with fondant.
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By had201
Feb 1, 2008
RI covered baseboard, airbrushed in brick pattern, got the idea from another CC'er.... THANKS!  Cake is MMF everything.  Black fondant is pre-made Satin Ice.
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By daneza75
Dec 31, 1969
This is the birthday cake i have just made for my son who has just turned 12. He is learning to breakdance and wanted a breakdance cake. He especially loved the graffiti on the wall.
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By sasporella
Feb 27, 2008
This was for my 7-year-old daughter's school project on China.  She wanted to make a Great Wall cake, and here it is!  This was two 9x13 cakes, cut into rectangles and squares.  The towers were a double layer of the cut squares.  MMF sides and rocks, with some graham crackers crushed for dirt.  I am so proud of her!
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By Starkie
Mar 21, 2008
Graffiti on a brick wall cake made for my nephew who loves drawing graffiti. Inspired byGranpam for the brick work. Happy Birthday was a FBCT. Unfortunately I had a major mishap as I was about to leave... the lid of the cake container was touching the middle part of the cake... it ripped a chunk of the top off. I should have taken the picture first! Thankfully my nephew liked it anyway.
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By Debs71
Jun 1, 2008
This is Wall- E Bday cake for my 5 year old son. He loves Wall-E and the movie is not even out yet. The body and wheels are BC icing and the neck and the head is royal icing. He had a great BD.
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By KatieJ
Jun 14, 2008
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By Patty710
Jun 29, 2008
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By belle1627
Jun 29, 2008
Gingerbread wall covered in hand-made fondante bricks, then painted with a colour wash to give it a more city-like and worn look. Grass could have had some work but was on a time limit and it was priced accordingly to what the customer needed. The Happy Birthday in the graffiti letters on one side of the wall was lots of fun and finished off the urban-look.
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By biancajosie
Jul 3, 2008
This cake was made from a wilton pan. I got the idea from the 2009 wilton book.  I covered the board with fondant. Stars and letters are cut out from fondant.
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By cakepanpam
Jul 15, 2008
This is for my son's family birthday party tomorrow.  FBCT.  My son insisted that Wall-e had to be dirty.  That's why the smuding.  For some reason in the photo, it looks like it has water drops on it.
By cookinmamma
Jul 18, 2008
Made for my nephew's birthday. All BC, candy stars. TFL
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By AmyGonzalez
Jul 21, 2008
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By betty25
Jul 25, 2008
Wall-E and Eve were made with the buttercream transfer technique.  The "trash cubes" are cake squares dipped in swirled chocolate and stacked to make a corner of the cake.
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By sfcrowe
Jul 26, 2008
6" square cakes covered in fondant. Head,neck,and wheels are RKT.
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By PennieK
Jul 27, 2008
I make this Wall-E for the woman's stepson for his 7th birthday. Their family and friends really exciting and love it. Most they like saw wheels with raspberry twists.
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By AznZulia
Jul 31, 2008
For my grandson's 5th birthday.
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By rayven
Aug 2, 2008
Vegan vanilla two layer cake with buttercream filling. Sky, cubes and rocks are fondant. Figures are plastic.
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By mom2owen1
Aug 8, 2008
We made this for a friend's son who was turning 6.  My husband made  the wood 
stand covered in aluminum foil.  The body is 3  8 inch cakes. The eyes are ice cream cones with Keebler striped cookies on the ends.  We used 
Kit Kats for the treads.  We had some problems with the arms staying 
on when the graham crackers picked up some moisture.
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By heather7098
Aug 14, 2008


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