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This cake was made for a co-workers 17 yo daughter who plays volleyball, basketball and softball. Milk chocolate cake and almond BC. Balls were made with mini-ball pan.
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By mamafrogcakes
Oct 18, 2005
This was for senior night at our school here.  The volleyballs in the corner are fondant.  The floor is supposed to look like the court.  Hopefully next time it will look better but at least it was something different to do.
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By charlieinMO
Nov 2, 2005
This is the last one I promise!  This is for a father, is daughter and his son.    Kinda plain but wasn't sure what else to add. Wish I would have had a hammer mold!
By charlieinMO
Nov 2, 2005
1/2 of the sports ball pan for volleyball and a 11x15 sheet cake all done in buttercream frosting
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By jenscrativecakes
Mar 2, 2006
This was suppose to be 13 volleyball cookies! I took too many orders and did not have the energy for cookies. The customer loved the cookie cake with all the names on it and said that there was nonw left after the party!
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By traci
Apr 3, 2006
This is the cake that went with the volleyball cookie cake. However...this was the worst 3-d ball that I have ever done! I tried to decorate the sheet cake cute to take away from all the mistakes I made on the ball!! This cake would have been so cute if I had used only half of the ball!!!!
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By traci
Apr 3, 2006
Walleyball cake for local group's tournament. Chocolate fudge and vanilla marble cake with chocolate filling and buttercream icing.
By micfish
Apr 6, 2006
I did this for a teenager's birthday.  She played volleyball for her school.  This could be done for a banquet too.  I used the Wilton ballerina bear pan.
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By april929
Apr 28, 2006
Volleyball is made using only half of a ball cake pan.
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By SoldierJunkie
May 11, 2006
I made this one for a friend at work who likes to play volleyball.  The sand is made with brown sugar.  I don't think that this one is my best work, however, I made it the same night that my hubby had surgery on his right hand.  Anyway, she loved it!
By Bettycrockermommy
Aug 27, 2006
9X13 chocolate cake with BC icing.  Volleyball done with 1/2 the sports ball pan.
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By cakecre8tor
Sep 3, 2006
clearly not the best cake i ever made.  i couldnt sleep last night and this is the result....i play volleyball for a team called twisted turtles.  i did the turtles in run sugar same with the v-ball and the letters.  I really like how the letters turned out!  next time i cant sleep should watch a late night dr. phil re-run!
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By seven
Sep 6, 2006
My sister plays volleyball, softball, and basketball and wanted a cake that incorporated all of her activities.  The cake is a vanilla butter cake with BC icing and fondant accents.  The "pearls" around the bottom of the top tier are volleyballs and softballs.
By coolmom
Sep 12, 2006
This cake was made for the Sports Banquet for the boys and girls team at our Church's School.  The frosting is Wilton's Whipped Icing.  I like the taste but have trouble getting it smooth.
By Mommyofseven
Sep 14, 2006
3 tiered (6", 8", 10") cake with buttercream icing and color flow volleyballs.
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By sondrad
Oct 9, 2006
I made these for my daughter's high school volleyball team
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By cakegurl06
Oct 20, 2006
I was trying to imitate the team's tie dyed shirts.  I asked for suggestions for wording and then found I didn't have any more room any way!!
By bookbabe
Oct 27, 2006
This is a qtr sheet double layer chocolate cake with chocolate mousse filling.  The volleyball with flames was by request and is a FBCT.  I tried for the first time using Kool-Aid to color my icing, I loved it.  And the smell takes you back to your childhood.
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By Ladivacrj
Nov 10, 2006
This cake was for a VB party for a HS team.  Their jerseys are a tye died blue and burgundy.  Didn't like the way my burgundy came out but loved the rest.  Ball is choc cake, fudge filling & fondant.  Bottom is french vanilla w/ choc ganache
By susieq76
Nov 15, 2006
chocolate with raspberry filling for sheet, french vanilla with strawberry for volleyball.  Done in all bc.  Done for a dear friend who was off to Iraq.  Spent all our time playing water volleyball, so I wanted him to remember that.  Surrounded by bluebonnets (name of our club).  Thanks for looking.
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By Charb31
Nov 28, 2006
fondant covered, for my volleyball team tonight!!
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By seven
Dec 13, 2006
This cake was to recognize the senior girls on the volleyball team.  I painted the lines and ball on as well as the names.  The names are what took the most time.
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By terriescakes
Dec 20, 2006
This is the cake that a co-worker requested for her daughter's birthday.  Her daughter attends UMKC in Kansas City and she requested the school colors of blue and yellow.  She also liked the style of my Christmas peppermint cake I did.  She also wanted some volleyballs and the school mascot, a kangaroo, to be on the cake.  The cake is almond buttercream. The bow and curly q's are MMF and painted in luster dust.  The volleyballs, writing, and kangaroo are all RI.
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By momtobtb
Dec 20, 2006
Another set of cookies for a cookie bouquet. These were for a sports benefit silent auction.
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By kneadacookie
Jan 28, 2007
Trying out the MMF and some other new things - my neighbor got a cake for her birthday!
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By deester
Jan 29, 2007
Yellow cake with white icing and almond paste people and ball made of sugar. Side view and Top View.
By jakubpon102
Feb 4, 2007
Chocolate cake with BC. I made this cake for a 15 year old volleyball player. Plastic volleyball rings on the corners and a plastic volleyball figurine...Not one of my best cakes :
By Urooj
Feb 25, 2007
NFSC decorated with BC.  After the 60th cookie my hand was completely numb.
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By MelZ
Mar 8, 2007
Volleyball and girl done in fondant. The square is BC and the middle
is styrofoam covered in fondant.
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By gingersoave
May 19, 2007
I made this to look like a volleyball in a sand pit.  I used graham cracker crumbs and brown sugar for the sand.  I filled the volleyball with twinkie filling and used white fondant for the ball and the lettering.
By Jarnli
May 26, 2007
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By girlyburly
May 27, 2007
This was for my husband's cousin. White almond sour cream cake with buttercream icing and a whipped chocolate ganache filling. The top layer has chocolate chips baked in to the cake as well. The figures are made out of chocolate. She was in basketball, track - high jump, and volleyball. The '07 is also chocolate and the stripes are fondant. Thanks for looking.
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By ctorno
Jun 1, 2007
This was for a guy graduating from High School.  He likes volleyball, golf, travel and is attending University of Illinois in the fall... so I had to incorporate all of that into a sheet cake!  Would have been easier if it was tiered.  This was my first FBCT. love how it did on the logos and the 2007, but I wasn't happy with the letters for congratulations brigham.  I could've done better with my foot!  Oh well, live and learn! Used the Melvira smoothing method and shifted one of the 0's in 2007. oh well.
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By mamabaer
Jun 2, 2007
all buttercream icing
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By turtlemom
Jun 5, 2007
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By mandyscakes
Jun 6, 2007
This cake, and two others,  were done for an end-of-year Volleyball league award ceremony.
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By Luxe42
Jun 7, 2007
These are the other two sheet cakes with 3D volleyball cake.  Sheet cakes are 12X18 - one chocolate, one yellow.  Buttercream frosting and design - with MMF volleyball accents in each corner.

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By Luxe42
Jun 7, 2007
All buttercream icing.
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By McKenzie
Jun 12, 2007
Chocolate cake covered in fondant and sports ball pieced together to cover the whole cake. Edible pen markers are used to design the balls
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By Ai604
Jul 3, 2007
Buttercream icing used half ball pan for volleyball
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By lovetobake
Oct 8, 2005


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