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Covered in buttercream, with royal icing picture and fondant flowers.
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By Uberhipster
Feb 15, 2006
The football is made of rice crispies and covered in fondant. Its suppose to look like a vintage style football.
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By Daniellemhv
Oct 27, 2006
This is my entry in the Oklahoma Sugar Art Show 2006. It's title was "Ship of Dreams". The dome on top is a recreation of the dome in the Grand Staircase of the Titanic. I earned a Silver Division award based on points earned. Thanks for looking!
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By CakeL8T
Nov 17, 2006
Rice Crispies and Fondant. Brown coloring for dirt effect
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By Daniellemhv
Oct 27, 2006
This vintage valentine was inspired by my love of valentines of the past.  The little girl "pouring her heart out" is made of fondant and is hand painted.  The flowers and larger hearts are also made of fondant and the little hearts are candies.  The cake is covered in fondant and is "sponged" with brown food coloring for a vintage look.  Embellishments are a bronze luster dust.  Thanks for looking!
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By rstml
Feb 18, 2007
First church cake
By thecakecookiesculptor
Mar 26, 2007
This is the top of a wedding cake I did a couple of weeks ago.  The bride wanted something traditional covered in pearls, and the topper was her grandmother's.  I thought the topper was so pretty and loved the thought behind it!
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By MandyBs
Jul 31, 2007
Here's a cake I made for my husband's uncle's 50th birthday this past weekend. it stood 17" sall. It was made from 4 6 inch cakes (2 amaretto mud cake,  2 almond scented butter cake) all filled w/ amaretto-espresso and mocha IMBC. All decos are fondant and gumpaste (even the rings!) TFL
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By heavenlycakes
Sep 26, 2007
Nursery was in vintage western, so this is what I came up with for the shower.  Used the embossed pleather decorator fabric to get detail on the belt border... cheapest impression mat ever!  Topper (wagon) was actually a birdhouse that can be used in the nursery or hung outside.  Diapers made out of felt.  Boots are scrapbook stickers.  Everything else is edible.
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By Lambshack
Jan 29, 2007
This was 2 record player cakes plus 4 records (in the pic---really 6 recordss total.  It was for a 50/60s theme party.  I wish I had a better pic but the table was on a platform and I couldn't get a close up pic.  Thanks for lookings.
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By Cyndi1207
Sep 29, 2007
The groom played this as a kid- it was a surprise from the bride! fondant and royal icing details.
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By melysa
Oct 15, 2007
I got less than 48 hours notice for this one.  They wanted a vintage airplane.  Plane is FBCT.
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By Kate714
Nov 11, 2007
NFSC with RI and Edible Images.  Designed this selection for a Classic Christmas Cookie present.
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By saberger
Dec 12, 2007
Wine bottle in a "wooden" crate
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By adamswife
Feb 4, 2008
This was supposed to look like a vintage plastic doll.  I had a few issues with it, but you can't win 'em all, LOL!  Chai Tea Cake recipe from here (yum), fondant, modeling chocolate, and buttercream.  The head is a styro ball covered in modeling chocolate and the eyes are plastic, so from the chin upwards is not edible.  The rest is.  If you want to see in-progress photos, they're at my alter-ego website,  but please come back here to leave comments!
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By TooMuchCake
Mar 23, 2008
i´m a fan f of disney and i recently back from disney paris(i´m spanish) so i ´ve seen  some pictures of minnie and i esculped to the plain cake.
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By manimillo
Apr 7, 2008
This was a corporate cake, its huge, its cut from a 16" two layer square, serves at least 70.  I was upset that all the gold luster softened the key top and ended up cracking it in at least 5 places.  I tried rigging it while there but it didn't look real great.  So refunded them $30 and hope nothing else happens and that they are happy with the rest of the cake.  I used a photo of an antique lock they sent me to do this design.
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By Kitagrl
Apr 25, 2008
Chocolate cake, covered in modeling chocolate.  Thanks for looking!
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By sjlarby
May 2, 2008
Bottle is RCT. Cake is fondant with gum paste accents.
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By jylbug
Jun 3, 2008
Copied 2 tiers from Colette's Edwardian cake in her book.  Chocolate with Bavarian cream filling, White cake with raspberry, BC icing, royal icing flowers.  Learned that my royal is whiter than my BC...duh...!
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By Chef_Stef
Jun 27, 2008
This is a copy from a picture the bride found in a magazine (I do not 
know the designer or magazine).  All white cake with b/c, fondant
accents and fresh flowers.
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By tonicake
Jul 2, 2008
old fashioned landrover cartoon style in green
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By Suzie-A-Qs
Jul 5, 2008
I made this for my sister. It is my fourth cake ever.
By Horrorxgirl
Jul 14, 2008
Peggy Porschen design cake for a good friend.  Choc cake with choc ganache & fondant.  Lace made using  silicone mould ... LOVE these moulds!!  Will be using them on as many cakes as possible from now on!!  Bride made this elaborate (and beautiful) bow, and also provided the diamonte brooch.  Had to drive this cake 3 hours to venue, a twisty bumpy journey that ended with ramps & a cattle grid.  My heart was in my mouth for the entire journey.  Never again will I drive a cake that far - too much stress!
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By eilers
Jul 16, 2008
This was made to look like an old table used to assemble the newspaper before the press stage.  All the vintage tools are fondant and gumpaste.  Table top and legs also in gumparte. Iced in vainilla buttercream.  This was requested by a local newspapper journalist for the Press week in Puerto Rico.  Just recive a call from them, they were so exited because of all  the vintage gadgets.  Sooooooo!!!!! relieved. Thanks for looking.
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By arnab
Aug 3, 2008
Wedding cake with bride and groom in a replica of their bridal car.
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By minchan
Sep 11, 2008
This was a replica of an antique alligator skin medical bag done for a "Business After Hours" function. The doctor that was hosting had just passed his 20th anniversary mark.  It turned out really cute.
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By clever_girl1971
Sep 29, 2008
"Sweet 16 "  10' covered in fondant with fondant accents.
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By all_for_my_baby
Oct 6, 2008
A daughter ordered this for her mother at the last minute. She said she liked everything vintage so I decided to go with an old fashioned hatbox. Thanks for looking :)
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By luckygurl1203
Oct 6, 2008
I was asked to make this cake for a vintage clothing store in a historic part of town. They were having a party / open house. I made plaid pants and retro tie dyed halter dress on the top and retro top on the front side. On the top is there logo. It was a strawberry cake with buttercream frosting and fondant clothing.
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By irishlindaone
Oct 24, 2008
strawberry cake with buttercream icing using the old superman wilton cake mold.  i made this for my boyfriend who loves superman memorabilia.
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By havenleigh
Oct 25, 2008
Carved from 1x10" and 1x 8" round cake, covered in SMBC and black fondant- ears are made of chocolate colored black and fondant- If I had more time I would have made them in fondant and let dry.  Mickey face painted with food coloring and vodka.
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By aimers
Oct 26, 2008
Mary's 'vintage' cowgirl cake (she turned 60)
Edible images done with the help of 'ladyonzlake'.
BC with all fondant accents then airbrushed to look old.
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By Wendoger
Nov 1, 2008
Customer wanted to have a party with a 1920's vintage flair.  This is what she picked out.  It was really fun making this one.  Had her silver initial "E" to put on top, but she was afraid to put in on when traveling.  It's looked gorgious next to it though!  White cake with vanilla buttercream.
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By Ruth52
Nov 8, 2008
This was made for my husband (who LOVES his tattoos!) using IndyDeb's BC recipe over french vanilla & chocolate cake with mocha filling. This was inspired by Ed Hardy art using an airbrush to lay the color for the background and then handpainting the designs with airbrush color (liquid) and a fine brush.
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By CakeDiva73
Nov 8, 2008
This is an 18th birthday cake for a girl who loves to wear vintage hats.  She also shares a love of yellow roses with her grandmother.  All the decorative pieces are gumpaste.  The pin on the hat is gumpaste with silver dragees.  I brushed the gloves with white luster dust.  The lid is styrofoam covered with gumpaste.  The stripes on the side of the box are fondant.  I had to use real net for the hat - just couldn't figure out how to make that edible!
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By Ruth0209
Nov 16, 2008
This was made for a friend who retired and is planning to travel. She's into vintage luggage as well. Butter cake with chocolate bavarian cream filling. It was an 11X15, cut in half and stacked. Buckles, lock, etc are gumpaste. Vintage decals are edible images. She loved it!
4 19
By __Martha__
Nov 28, 2008
I made this cake for a guys birthday.  It was another surprise cake.  I guess he has been rebuilding a 68' Camaro for years and this is what he wanted his finished car to look like.  Covered in fondant with fondant and gumpaste accents.  I think this was my best car yet. :)  TFL!
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By jenbug_8806
Dec 8, 2008
These are edible wafer paper designs with RI borders.
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By tootie0809
Dec 14, 2008
Some of 38 sugar cookies I'm giving as gifts, made with the vintage Christmas card images from Fancy Flours.  We had a snow day, so I had a great time with my luster dusts, royal icing, dragees, silver sanding sugars and edible glitters!  I LOVE how these looks, but I don't think anyone is going to want to eat them!  I also made mittens and round cookies.
14 22
By JodieF
Dec 16, 2008


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