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This is just white cake with buttercream icing
6 11
By sandflea
Apr 13, 2005
chocolate buttercream, four layers of dark chocolate cake with strawberry filling.
4 32
By stacy321
Apr 13, 2005
Stawberry cake with buttercream under the fondant.
6 21
By MontiBellesBakery
Nov 20, 2005
Just a practice cake...inspired by a gallery photo of course...thanks for looking
4 8
By cakefairy18
Dec 30, 2005
This is my first attempt at making a cake with MMF or fondant at all.  I'm very pleased with the results.  

The cake itself is chocolate and has a layer of orange buttercream underneath the fondant.  I filled it with chocolate buttercream.
4 1
By sancar80
Jan 25, 2006
I am offering individual valentine's day cakes for my customer area and these are the three designs I have chosen to use. The cakes are cut from a large heart shaped cookie cutter and serve 2 people.  I am pleased with the choices, but very nervous about how many orders I may receive.  I at least hope to have fun.
4 3
By sweetcreation
Jan 28, 2006
Chocolate Valentine's Day cake with BC design.
By selecia
Jan 29, 2006
Strawberry heart shaped cake with basket weave sides and red sprinkles.
1 2
By selecia
Jan 29, 2006
It was just a quicky, not totally happy with it but it was fun to do.
1 1
By Krise
Feb 2, 2006
More of my first-time decorated cookies.
2 1
By gailsgoodies
Feb 4, 2006
This is a heart bundt cake with basket weave siding and a rose boquet in the center.
1 7
By Michele01
Feb 5, 2006
Valentines day cake inspired by many many many cakes that i've seen here on CC...Thanks for looking
4 8
By cakefairy18
Feb 6, 2006
Two layer 8" round cake, iced in buttercream; sides lightly airbrushed.  Divide the sides into 4-6 sections by piping a border down.  Hearts are cut-outs of fondant.
All piping done with tip 18.  Great for Valentines' day; birthday; anniversary or other events.
2 2
By kakeladi
Feb 12, 2006
Buttercream Icing applied thru a stencil.  This basic, quick design could be used for many love events: Valentine's Day, anniversary, engagement or even birthday.
1 4
By kakeladi
Feb 12, 2006
no fail sugar cookies with antonia74's icing....names are written with edible food markers   I made these for my son's 1st grade class
13 21
By KHalstead
Feb 13, 2006
Chocolate cake with strawberry filling, iced in chocolate ganache.  Roses are chocolate ganache and the hearts and cupids are fondant with gold luster dust.  First time piping with chocolate ganache.
1 13
By dtmc
Feb 13, 2006
10" x 15" funfetti cake w/ bavarian creme filling.  Simple decorations - roses, piped hearts, tip 16 shell border on top and star border on bottom.  Just a fun sheet cake for the after school program class my DD attends.
3 1
By finally928
Feb 13, 2006
Chocolate Butter cake with orea filling from the whimsical bakehouse - buttercream frosting.  For my kiddos school - the teachers have a Valentines day reception and I was asked to make a cake.
10 48
By cakecre8tor
Feb 14, 2006
This is a 25 cupcake cake for my daughter's kindergarten class.  When I asked her what she wanted, she said it had to look like a heart, not one just drawn on it and had to be cupcakes but not look like cupcakes.  She said, you know Mom it should look like a big heart cake.  The mind of a six year old, LOL, I guess I shouldn't have given her so many options!!  The cupcakes were golden vanilla with red dye added.  I iced it in buttercream and used candy molds for the letters and decorations.
2 1
By smileyface
Feb 14, 2006
Yeah, I know, not a lot to it, but I was in a major hurry for my little girl and her Valentine's Day party.  It's simple and quick, 30 minutes to decorate.  Little colored sugar on top and it's good enough for the kiddies.  They didnt care, they just wanted to stuff their faces.
11 25
By Dale
Feb 14, 2006
Chocolate fudge cake with ganache truffle frosting filled with whipped black cherry jam.
I got to have a piece of this cake and it was yummy.
5 2
By sweetcreation
Feb 14, 2006
Yellow cake with buttercream icing filled with strawberry jam.  My first attempt at cornelli lace.  I used a bigger tip than normal, but I think it still turned out nice.
7 1
By sweetcreation
Feb 14, 2006
Bride wanted as close to a Valentines looking cake as she could get without it being on Valentines Day!
21 20
By Ginger08
Feb 15, 2006
Fondant covered heart cake with pearl border and candy clay roses.
8 107
By bonniesido
Feb 17, 2006
This is a orange-almond cake with apricot buttercream filling. Cake is covered in white chocolate fondant. Daughter made the bow!
3 12
By tcouts
Feb 18, 2006
Vanilla cake with vanilla butter icing.  Thanks for looking.
19 18
Feb 21, 2006
Vanilla cake with strawberry glaze filling, whipped cream cheese icing and basketweave sides with strawberry slice outline on top.  Thanks for looking.
13 1
Feb 21, 2006
Just a chocolate fudge cake with ganach icing, the bottom is a heart carved from a 6" round and the top heart was just cut using a cookie cutter and finished off with some chocolate dipped strawberries
4 1
By KHalstead
Feb 24, 2006
Practice batch of cookies
2 2
By craftermom
Feb 24, 2006
Cake I did for my daughter's Girl Scout Valentines Day party. Freehanded the image from outlines I drew on the cake with paintbrush and food coloring. After reading all the image transfer tricks on here I can save hours of time!!
7 10
By dreamcatcher3287
Feb 25, 2006
My first try at the bear mold.  I had lots of fun making the wings
2 6
By lilrev
Feb 26, 2006
Did this for a friend last year...
5 18
By craftermom
Mar 19, 2006
Very simple Valentine's cake I did for a bake sale. My second cake ever
By sectheatre
Mar 24, 2006
Not sure that you can tell from the photo, but some of the cupcakes are heartshaped.  Chocolate cupcakes with real butter buttercream.
3 1
By culinarilyobsessed
Mar 30, 2006
This was the cookie boquet that I made for my husband for valentine's day.
2 8
By pastrypantry
Apr 10, 2006
Iced in pink BC. Decorations are fondant painted with various shades of lustre dust. Thanks for looking :)
1 5
By Vmoore
May 14, 2006
I first coated the cake with a thin layer of buttercream.  Used a small heart cookie cutter to make impression of hearts.  Entire cakes is done in Tip 16 star-tip......yes, I my hand hurt after that one.  Luckily, it was only a 9" double layer.
3 12
By gourmetcakes
Aug 4, 2006
Playing around with the heart pan that I got as a gift from the Wilton 1 class.  Chocolate chip cookie cake with buttercream roses.
2 6
By caryncorn
Aug 20, 2006
4 15
By midialjoje
Aug 28, 2006
This 2-tier cake for a Valentines Day Wedding was iced in light pink buttercream, and then accented with ivory buttercream hearts.  A pink fondant bow with ribbons trailing down both tiers crowned it.
11 56
By C8keLdy
Apr 13, 2005


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