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This is the final cake from my classes. It is buttercream icing and flowers. They are supposed to be a peach color.  I really enjoyed taking these classes.
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By Loucinda
Apr 28, 2005
For my Mother & Mother-in-law ~ A 2 layer 7"-oval carrot cake/w cream cheese BC icing & filling.  Marshmallow fondant tea set, including spoons, slice of cake, and cookies.  MM Fondant table cloth using tip #106 to stamp in  the detail.  I also used tip #107 to stamp in the flower pattern on the tea set, and used Wilton color paste watered down to paint the flowers.  I also used different tips to cut out the cookies and painted them.
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By jscakes
May 11, 2005
For HIM a 16 x 16 square white/strawberry cake, whipped cream icing. 
For HER a 4 layer chocolate cake, raspberry filling, chocolate whipped cream icing topped with a gumpaste magnolia. 
Both have basketweave sides and rope border.
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By mamaof4
Sep 10, 2005
Our youngest daughters 2nd birthday cake. Blue was a bit rich but made a good effect with the yellow. Poor photo due to lack of digital camera at time.
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By dky
Sep 11, 2005
Course 2 Garden cake, color flow butterflies and fence, royal flowers (including a carnation, which wasn't taught in class!)  My Daughter chose the colors, hence the blue basketweave, but I am very pleased with how it all came out.  The vines on the fence were the instructors idea -- i think it looks awesome.
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By finally928
Oct 14, 2005
This is the cake i made in my course 3 class
By dip
Dec 13, 2005
I had lot of fun making this cake in my class.
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By dip
Dec 13, 2005
This is a stacked two tier cake that I made for My MIL whose bday is NYE. It's chocolate (wacky recipe) cake with ganache and pecan filling with good ol bc frosting and decorations. What I finally came up with beings there were time restraints from work n all. O well, There are always other cakes n stuff to do.
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By chaptlps
Jan 1, 2006
This was for a small party for twins. One likes blue, one likes pink.
By jenurator
Feb 2, 2006
This is my first baby shower cake.  It was a double shower so I put two of everything on top for the mothers to have keepsakes.
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By bug101
Mar 9, 2006
I made a suprise wedding cake for my nephew and his wife. When I put it together  I didnt notice it was placed badly so it looks crooked. But  it tasted good MMF!   No one knew I had taken cake classes. Everyone was suprised by it.
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By babynewyear
Mar 21, 2006
Tinkerbell cake for my cousin.  The tinkerbell is made of colorflow, with cake sparkles on the wings attached.  Fondant border and fondant flowers covered in sugar sparkles.   The flowers on the wires on the top tier were really difficult to keep attached...I swore that I would never do a cake like this again.  But it ended up turning out so well that I will probably do it again.  lol.   It would be nice to start getting
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By kookiblah
Apr 16, 2006
Pink and white roses cascading down the front of a two tier fondant covered chocolate mud cake.
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By socake
Apr 21, 2006
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By kingte1
Apr 28, 2006
Wilton car cake and freehand number 2 with buttercream frosting. The shadow you see on the mirror is a lamp...not part of the cake.
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By CakeDesigns
May 20, 2006
A friend wanted this for her DJ boyfriend, and this was definitely a first for me!  I used fondant for all of the decorations, and just made two 8" rounds, and placed them side by side.  For the microphone, I used Rice Krispie treats, and then covered it with fondant, and painted it with Luster Dust.  She wanted a crab around because he sometimes gets "crabby"...
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By K8E
May 28, 2006
This one was for a customer that wanted two cakes in one for a double birthday party.  Tried my best for a baseball field for her son and a heart for her sister.
By Pootchi
Jun 9, 2006
This two-tier gift box cake was for a Surprise 30th Birthday party a mom threw for her daughter. The theme of the party was a Mexican fiesta-ish party.  We decided not to go Mexican for the cake - but festive indeed! It is white cake with Oreos and Cream Buttercream, covered in vanilla buttercream and rolled fondant.  I threw in a few sugar cookies decorated in the same color for a little more fun!
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By PinkCakeBox
Jun 16, 2006
The animals are marshmallow fondant and modeled after the animals on the family farm. Chocolate cake with vanilla buttercream. The roof is graham crackers coated with almond bark and frosted.
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By Edibleart
Jun 30, 2006
this is my final cake for the wilton course two.  i absolutely loved learning how to make all of those flowers!
By mxpark
Jul 16, 2006
this cake was done yesterday for my mom's birthday,  first time I have done swags on a cake, it was alot of fun!
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By helipops
Jul 20, 2006
Butter cake with buttercream icing.
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By AndiSC
Jul 22, 2006
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By ailyn222
Jul 29, 2006
I was trying to do the two toned cake -- someone else did a white/peach combo on this site and it was gorgeous. My first attempt really sucked! And I was in a hurry so I didn't crumb coat the cake... one of many mistakes. Oh well, it didn't stop any one from eating it!
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By ELU267
Aug 4, 2006
Bride just told me she wanted round 2 tier.  Didn't tell me color of flowers or anything, so I had to come up with this on my own.  The lady at Hobby Lobby didn't give me enough ribbon, so I had to arrange the flowers accordingly.  I like the colors, came out ok for not knowing what the bride wanted.  She loved it, thats all that matters!
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By sls0812
Aug 12, 2006
Course 3 final.  Butter cream frosting with royal icing petunias.
White cake with lemon pudding between the layers.
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By grams
Aug 24, 2006
Wanted to embellish more but strings were not cooperating with me. Overall pretty happ with it... practice makes perfect! Also, love the new smoothe edge plates!
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By cakerunner
Sep 1, 2006
DD 2nd birthday, she got to the fron of the cake before the picture. Was unhappy with the royal icing I used on the borders but have learned a bunch since this cake! Green tier is MMF, purple tier is BC. also learned a bunch since then about both icing mediums! Every cake is a learning experience!
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By cakerunner
Sep 3, 2006
By JMunoz
Sep 8, 2006
Finished with course 2. YAY! Here it is...
By ashlymomx2
Sep 10, 2006
This was my first attempt at doweling a cake.  It's a bit lopsided, but I don't think it turned out too badly!  It's all buttercream except for the Royal icing flowers.
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By Momofjakeandjosh
Sep 10, 2006
Woohoo....I'm so excited.  This was my first carved cake.  I've never carved a cake in shapes before and I finally got to do it.  Thanks to Doug for supplying me with the instructions on how to carve number cakes.  It was very simple.
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By AgentCakeBaker
Sep 28, 2006
These are vanilla cupcakes with french vanilla BC.  The center of the roses are Hershey Kisses.  This is the first time I've tried that and it is so easy.  They were supposed to be for a one-year old's birthday party but due to illness, they are going to work with me as a "just because" treat.
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By awolf24
Oct 1, 2006
My husband's coworker got married in Vegas and they had a reception for him and watched the wedding via the web.  He asked me if I could "throw together" a wedding cake on Sunday for the reception on Monday.  I baked it in the morning and did simple decorations on fondant.  Not bad for my first try.
By darandon
Oct 3, 2006
I made this one for my daughters 1st birthday. Shown on photo is top layer only. It was a marble cake.
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By stefi
Oct 6, 2006
I got the idea from pictures on here! Thanks guys! I used the two-tier pan.
By tragicdeathpickles
Oct 12, 2006
6 and 8 in. Buttercream icing and flowers. The top layer is a very light green. The birthday girls favorite colors so that's what they wanted the cake, light green and purple. I meant to put the roses on the side over a little more to hide my little mishap right there next to them with the ruffle border lol, but forgot once I got started decorating it.
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By cakesbgood
Oct 16, 2006
This is a simple 2 tiered wedding cake that was ordered a few days ago. The customer just said she wanted something simple with antique pink (mauve) roses to feed about 35 people and wanted the bride & groom to have the top tier for their anniversary so this is what I came up with. I finished it this morning & the customer loved it! I had a hard time finding mauve colored roses for some reason. Even though I had many issues with this cake, I am overall very pleased with the way it turned out!
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By ajeffery2001
Oct 20, 2006
This was a cake I made for my sisters wedding shower. It was my first tierd cake and my first fondant.  It was very stressful. I have never had a lesson and was not really sure what I was doing. Found the MMF recipe on this web site and it tasted great!  My sister loved it!  I was pretty proud of it myself!
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By Poppi
Oct 25, 2006
I stripped the bag with red and used yellow icing to get the 2 shades of roses for this birthday cake.
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By ntertayneme
Apr 13, 2005


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