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This cake is buttercream with fondant accessories.
4 12
By kgonzales
May 30, 2009
Class cake
2 1
By imascot
Jun 1, 2009
Chocolate cake with buttercream and fondant accents
1 1
By The_Cake_Ladies
Jun 3, 2009
First royal icing butterflies.
1 13
By twinmomgirl
Jun 12, 2009
This was my final cake for class.  The flower on top is made of royal icing.  I had tons of fun with this one!!!
4 5
By 30MoMo
Jun 18, 2009
Two tier buttercream cake with pink gumpaste cherry blossom flowers all over.
1 2
By ttehan4
Jun 20, 2009
Here in Japan, 20 is the drinking age so when one of my military girl friends turned twenty I made a cake she wouldn't forget! This is my first time doing scroll work and I found it not as hard as I though it was going to be, I just was a little light headed after I was done from holding my breath the entire time lol.
1 1
By Pitchers_Bakery
Jun 29, 2009
Two tier round with blue ribbon and dimontees
5 18
By Shellyscakes
Jul 14, 2009
Two tier round with bubbles and frills dotted along the edge. The diamond in each frill is non edible.
7 11
By Shellyscakes
Jul 16, 2009
Three towers from Wilton Castle set, MMF and rainbow bit cake (almond bc).
1 8
By Spills
Jul 17, 2009
For little girl's first birthday. They had a cute topper they added.
1 2
By RosieC
Jul 18, 2009
A two-tier chocolate with strawberry filling. All buttercream.
By Faithbound
Jul 22, 2009
Iced in BC with pearl dragees. Top tier vanilla w/ raspberry filling. Bottom almond cake w/ sliced almonds & BC.  Not happy w/ the pics but it's what I've got.  Cake was dressed w/ gerber daisies by the bride's florist at the event. 
1 4
By barbydoll8
Jul 24, 2009
I love the color combination of this cake, I think it is very classy.  This was all butter cream with baby blue details and brown satin ribbon.
By Mireya1972
Jul 26, 2009
By aprils22
Jul 31, 2009
Yellow cake with buttercream frosting.  Dots are fondant and the 13 is gumpaste.
1 7
By realracegirl1
Aug 9, 2009
Did this cake for a girl's 30th birthday party.  8 inch bottom, 6 inch top.  Chocolate buttercream.  YUMMMY!
3 25
By Lovemesomecake
Aug 9, 2009
my sister in laws 50th anniversary cake, two layer, buttercream,
1 4
By mitzimama
Aug 11, 2009
A simple cake to accompany a buffet table for a 16th party x
By Missellyt
Aug 12, 2009
This was a first birthday cake for a little girl.  The base tier is a 2-layer 10 inch, and the cupcake tier is made of three layers of 8 inch cake.  I left the top layer unleveled so it would create the dome for the top of the cupcake.  It is iced all in buttercream with marshmallow fondant accents.  The bow is fondant as well.
10 75
By srichardson718
Aug 12, 2009
My friend wanted a very pink and very girly birthday cake for her 5 year old daughter. The cake is a plain maderia cake with buttercream and jam filling. The cakes are covered in fondant. The fluffy middle bit is a feather boa wrapped around a separator. I got lots of comments from other mums who loved the cake!
5 21
By Ivory28
Aug 16, 2009
2 tier vanilla sponge wonky cake. Gerberas and swirls around the bottom tier, random flowers over top. topper with beading, board done with impression mat. I feel it may have been a bit tooooo wonky and on the verge of toppling over!
2 21
By lindsey077
Aug 18, 2009
12" and 8" rounds of chocolate/yellow marble cake with airbrushed fondant accents and gumpaste pirate girl.  Made to match party plates.  Thanks for looking!
9 94
By Tracy7953
Aug 21, 2009
12" and 8" french vanilla with white chocolate ganache and fondant icing...gumpaste martinie glasses.
3 18
By Tracy7953
Aug 22, 2009
This cake is for an 8 year old girl taking karate cake.  She was going to cut the cake with a sword.  White cake on the bottom layer and chocolate on top.  All buttercream frosting.
By realracegirl1
Aug 22, 2009
This was a birthday cake for my nans 90th, 1 x  8 inch madeira cake and 1 x 6 inch chocolate cake, with gumpaste rose (that was missing a petal due to a little accident - lol), and a beaded topper.
24 183
By anabelz01
Sep 1, 2009
Christening Cake for Twins Hannah and Melissa, 9 inch and 6 inch with fondant 'blocks' and gumpaste babies on top. Cake was designed to incorporate a mixture of different designs that the client sent me.
20 108
By anabelz01
Sep 1, 2009
This is a cake I made for a recently qualified hairdresser when she turned 21. the cakes are 8 inch and 5 inch and all the models, the scissors, hair straighteners and hair grips are made out of fondant and gum trag. The hair grips were a nightmare as the teeth kept breaking! but worked out ok in the end!
3 20
By anabelz01
Sep 2, 2009
A cake for my friend who is being ordained as a pastor tomorrow., fondant covered, fondant and gumpaste accents
1 1
By bakesuzy
Sep 5, 2009
two tier, eight and ten inch cake ...chocolate and vanilla. both tiers are covered in fondant.
2 10
By luvncakes
Sep 7, 2009
Cake was to welcome home my premi niece from hospital
1 4
By axmend2
Sep 15, 2009
Cake for my niece 3rd Bday. Flowers to represent Disney Princesses.
By axmend2
Sep 15, 2009
Not only was this my first wedding cake, but I had to travel 8 hours to the wedding to bring it.. it was a gift for a friend and I also made a lobster groom's cake and had to bring it all up to Michigan's Upper Peninsula and finish up there. The whole story is on my blog at kitchenbliss dot blogspot dot com... it's vanilla cake with buttercream icing and raspberry filling, I made the swirls up there and I also picked out all the flowers and fern, brought them up and placed them myself, and the wedding colors were black and white, hence the black ribbon. It was quite exciting and I was very pleased how it turned out considering the logistical challenges.
5 10
By BlissKitchen
Sep 20, 2009
Baby shower cake
The butterflies are edible--the booties could have been too, but I used Fimo so that the mother-to-be had a keepsake of her shower!
2 4
By KalliCakes
Sep 25, 2009
This was my first 2 tier cake.  The inspiration for the quilting design was from a cake by Copacabanya...thank you!!
7 46
By tracylynn2005
Sep 27, 2009
1 7
By axmend2
Sep 29, 2009
This was my 1st attempt at making flowerpaste orchids.  Cakes were lemon madiera and vanilla bean with lemon and vanilla buttercream and fondant
5 27
By sweetbitescakes
Sep 30, 2009
3 10
By dancingqueen07
Oct 1, 2009
Did this cake for a little girl turning 10.  She and her friend drew out the cake she wanted and sent her mom with the drawing to us to make the cake for her.  We were so impressed.  Felt honored to make it for her.  36 serving cake.  Buttercream with fondant accents. 10-9-09
2 1
By Susie112562
Oct 9, 2009
My first two tier cake and first time ever using fondant.
4 25
By Cupcake_Kelly
Oct 12, 2009


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