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I was asked to do a cake for a talent night at my church. I knew a lot of the people attending love Stephenie Meyer's Twilight series so I went with that theme. The cake is a poppy seed cake with orange flavored Italian Meringue Buttercream. Gumpaste stem and leaf as well as the baubles on the bracelet. Tried to make a gumpaste  chain but it broke, so the chain is metal.
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By m_t_arrington
Jun 11, 2008
OMG!!!!  This was for my best friend who got me hooked on this series!  This was soooo much fun!!!  TFL!
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By Rachael1013
Sep 9, 2008
This was for my daughter who loves the Twilight series. You will have 
to see the book covers to understand the cake design if you are unfam
iliar with the Twilight series and the book New Moon.
8 12
By charleezgal
Sep 22, 2008
This was a cake i did for my cousins daughters b-day.  She is very
into the twilight  books.   I took the quote from the first book and made 
the lamb and lion out of gumpaste.  Cake is half white half chocolate
with chocolate ganache filling, buttercream and then the ganache dripped
around the sides.
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By saramachen
Oct 10, 2008
3 tier French Vanilla, Lemon, and Strawberry,  BC and covered in MMF.  16th birthday cake for my niece.  Based off of the covers of the Twilight series books.  A HUGE thanks to Jeanne (jkalman) for helping me out with the Tulips.  The bottom tier says... "And so the Lion fell in Love with the Lamb." a quote from the first book.
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By Melody25
Oct 14, 2008
My friend is OBSESSED with the Twilight books by Stephanie Meyer so I made her birthday cake the cover of Twilight!
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By Strchild09
Oct 21, 2008
13 30
By mccoy1113
Oct 24, 2008
Yellow cake. Half buttercream, half ganache. Quote from Twilight  "and so the lion fell in love with the lamb." Daughter is a huge fan so thought this would be good for her birthday.
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By bonnierh
Nov 5, 2008
This cake was made for the Breaking Dawn premiere, a book in the twilight series. The chess pieces are gumpaste and the black squares are fondant. Everything else is buttercream.
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By milocat15
Nov 8, 2008
I made this cake for a 13-year-old girl's birthday party.  She found a cake online and wanted a smaller version.  Full credit for the idea of this cake goes to the fabulous decorator at  The checkerboard squares and chess pieces are done in fondant.  I would love feedback - I can take it!
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By dmich
Nov 28, 2008
My daughter helped design this for her 13th b-day yesterday.  She loves the Twilight books. The apple, chess pieces, flower, and ribbon go with the covers to all 4 books.  Everything mmf except chess pieces and apple are gumpaste and mmf mix.  Loved how this turned out except my fingers got smudgy with the luster dust. Thanks for looking!
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By jenlg
Dec 6, 2008
For Twilight Moms group
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By liapsim
Dec 10, 2008
This was my second Twilight cake in a week.  I had less then 48 hrs from time of order to delivery to get this done.  Unfortunately I needed another dowel because it sank in the back, but they were very happy with it considering the time frame.  Everything is mmf except the chess pieces are gumpaste and the apple is modeling chocolate.  Thanks for looking!
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By jenlg
Dec 14, 2008
Used MMF and buttercream
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By mentat22
Dec 20, 2008
Some of the greatest kids and young adult books represented in a tower of cake!  Cakes were vanilla, chocolate and peanut butter (2 of each kind).  Frosted with white and chocolate buttercream.  Books include (bottom to top): Harry Potter, The Hunger Games, Fablehaven, Twilight, Ella Enchanted, The High King, The King of Attolia and Artemis Fowl.  The top pictures shows the cake on the left and the actual books on the right.  And yes, I changed the color of Fablehaven on purpose. :)
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By Ness101
Jan 13, 2009
I don't know much about the books so I used the book covers. Made the flower on top out of Wilton leaf cutter set and painted the red on. The blue is the girls fav color. TFL
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By melkneec
Jan 15, 2009
I had fun making this one.  Buttercream with Chocolate Fondant checkerboard and everything else is MMF.
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By jenncowin
Jan 17, 2009
I made this cake for a party celebrating the opening of the Twilight movie
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By Creative_Cakes_By_Angela
Jan 19, 2009
I made this for a Twilight party with my friends on the opening night of the movie.  The cake was made in a checkerboard fashion with white and red velvet cake.  It was a lot of fun.  I told my friends that Edward ended up looking more like Michael Myers from Halloween.
By nurjen
Jan 31, 2009
Made for my friend's niece a huge Twilight fan. Covered in fondant - the hands and apple are painted gumpaste.
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By kaat
Jan 31, 2009
I made this cake to look like the Cullen Family Crest from the Stephenie Meyer books, Twilight.  Next to the cake is a replica bracelet of Edward Cullen's bracelet.
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By MerR2D2
Feb 4, 2009
For our 15 yr old.  My DH did most of this one, except the baking!  He says the square cake wasn't that hard to fondant. :)  Vanilla cake with strawberry filling.  It's bulging alittle this morning but she loves it.  Thanks for all of the inspiration!!
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By babyhugs
Feb 14, 2009
By adflorea
Feb 17, 2009
Borrowed another couple of great ideas from this site and this is what I came up with
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By SharaFlair
Feb 17, 2009
Second version using non-edible decorations.
2 12
By SharaFlair
Feb 17, 2009
MMF dots, bow, roses, leaves and vines....
5 23
By sarahsarah
Feb 17, 2009
1 3
By partygal
Feb 18, 2009
2 5
By partygal
Feb 18, 2009
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By partygal
Feb 18, 2009
Cake is designed from all 4 book covers...thanks to many cake artists on here for the inspiration to do my own...
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By thecakegirl
Feb 21, 2009
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By Laura1976
Feb 23, 2009
I was asked to make Twilight themed cookies.  Since the vampires' skin "sparkles" in the daylight, I used some sanding sugar to make them sparkly.  NFSC with Antonia74's royal icing
3 1
By Vicki77
Feb 24, 2009
Inspired by yankeegal and  Twilight themed vampire cookies.  NFSC with Antonia74's royal icing.
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By Vicki77
Feb 24, 2009
3 5
By bonucc10
Feb 24, 2009
this was the cake i had at my 18th bday party
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By grneydchyck
Feb 25, 2009
Not an original idea, but I thought it turned out well.
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By Roby
Feb 26, 2009
My first Twilight Cake...each tier is one layer of golden vanilla cake and one layer of chocolate cake.  Iced in Buttercream with Fondant accents.  Of course the chess pieces and Apple are not real, but I think really added something to the cake.  The drops of blood were a last minute add on...
3 37
By Tide89
Feb 27, 2009
Cake based on the twilight books, the quote reads "And so the Lion.. Fell in Love with the Lamb"  the chess pieces are gumpaste and the apple is rice crispie treats covered in gumpaste and the flowers are artificial that I painted the eges red.
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By SusieLu182
Mar 1, 2009
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By tialee
Mar 5, 2009
This was for my friend's birthday, who really likes wolves.  It was made from the 3D bear pan.  To get the multi-colored look, I put white and black icing in the same bag and used a tip with multiple circle holes.  This way, each squeeze made some hairs in black, white, and gray.
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By MerR2D2
May 6, 2007


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