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I made this cake for my Dad's birthday about ten years ago.  It was iced with chocolate buttercream.  The buttons on the remote are chocolate bar squares with numbers piped on them. I used my daughter's TV, sofa & "dad" from her doll house (yes I put them through the dishwasher first!) as accesories.  Dad loved it!
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By Icemom
Sep 4, 2005
Gingerbread cookies for corporate Communications client.
3 16
By antonia74
Dec 2, 2006
50th birthday cake for my sister's co-worker. He like watching Penn State football, hunting and running marathons in Boston, Hawaii and Arizona. Chocolate and yellow cakes with buttercream and fondant.
15 22
By krissy_kze
Jan 5, 2006
My friends and I all love the show "24," so for one of my friend's birthdays I made her the "CTU" logo.  I drew the logo free hand on paper and then used that as a guide to cut the fondant. It was my first time working with it, so this helped me just understand how it works.
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By countrygirl1535
May 10, 2006
This was made for my dad w/his new fathers day present.  I wish we could upload pics of people, cause this little fellow looks just like him w/dark eyebrows and all.  LOL--we all had a good laugh with it.  My family all had some part with sculpting the figures.  Marthas caramel apple cake/with caramel cream cheese filling and IMBC. thx krissy_kze for the tv idea.
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By cpriojas28
Jun 22, 2006
My thanks to "lilrev" for her Elmo & directions.  My changes were to use egg shape pans for the head (she used ball pan) I made 2 eggs, split in center & used rounded ends. Wrapped in fondant to keep together. feet were 3" rounds with just a little batter in them. arms are 4" rounds. I cut out the mid sections & used the curves. Base is 12" rice kripes. 
And he survived a nail bitning 3 hour trip over very bumpy roads. I put him in a cardboard box (silicon sheet under tray) and set on a feather pillow to absorb the shock. Not one pc of "fur" fell off!
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By marecip
Sep 10, 2006
I molded & painted fondant into a "caricature likeness" of the birthday girl. She is a huge "I Love Lucy" fan, so I thought it would be fun to depict her as "Lucy" in the "Vitameatavegamin" episode. The "Head", Bottle, and her two Dogs are 3-D. I covered two dowels with foil for the "rabbit ears" on top.
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By Twisted_Sifter
Nov 23, 2006
This was for a 13 year old that loves the show Charmed. I also did a separate round cake for her, but with just writting. See my other cakes for that one.
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By chefdot
Dec 17, 2006
60th birthday cake order.  Carrot cake w/cream cheese icing covered in fondant.  All edible except ribbon.  Thanks to aine2 for her inspiration.  One day........I'll be 1/2 as good.  However, this was good practice & customer happy!
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By LisaMaeCakes
Mar 31, 2007
the boy wanted both Mario and Luigi, and didn't care what I did.  It is a tv with the ending of the Mario Party game on the screen.  Thanks for looking!
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By cakelady5
Apr 16, 2007
This was for a New 10 anchor who was switching over to handle the  website so they wanted a tv. I thought why not go for a vintage tv complete with the lopsided foil covered antenna.
5 11
By Hula_girl3
Apr 22, 2007
Adapted aine2 style...(ofcourse not anything close to her work but i tried).  My friends husband loves star wars but always falls asleep in fron of the TV.  
I have painted darth vader on the tv screen.
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By dods
Apr 26, 2007
A cake made for my Fiance's 26th birthday. Designed after the island on the Tv show Lost
1 2
By Stucas
May 14, 2007
2nd picture of Lost cake
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By Stucas
May 14, 2007
The theme for the 5th grade graduation was "Hollywood".  This is one of three cakes they ordered.  The cake is a 12 x 18.  I cut a strip off the top of the length for the top of the clapper.  It's decorated in buttercream
2 18
By Steady2Hands
May 19, 2007
The theme for the 5th grade graduation was "Hollywood".  This is one of three cakes they ordered.  The cake is a 12 x 18.  I trimmed the sides for the shape.  The popcorn is buttercream (#9 tip at various sizes) with 4 layers of 1/2" foamcore under it.  It's all decorated in buttercream.
4 25
By Steady2Hands
May 19, 2007
The theme for the 5th grade graduation was "Hollywood".  This is one of three cakes they ordered.  The cake is a 12 x 18.  I trimmed the corners for the ticket shape.  It's all decorated in buttercream.
2 10
By Steady2Hands
May 19, 2007
The bottom is layered cake with fondant. The middle is a glass bowl with a flashing green light inside and the top is a fondant coverd cake spaceship
By brklynjean
May 20, 2007
8" dark Chocolate with chocolate ganache filling buttercream and fondant accents.
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By notjustcake
May 23, 2007
Made for my nephews birthday, which took place at a bowling alley.  Pikachu was a chocolate cake with buttercream icing and fondant accents.  The bowling ball was a white cake, all fondant.  Bowling pins were all hand molded.  The bowling alley is a NFSC with icing on top.
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May 24, 2007
This is for a little girl's first birthday, I made a small smash cake to go with it. Even the pillows are cake! This was my first paid cake. If you can imagine, I had a horrible time with the fondant covering the couch. it's all one piece though, so I'm proud of myself! The figures are all fondant/gumpaste and everything else is cake. Vanilla with chocolate filling & buttercream frosting all covered in fondant..
24 26
By cherub5
Jun 8, 2007
I made this cake for my boyfriend's aunt. She was on the Wheel of Fortune show and the night it aired we had a party for her.
By jessicapeva
Jul 22, 2007
2 5
By kkenyon
Aug 18, 2007
I made this cake for a birthday party. Cake iced in buttercream, coral and leaves are royal icing. shells are white chocolate molds. Spongebob and patrick are store bought. Thanks for looking.
1 13
By buckygirl
Aug 22, 2007
This little fella sat on top of my 84 1/2 birthday cake (in my photos). Thank you aine2 for your help with him! He is made out of fondant and gumpaste. The chair is completely gumpaste with a fondant covering. He is holding a cigar in one hand and a remote control on the other. I painted an image of the NBC logo on the TV, but you can't see it from this angle (he worked with NBC). He also has a newspaper lying by the side of the couch. I was pleased with how he came out.
2 15
By imartsy
Aug 28, 2007
This cake was for a going away party at one of my corporate accounts.  Lisa is a huge Lucy fan so we thought this would be a cute way to say she'd be missed.  12" round champagne cake with strawberry filling.  FBTC on whipped cream.
By CambriasCakes
Sep 22, 2007
Celebrating her everyday life in her recliner chair, crocheting her green afghan.  All piecesw/ exception of walker are gumpaste and/or mmf.  Walker is floral wire dipped in RI.  Recliner and TV are rice krispie treats.  Orange cream flavored MMF covered Orange Creamsicle Cake.  Cameos adorning.
2 5
By AZrunner
Sep 22, 2007
This is for an adult who LOVES the tv show "King of the Hill".  I carved the shape of texas out of a 10" square 2 layer cake. Covered in smbc and fondant. Hand painted fence, tires, propane tank and crumpled beer cans (all reflective of the show.)
3 7
By melysa
Sep 28, 2007
This was done for a friend's Oktoberfest party.  He loves Family Guy.  FBCT (time consuming with all the colors).
5 7
By SarahsSweets2006
Oct 6, 2007
This was for my dad's best friend who just turned 50!  The 3 tiers are 12, 9, and 6".  Covered in MMF w/ gumpaste accents.  The top is supposed to be a green bay packers guy (b-day boy is a huge fan) and a big screen TV (He sells electronics).  I used my airbrush to get that black color- hooray for airbrush machines!!!  TFL!
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By brea1026
Nov 18, 2007
A customer wanted this retro TV set for his brother's b-day. He supplied me with the "Jeffrey Bunch" picture which I made into an edible image. It's 2 11" x 15" sheet cakes, split in half, then stacked. Covered with fondant . The set is brushed with brown gel color diluted in vodka and the dials are brushed with silver luster dust. The set is sitting on top of a styrofoam block to look supported by its legs.
3 18
By KimmysKakes
Dec 8, 2007
I was inspired by Aine2 and so I made this for my husband. The picture quality is poor because I used a disposable camera, but he is meant to be watching his favourite programme on TV (repeat episode of FRIENDS!!!) It's no where as nice as Lorraine's cakes but I can say that it was alot of fun modelling! Thank you Loraine for tips on how to make the Modelling Paste
By shelly786
Dec 31, 2007
i used lots of ideas from other cc users and put them all together.
3 13
By loux2
Jan 18, 2008
This is white cake with strawberry filling, buttercream frosting and fondant accents.  Thanks for looking!
7 13
By Jessmar
Jan 18, 2008
For a Charmed-fan
4 9
By renita77
Mar 4, 2008
This cake was made or a groom who LOVES watching sports, his dog, and his cat.  All chooalte cake, also with chocolate buttercream.  The tv, chair, and footstool are also made of cake and covered in satin ice; groom, dog & blanket, and cat made of wilton fondant (since it won't be eaten).  Thanks for looking!  I'll post a pic of the tv also :)
1 3
By briannastreats
Mar 16, 2008
This is the other side of the groom's cake I just posted, of the groom reclining in a chair with his dog and cat, watching his favorite football team on tv.  Thanks for looking!
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By briannastreats
Mar 16, 2008
chocolate and strawberry 6 layer cake with choco BC,  color flow tv screen image and mmf accents
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By Karenl
Mar 16, 2008
Retirement cake for a man who was interested in the TV remote, smoking and chilling out
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By lisas12345
Mar 26, 2008
Cake made for a Survivor: Palau season finale party using the Frozen Buttercream  Transfer method.
9 9
By msbask
May 17, 2005


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