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For a friend's birthday.  She requested these decorations!  Peacepipe,suncatcher, turquoise border and Happy Birthday in Cherokee!  The pipe and dream catcher were hand molded and carved out of white chocolate clay and pipe painted with food color to replicate authentic Cherokee ceremonial pipe.  Rawhide fringes and leaves also white choc.  Cake airbrushed to look like leather and then airbrushed with pearl dust fo the shine.
By piklpop2
Sep 9, 2005
For a friend who turned 30 on Easter Sunday.  It was a chocolate ameretto cake.  Delicious!  Those are mini malted eggs decorating.
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By Cakeasyoulikeit
Apr 19, 2006
Buttercream with fondant, gumpaste, and pastillage, rice paper feather.
6 37
By leta
May 20, 2006
I was asked to do a turquoise and brown wedding cake, at first I thought that is going to be so ugly.  I just couldn't picture it together on a cake, although I know it's the new colour combo as far as fashion goes.  Let me tell you I wasn't excited about doing this cake.  This is just the top tier (6x6) and it's a tier on tier cake (bottom is 10x10).  I couldn't put it together because the wedding is 400km (200mi) away.  This is the first fondant bow that I have ever made so I hope it survives a 4 hr ride
6 7
By Lousaria
Apr 8, 2006
This is my first attempt at covering a cake with MMF.  Butter cake with oreo buttercream filling, decorated with MMF.
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By projectqueen
Jun 18, 2006
made for a teacher appreciation day luncheon
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By atkin600
Aug 24, 2006
This cake was for my best friend's 40th birthday.  10" round iced in buttercream with fondant.
3 10
By thyterrell
Aug 28, 2006
Three-tiered Surprise Anniversary/Birthday Cake.  Stacked construction.  Yellow cake iced in buttercream and covered with fondant.  This was my first attempt at using the drape technique and making ribbon roses.  I got part of this idea from another cake central user (their cake used shades of purple-thank you jumpstarting my brain).  The couple loved the cake and I was reasonably pleased except for the buttercream borders that I had to put on at the last minute and in a hurry (the cake circles were showing
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By Charli
Aug 30, 2006
Here is a cake that I made for a Friend's Sister.  The wedding was 4 hrs. away.  I didn't put it together here, she put it together when she got there.  This was the first time i attempted a fodant bow, I was pleased with the way it turned out.
4 13
By Lousaria
Jun 2, 2006
Cake is covered in chocolate MMF.  Polkadots also MMF.
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By jklcooper
Dec 8, 2006
this was a very fun project, my first tilted cake. I used the tutorial from the article section here at CC - great instructions! Chocolate cake with white chocolate creme, covered in fondant. Hope to do more cakes like this.
10 29
By frulund2600
Dec 9, 2006
Another dummy for practice!  Thanks to all the friends at CC for the inspirations.  TFL!
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By bori74
Feb 10, 2007
By midialjoje
Feb 4, 2007
This couples wedding colors were the famous turquoise and pink of the 1950's.  This cake was so much fun!!!!!!!!!!!
2 1
By Coastiemom
Feb 6, 2007
For a man's birthday.  Chocolate cake, iced in sky blue BC, rosettes and filling- chocolate BC
By kimmy37
Feb 9, 2007
I made these for a friend just for fun.  They are yellow with extender added and all buttercream.
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By Derby
Feb 20, 2007
This is DH Devil's Food with the Extender recipe added plus 1/4 cup of Dutch Processed Cocoa.  All buttercream frosting with a ribbon bow.  I was trying to make it look reminicient of a Vera Bradley purse for a friend's birthday.  I think that it  just turned out way too busy.  I'm worried that she won't like it.  But, it was fun to make anyway!
15 27
By Derby
Feb 23, 2007
Butter cream decorations.  9" two layer, 8" two layer, 8" two layer, 6" two layer, mini wonder mold top.
5 1
By megamoodles
Mar 3, 2007
This purse is iced smooth with buttercream. Colored MMF accents. MMF straps. Buttercream trim.
11 27
By gourmetcakes
Oct 17, 2006
Strawberry cake covered in buttercream and MMF; accents are MMF and the baby is a toy I bought from the supply store.
2 2
By aundron
Mar 19, 2007
The theme for this shower was yellow, lime green, and turquoise, and airplanes!!!  Yikes!! A 6" and 10" cake, with whipped icing.  Gumpaste stars and 2 large airplanes made ahead of time, and stuck on thick craft wire.  Banner made of gumpaste, writing with royal icing, and hand painted with gold luster dust/lemon extract.  Bear on top is made of Sculpey clay (non-edible), so mom-to-be could have a keepsake. Planes on side of cake are chocolate molds.
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By andrealinn
Apr 5, 2007
This cake is for a couple at a nursing home who will be getting married tomorrow.
By Barbend
Apr 10, 2007
This cake is iced smooth with buttercream.  Turquoise scrolls done with piping gel.  Silver dragees accent each layer.  Florist provided flowers for top.
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By gourmetcakes
May 5, 2007
I made this cake for my friend's birthday.  She wanted yellow cake and almond icing, but everything else was up to me! This is my first stacked cake! It is all covered in fondant.
By ktankers
Jun 3, 2007
These are the other two sheet cakes with 3D volleyball cake.  Sheet cakes are 12X18 - one chocolate, one yellow.  Buttercream frosting and design - with MMF volleyball accents in each corner.

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By Luxe42
Jun 7, 2007
My niece turning 12 going on 22 wanted something mature.  I sent a pic of a wedding cake done by someone on here and she loved it.  (thank you whoever you are!!)  Chocolate cake with cookies and cream filling.  BC icing.  MMF bow and rings.
3 11
By steph95
Jun 12, 2007
I did this cake for my nieces kindergarten class. The last day of school, they are having a wedding.....the letter Q is marrying the letter U. The only directions I got were colors: aqua and quince, two tiers, chocolate and vanilla. I made the Q and U toppers in color flow, but did not display in pic as I am having my sis put them on with royal when she gets to school.
1 2
By sugarbakerqueen
Jun 20, 2007
White  and chocolate chocolate chip cake with rolled fondant and fondant circles
9 30
By tirby
Jun 22, 2007
Gift box cake for one of my DD's teachers with my first package bow (much easier to make than the loopy bows!)
30 57
By kelly75
Jun 27, 2007
I made this for friends of mine - just because!!  Dark chocolate fudge cake with buttercream icing.  I'm still practicing and welcome all comments and suggestions!! Thanks for lookings
6 15
By Suzycakes
Jul 7, 2007
Wilton Flower pan with the coolest colored tealish frosting I've even made
: D
7 18
By gtsweetepie
Jul 16, 2007
This is Dede Wilson's Bellini Cake.  I got TONS of compliments on this cake.  A lot of people said is was the best they ever ate.  I love Dede Wilson!  The bride's colors were black and turquoise.  I just iced in buttercream and used fondant accents.  The design was inspired by antonia74 .  Any suggestions would be appreciated.
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By SHenyd
Jul 18, 2007
The bride's colors were black and turquoise.  I got this idea from David Tortora's book (is that the right spelling?).  Dark Chocolate cake with raspberry filling, buttercream icing and MMF accents.  After this cake, I bought a pasta maker to make fondant at a consistant thickness.  Any suggestions would be appreciated.
By SHenyd
Jul 18, 2007
This I did for a friend's sister's bridal shower --coincidently I found out later that these were her exact wedding colours!
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By newfoundland49
Jul 21, 2007
Well, here is the final cake for my daughter's wedding today (Aug. 4th)  The bottom two tiers are dummy and the top is chocolate.  Covered in fondant which by the way, my hat is off to all of you that cover REAL cakes in fondant on a regular basis.  It is tons harder than covering cake dummies!  I now know why I like BC covered cakes and fondant is reserved for embellishing!!!
4 22
By christeena
Aug 4, 2007
Fondant covered wedding cake in lime green, turquoise, and hot pink!  Marge and Homer Simpson topped the cake, which was for a dear friend's wedding. Thanks to MommaLlama for her wonderful assistance and to those who inspired me with the photos they shared here on Cake Central!
6 21
By Mmichellew
Aug 11, 2007
Buttercream icing with fondant accents.
5 24
By christielee
Aug 15, 2007
Small birthday cake, bc/fondant accents.
2 3
By froufroucakes
Aug 29, 2007
Fondant with gumpaste bow and roses. I loved this cake.
2 3
By Yorkiemum
Aug 30, 2007
I made this cake for a small wedding.  I also made the topper.  This is a chocolate cake with chocolate fudge filling iced in buttercream.  This pic isn't very good...I don't know what happened with that!
4 14
By SweetConfectionsChef
Aug 30, 2007


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