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This is just a 3 cookie spring bouquet.
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By Cyndi1207
Jul 6, 2006
Buttercream cake with fresh tulips for a bridal shower
8 12
By SweetResults
Jul 9, 2006
FINITO!!! Had some spare piping gel and was able to finish today...I need to refine my brushstrokes, but it was fun doing this for the very first time!  WooHoo!!!
24 80
By Godiva
May 8, 2005
These were on a birthday cake. All made for gumpaste and colored in petal dust and luster dust.
10 28
By heavenlycakes
May 13, 2005
Tulip and rose from yesterdays class with Beth Parvu.  This is the class i've been looking for!  Great teacher - beautiful colors and flowers!
14 7
By thecakemaker
Oct 31, 2005
Stained glass look using colored piping gel and pattern found on a stained glass site.
9 21
By msbask
Jun 28, 2005
These were some more just for fun cookies.  I love the way they turned out.  I really enjoy decorating cookies, but sometimes I loose my patience doing them b/c they take so long.
7 4
By leily
Jul 28, 2005
This is a bridal shower cake that I did for one of my best friends.  It was my first ever attempt at tulips and now I know I have a lot to work on!!  I love parrot tulips, so I tried to do some of them as well.  She loved it so that makes me happy.
22 45
By dolcesunshine20
Mar 13, 2006
My sister made this cake for my 31st birthday.  All the decoration was buttercream.  The cake was white with a decadent coconut filling.  My favorite flower is tulips so she tried to make them using a version of the Wilton sweet pea.  The back ground was sky and on top she made fluffy white clouds.
3 14
By jennawing
Sep 5, 2005
chocolate-coated chocolate cake decorated with fresh tulips :) 

my friend vera loves dark chocolate, tulips, and the color pink. i thought i'd combine all these elements to make her a birthday cake. i'm not too happy with the chocolate coating, though. i think it could be much smoother. i hope i can do better next time.
12 17
By Darra
Mar 17, 2006
8 47
By antonia74
Mar 27, 2006
Sugar Cookies decorated with Alice Cookie icing. Lady bug, Daisy and Hand-Painted Tulip. The pot inspired these cookies. It's painted with tulips, daisies and ladybugs
5 10
By Cake_Princess
Mar 29, 2006
These were my first cookies & first cookie bouquets. No fail cookie and royal icing.
4 5
By ser0229
Apr 9, 2006
No Fail Cookies w/the icing from the article - Thanks Antonia74!  These are my first cut-out and decorated cookies.  I wanted to get more cookies in the bouquet but it started to get a little top heavy.
13 2
By CranberryClo
Feb 17, 2006
Went to lunch with some friends today and this gorgeous cake was a present I received from my good buddy Min. I love oval cakes!!! It's a banana cake with cream cheese filling, covered in fondant, with hand made gumpaste tulips,and a fondant bow. It has a really cute button at the back too, forgot to take a picture of it. The lady with the tulip is me, it's so funny because it's such a good representation of me decorating, with hair tied up and bits of hair sticking up in every direction.
19 16
By boonenati
Feb 27, 2006
Another cake for a silent auction at a school.  Fondant covered with fondant butterflies and leaves.  The tulips on the side are stamped.  Idea from the 2004 Wilton Yearbook.  There were supposed to be 3 butterflies but the third one wasn't dry enough when I put the cake together and I couldn't make another one in time.
2 10
By kookiblah
Apr 16, 2006
3 14
By Mac
Apr 17, 2006
I made these to take to Easter at my grandmother's.  Come dessert time, she wouldn't let the kids eat them.  She said they looked too pretty and she didn't want to see them "destroyed."  She made the poor kids wait until it was time to go and then she passed them out.  (Although a few kids snuck into them, hehe.)  I used antonia74's icing recipe.  To some of the colors, I added Lorann Oils orange extract.
6 18
By ps3884
Apr 17, 2006
Top view of a gumpaste open parrot tulip. Thanks for looking!
4 1
By sweetsuccess
Apr 17, 2006
No idea what album this should go in, so here it went.  This was for an auction event at my daughter's school.  MMF accents, thanks for the inspiration msmeg.
14 57
By Schmoop
Apr 22, 2006
copy from cake in monthly slice. not an exact copy. just for practice/fun. should have cut the cake down a little more before putting it in the "flower". flower is fondant, with little royal icing flowers around it
4 3
By smashcakes
Apr 23, 2006
This was actually a lady's 70th birthday cake, but I felt it was more appropriate as a wedding cake because my inspiration was all wedding cakes.  It was my first shot at gumpaste tulips.  I did an array of pinks so if I ran out of one color, I wouldn't have to try to match it.  I started out wanting to cover the cakes with the tulips, but ran out of patience.  I settled for just the top.  It was a 12" & 8" strawberry cake with a cream cheese/Cool Whip filling and buttercream icing.
4 17
By kellyh57
Apr 24, 2006
The terra cotta pot is yellow cake with MMF.  I torted it twice and put boards and dowels to make serving easier.  What a pain!!!!   The cupcake tree is choc  cupcakes with BC.  All tulips and leaves are MMF.
A special thanks to KHalstead for answering my questions on this project!!
14 17
Apr 24, 2006
Just playing around to see how to create the cascade for this cake. This cake is the back of a recycled dummy, from my magazine ad. The flowers are some of the ones I made for a wedding coming up in June. The bride chose just about every flower under the sun! Gumpaste casablanca lilies, calla lilies, tulips, lilacs, and stephanotis (not included in this photo) all in spring pastels. The wedding cake I'm making for her is going to be pale purple fondant and only 3 tiers, but 5 sprays of flowers.
20 90
By heavenlycakes
Apr 26, 2006
this was my first attempt at gumpaste/fondant flowers.  I made tulips (red and pink), daffodils, and daisies for a flower pot cake.  They are fondant with gumpaste poder mixed in.
6 10
By bonniebakes
Apr 30, 2006
This was a birthday cake for my mother-in-law. It was my first time making flowers out of fondant (fondant mixed with gumpaste powder).  Unfortunately, the pot started to crack at the bottom - I think the cake inside was lopsided and it was leaning forward.  oops!  Fortunately the cake was good - it was 4 layers of chocolate cake with cookies and cream filling.  I got so rattled when it started to break, I forgot to write Happy Birthday!  Any advice for working with fondant successfully?
14 17
By bonniebakes
Apr 30, 2006
Two layer, 8" Easter cake for a family dinner. It's covered in MMF with MMF cutouts.
1 2
By tatania199
May 4, 2006
These are for my daughter's 3 preschool teachers for Teacher Appreciation week.  They are also my first attempt at a cookie bouquet!  Cookies are NFSC, covered w/airbrushed fondant and outlined with Alice's Cookie Icing. Thanks for looking!
7 5
By momsandraven
May 7, 2006
The cake is a Topsy Turvy cake covered with fondant and the tulips and details on the side are made out of gumpaste.
4 69
By lucakes
May 10, 2006
My first cookie bouquets.  I'm actually very pleased with them!  
No fail sugar cookies, some iced with Toba's glace & some with plain old royal icing.  
I can't wait to give them to all the Moms coming to my house tomorrow for supper!
3 2
By swoboda
May 13, 2006
these are our 2 cakes for our moms
By o0lilnikki0o
May 13, 2006
I made this bouquet to take to church for Mother's day. No one wanted to eat them at first, they thought they were for decoration. Chocolate sugar cookies, with royal icing.
2 1
By deeniereenie
May 14, 2006
Cookie bouqet I made for my friends and co-workers for Mother's Day.
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By stylishbite
May 16, 2006
Lemon cake with cream cheese frosting.  Fondant tulips, and cream cheese grass.  My sister's fave flower is the tulip.  :)
By nocentstar
May 19, 2006
This was my first attempt at a teapot cake.  Also my first time using the sports ball pan.  Everything is MMF.
1 2
By Misdawn
May 23, 2006
A heart shaped cake covered with fondant.  The ruffles are fondant and GP, half and half.  Tulips and leaves are GP wrapped in a fondant hankie.
9 14
By maplecakes
Jun 15, 2006
This cake was designed by my 5 year old daughter for my mom's 60th birthday. Jayden drew a picture and then told me that's what she wanted "Mi-Mi's" cake to look like. So, that's the design that we went with.  The cake was even more special for my mom because of the designer!! Happy birthday Mom!
By firemanswife
Jun 27, 2006
Cake is covered in buttercream icing.  The tulip flowers are made of fondant.  The leaves are buttercream.  I was not happy with the leaves.  Any suggestions to improve the leaves would be appreciated.
2 4
By mrsa143
Jun 30, 2006
buttercream with gumpaste tulips. My first attempt with gumpaste.
3 11
By Etchlain09
Jul 4, 2006
Buttercream frosted cake made for a tulip-themed bridal shower.
6 16
By krstik
Aug 4, 2006


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