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This cake was done for a bridal shower but it was actually more of a reception cake as the bride and groom had gone off and gotten married in St. Lucia then returned home to celebrate with friends and family.  The cake design idea came from the bride's original bouquet of red anthuriums and the tropical location of their wedding.  The anthuriums on this cake are made of gumpaste and the seashells are molded from white chocolate.  The "sand" is made of crushed vanilla cookies.
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By mycakesandmore
Apr 13, 2005
6 1
By kary
Apr 13, 2005
Fun Cake to make for someone who wanted something different than the traditional seashell tropical cake. Couple was getting married in Fiji and this was for their reception. Palm Trees were molded and dried for a week or two ahead of time, as well as the top of the hut...Flowers in side were of gum paste and lay on the island shape; fish and reeds decorated right on cake.
50 373
By Ginger08
Jul 22, 2005
Cake for 150, aqua blue waters with shells and tiki hut cake on top, complete with lei.
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By Ginger08
Aug 27, 2005
This is another view of this cake.  See other cake for description. :)
By SarahJane
Sep 14, 2005
My best friend decided that she just HAD to have a waterfall with REAL WATER on her cake. I said no at first of course, but after a professional cake decorator told me it was impossible I was committed to do it! lol. The cake was passion fruit/guava/papaya with pineapple filling and coconut BC, hence the tropical decorations.
23 30
By soygurl
Sep 28, 2005
I have uploaded this picture last week before I added the real pineapple leaves and brown sugar sand. Boy what a differnce it made.
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By stylishbite
Oct 2, 2005
These chocolates (yes chocolate) :) were all hand made by me. They are also flavored!  Butter rum, vanilla butter nut, coconut, and mint to name a few.  It is eatable art!  People can't believe that they are eatable and that they are chocolate.  Most people think they are REAL shells! You can see some of the other shells I have been making on my website  Enjoy!
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By danasflowers
Nov 11, 2005
Floral design for a luau birthday party.  Flowers piped in buttercream with tip #103 to make different designs for  tropical type flowers.
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By KimAZ
Nov 26, 2005
Individual cakes for cafe opening in their colors. Made as part of gift basket goodies. Each shirt has a different design and pattern. Flowers made to look kind of like tropical ones.
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By KimAZ
Jan 2, 2006
This cake was for my local post office.
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By DiscoLady
Feb 4, 2006
A friend from work was making a profiterole cake for her daughters 15th birthday... her daughter loves frangipani flowers so she asked if we could make some for her to add to her cake.. All gumpaste and coloured with edible artist chalk
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By dky
Feb 25, 2006
Made this for my daughter's 7th birthday, which was a pool party. Each flip flop was cut from a 9x13" cake - one white one chocolate. I made a template of a flip flop and cut the cakes using the template. I used "fruit by the foot" for the thong and graham cracker crumbs for the sand. Also used some silk flowers I had from a Hawaiian lei. The girls loved it!
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By Michele25
Mar 10, 2006
Idea from the 2005 Wilton yearbook ~ "Big Fin-ish!" w/o the stacked cake underneath.  I did not have time to let the fondant fins dry, so I used construction paper and toothpicks.  Makes for a lighter cake. I used the sports ball pan with the "Super Enhanced Cake Formula" (using a lemon cake mix) and  Carol's "Lemon Frosting" recipes from this site. YUM!
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By wyatt
Mar 17, 2006
I really like how this came out. IMB with fondant flowers and chocolate shells. Flowers and shells covered with luster dust.  Airburshed sky and palm leaves with icing jell water. Sand is crushed Golden Oreo cookies. The original cake was done by About the Cake.
15 48
By mary-ann
Mar 25, 2006
3 flavours of cupcakes are Dark Chocolate Cupcakes with Orange Buttercream, Toasted Pistachio Cupcakes with Passionfruit Buttercream & Fresh Coconut Cupcakes with Lime Buttercream.

Top 6" cake is triple-layer Carrot Cake.
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By antonia74
Mar 27, 2006
This cake was a joint effort between myself and my just-turned 7 yr. old daughter.  We used her Polly Pockets for the hula girls, flip flop candles, fruit roll-up beach towel and palm tree leaves, candy bananas and fish, and chocolate seashells and letters (which we made with molds).  The "sand" on the island is a mixture of brown sugar and graham cracker crumbs.
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By gakali
Apr 4, 2006
Tropical Grooms cake for a tropical wedding!
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By JenniferRemington
Apr 4, 2006
I made this cake for a little girl who was turning 8 and had a Hawaiian Slumber Party Birthday and she wanted a Bratz cake.  All the decorations are made with fondant and painted with thinned icing color.  The doll was a bit big and hides the palm tree which was a pretzel rod covered in chocolate with fondant leaves.  The 'water' gel actually was only around the top of the bottom layer, but ended up 'sliding down' in transit. I also used graham cracker crumbs for the sand.  The girls loved it.
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By sillyrabbit
Apr 24, 2006
This cake base is a real tree branch cut by my daughter in law's grandfather.  The flowers are sugar orchids and tropical flowers and the fern is silk.  It has a "15" on top of the first cake made of beads but the photo was too busy.
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By Chary
Apr 25, 2006
Never made these flowers before, so it was a bit of an experiment.  They loved it though!
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By LoriannaN
May 1, 2006
Just playing around with some ideas for flowers and here's what I got.
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By LoriannaN
May 1, 2006
Cake was for my grandmother's 70th (surprise) birthday luau-themed party. This was my first 3 tiered and first brush embroidary cake. Top tier was 6 inch chocolate cake w/chocolate filling. The 2nd tier was 8 inch white cake with buttercream filling. And the bottom was 10 inch pineapple cake with coconut buttercream filling. Fondant wasn't nearly as smooth as I wanted, but everyone liked it anyway.
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By LilWaby
May 12, 2006
Nothing fancy.  I was just trying out a new recipe on my family.  It's is white cake from scratch with a mango whipped cream filling and frosting and fresh mango puree on top. Yummy!
By SarahJane
May 13, 2006
This is White Cake with Mango Filling.  It was for a small wedding of 12 total guests.  I got the flowers at our local market and arranged them myself.  The flowers are Lillies, orchids, and anthuriums.
By SarahJane
May 13, 2006
Hula girl is made with the wonder mold on top of 2 10in. Iced in IMBC the flowers are MMF and gumpaste.
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By brendaanne
May 14, 2006
This is a white cake with mango filling and buttercream frosting.  It is an extra tall 6" cake for a very small beach wedding.  I made the flower arrangement myself.  The flowers are Orchids, Lillies, and Anthuriums.  The design on the sides of the cake are different flowers including Hibiscus and other designs.
10 7
By SarahJane
May 19, 2006
Chocolate fudge cake with buttercream icing.  Sand is made of crushed graham cracker crumbs and shells are made of chocolate.
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By texagg00
May 20, 2006
Buttercream pink icing.  Chocolate transfer palms, flamingos, and hibiscus. Fondant flamingos and accessories.
17 47
By KarenOR
May 20, 2006
Dark chocolate fudge cake with buttercream icing.  Shells are made of white chocolate, sand is made of graham cracker crumbs.  This cake was done for a relative's graduation party and was made to match their decorations.
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By texagg00
May 29, 2006
Bottom 14" dummy cake, 10" offset , 6"....6 and 10" strawberry banana cake with banana cream filling covered in fondant. bottom tier diamond pattern, middle tier 3 dot swiss, top random dots....I was not pleased with my pipng and fondant was not as smooth as it should have been . I think my buttercream coating was too thick......
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Jun 1, 2006
Waterfall cake - Water and cake is buttercream icing, flowers are royal icing and rocks are jellybeans.
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By kellykake
Jun 3, 2006
Let's try this again, the other picture was sideways and forgot to mention who helped me with it. 12" square, 8" square with a 6" round hut. Flowers are silk, ladder was rope, hut roof is just manila folder shaped cone with fondant strips. Fondant strips were adhere with water to the cone. Trees are fondant, leaves are held with wire. Net and starfish for cake base decoration. Big hit at the party. This cake was inspired by a cake from Ginger08. Thanks Ginger for your wonderful instructions!
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By CakeDesigns
Jun 3, 2006
I made these for my sons class party.  There were 60 (enough for 2 classes, teachers and parents) in all half were chocolate and half butter, iced in BC.
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By bbelias
Jun 13, 2006
I made these for a little girl's tropical birthday party.  I had a cutter for a girl but I dressed her in a Hawaiian outfit.
11 40
By di55
Jun 14, 2006
I posted these already in another category, but think they would work nicely for a tropical wedding or bridal shower also.  The flowers are made from marshmallow fondant. The cupcakes are pineapple flavor.
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Jun 16, 2006
Delicious moist mango cupcakes topped with smooth creamcheese frosting and fresh fruit! 
Link to :
for the recipe, and a cute short video of me baking them.
7 41
By suyin
Jun 21, 2006
This cake is for a neighbour's daughter.  It took me forever!  I did the sides in basket weave.  I'm so used to using fondant, I'm really out of practice for doing an all buttercream design!  The picture was based on a cake I saw on the internet - wanted to give the original creator credit but I can't find it anymore!
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By gakali
Jun 23, 2006
All buttercream.  Tropical Flowers for a wedding shower.
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By jenncowin
Jun 23, 2006
This was a baby shower cake for a mom who is a polynesian dancer. They wanted a tropical themed cake, so I created this oval-shaped cake accented with cookies in tropical shapes. The baby's blankie is made of fondant and the "sand" is brown sugar.
8 27
By thecakemaven
Apr 13, 2005


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