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this is the front of the cake
By rania
Jun 19, 2007
Second set of animals along with trees and bushes..all mmf.  again Hippo to go in the water/pond
By dods
Oct 31, 2006
Cake is chocolate with peperment buttercream icing. Iced in buttercream. all charcters are made of mmf. Igloo was made will a pyrex bowl. Thanks for looking comments and suggestions are welcomed and appriciated.
By manders
Mar 3, 2008
Here are the cupcakes all arranged in a tree shape.
By yolansanch
Apr 27, 2009
By lauriecakes
Feb 4, 2010
This is just a close up of the tree on my jungle baby shower cake.
By pumpkinroses
Jul 25, 2007
By jfroman
Dec 19, 2009
Tree shaped cake pop covered in colored melted chocolate and dipped in sprinkles
By SheliaRenee
Feb 16, 2012
Snowman couple out of gumpaste for a dummie cake
By pippilotta
Nov 11, 2008
Made for a teacher on the last day of school. The monkey, tree, and bannanas are hand made out of fondant.
By Eight
Jun 24, 2006
By lysers
Jan 4, 2010
This is a topper that a used for dora's cake
By gabisaeff
Dec 21, 2008
This is a close up of the cupcakes.
By SweetTcakes
Dec 4, 2007
My finished mmf xmas tree with royal icing balls painted with lustre dust.  This will go on my xmas cake that I will post later today or tomorrow.  Thanks for looking.
Dec 22, 2006
This was my first attempt at making a 3D tree.  I used 3 dowel rods (1/4 in) taped together for the trunk.  Then used floral wire to shape the branches.  Covered in fondant/gumpaste with gumpaste accents.  TFL!
By KitKat0874
Aug 5, 2010
You couldn't quite see the monkey in the tree in the other photo (
By coolbananas
Jul 24, 2008
By DeezTreatz
Apr 14, 2011
By Karenelli
Jun 15, 2011
50th man's birthday.
By CakesUnleashed
Dec 8, 2007
By Bobbi44
Dec 28, 2012
hunting cake
By CakesEtcLindsay
Apr 1, 2014
fairy garden cake
By gina0475
Oct 24, 2014
By KarenOR
May 2, 2006
By CakesUnleashed
May 18, 2007
This is Bonsai tree I atempted to make. It's another figurine from my sister's Mythical Birthday Cake. It was 
made out of wire and brown floral tape. The oranges are marzipan and the leaves are gumpaste covered in crazy glaze for the waxy apperance
By Jelena
Jul 26, 2005
By floralfun
May 27, 2011
This view of the Hiker Cake shows the pond which was not visible in the photo once the hiker was put into position.
By MelZ
Mar 12, 2007
I used colour powders as opposed to cocoa
By Majie
Jul 10, 2007
I'm getting close to being done with this cake. I think I'm going to enter the spooky cakes contest.
By maddchef
Oct 30, 2010
By Trudies_cakes
Jun 23, 2012
30th birthday cake. Cake is frosted in buttercream and all figures are made out of fondant
By missmeliss5310
Nov 5, 2013
Sugar cookies with fondant. Thanks for looking. Have a Merry Christmas!
By KaddyGal
Dec 22, 2010
Buttercream with fondant details, pumpkins are RCT.
This is a grooms cake for a wedding 10 /2 / 10
He asked for a fall look with a spooky tree and lots of orange.
My first cake using my new airbrush and I love it!!!
By jenicharles
Oct 1, 2010
A traditional Christmas Cake covered with fondant icing and decorated with Penguins, Santa, Christmas Tree, Polar Bears and Snowflakes
By Telia
Jan 4, 2011
By sweetts99
Dec 14, 2011
By BenjaminRodriguez
Mar 14, 2010
The back of my Midsummer cast party cake.  It's supposed to look like a hollow tree from the back, then the front is the secret garden of fairies and giant killer butterfly (a little scale issue there!).  Hope you like it!
By drwendy
May 13, 2007
30th birthday cake. Cake is frosted in buttercream and all figures are made out of fondant
By missmeliss5310
Nov 5, 2013
By ebielefeld
Jun 21, 2013
fairy garden cake
By gina0475
Oct 24, 2014


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