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Sheet with frosting sheet pix on gumpaste plaques; fondant molded pig.  He was going to travel and play w/grandkids so that's what the pix show:)  Size of cake is 24x16x2; it is iced in buttercream
By kakeladi
Mar 12, 2006
Ordered by a mother in law, to say thank you to her Daughter in law for a nice holiday. She came with 2 other friends, and we just all called them the Golden Girls.
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By Ursula40
Jun 8, 2006
Bon voyage cake for twin sis moving across country for a new job. Lemon cake, BC for ocean, then MMF cut out (map of canada traced onto wax paper on computer and traced on MMF), laid on ocean, pressed in a bit to stick- but BC Wasnt QUITE Dry when packing for transpo, so some came off when unwrapping, so had to redo ocean AROUND MMF- ugh that wasnt fun lol ( lot of work tracing/cutting out islands, but had lots of fun! Definitely will do a map again with MMF, but not use gel for writing, globby mess lol
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By oceanspitfire
Jun 15, 2006
I did this cake for my daugher who was going to Europe that summer. We made the theme a travel (Spain/France) theme. Everyone brought gifts she could use on her trip.( photo albums, travel alarm clock, etc.) The flip flops are vanilla cake with licorice and BC icing. The brown suitcase (which I forgot to put the handle FACING the front, I put it towards the back, OOPS!) is chocolate cake with BC icing along with the BC stickers. The passport is yellow cake. All the cakes were filled with chocolate mousse.
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By wolfyjules
Jun 18, 2006
Tomorrow is the last day of school, this is the cake, which I will donate to the class. Choc cake for the planebody, vanilla for the wings. Carved cake. Bc and Fondant covering, gumpaste accents
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By Ursula40
Jul 5, 2006
My cousin is moving to Australia for the next 18 months.  This is the Bon Voyage cake that I made for a party in her honour.  Chocolate cake with chocolate buttercream and fondant travel stickers.  Thank you to this site for providing the idea and thank you for looking.
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By CarolynE
Jul 13, 2006
I was requested to make a luggage groom's cake for a local magazine.  This cake was actually styrofoam so it held up during the photography session.  Covered in fondant, of course.  It was a lot of fun!  Think it would be a cute wedding cake idea for a couple planning a big honeymoon getaway!
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By cakesbymer
Jul 25, 2006
for a business partner who loves to travel and is a member of the red hat society.  mmf cactus for her travels out west, eiffel tower for her trips to france etc.... mmf suitcases made from sheet cakes stacked together.
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By srmaxwell
Aug 23, 2006
This cake was ordered by and aunt & uncle whose nephew is going back to the University of New Brunswick after living and working here for the summer.  They wanted to say 'Good bye!' in a lighthearted way.  It's a 9X13 chocolate cake filled and iced with chocolate IMBC, with fondant trim and decals.  Thanks to everyone who gave me ideas on what to do!
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By tripletmom
Aug 28, 2006
Covered in fondant with edible images
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By bradleysmom
Sep 1, 2006
1st atempt at suitcase modelled cake, base cake is a real cake. Cakes are a rich fruit cake with lots of rum, a West Indian family receipe!  So base was strong enough to take the weight of the top cake.  Use of edible liquid gold colour for the first time.  Completed all modelling in sugarpaste. Done for a couple returning back from their Honeymoon.  Really enjoyed this challenge. Sarah Sharpe
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By Arty
Sep 16, 2006
Made to look like a trunk for a co-worker who likes to travel.  She is from PA and currently lives in VA.
By mjrhooligan
Sep 19, 2006
Made for a wonderful friend turning 50 who has an amazing ministry worldwide. Flags were placed in the countries they work with. The script is English on one side and Tamil on the other (India).  His wife wanted more cake servings for the party so we added a larger cake underneath. I always joke that it turned out to look like a UFO. Buttercream detail.
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By melysa
Sep 27, 2006
For a customer who is going back to Trinidad to live. First time doing human sugarpaste figures. Used SF Extra Red to get the brilliant red colour for the Trinidad Flag. Cake was cut freehand to the shape of the Trinidad island. Cake is a rich fruit cake with lots of rum!!!. Customer loved it.
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By Arty
Oct 21, 2006
Heads Up!  Could be a new market for cookies..Well at least for me.  Travel agent wants to give cookie to her clients that book big cruises for multiple people.  She ordered only 15 cookies this time but she is bringing them back to her office so the other agents can see.  Might turn out to be a weekly or monthly order!  Sugar cookies w/Antonia74 royal icing recipe here on CC.
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By bjfranco
Nov 10, 2006
THis was done for a friend who was going a on a 1 month vacation in Europe. It is iced with choco. fudge frosting. I used chocolate fondant for the straps and handle. This cake was modeled after my hubby's American Tourister suitcase. It was a chocolate cake filled with triple chocolate fudge icing(betty crocker)
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By tooleftfeeet
Nov 24, 2006
This was a bon voyage cake for a couple going on an Alaskan cruise.  She loves kayaking, thus the kayaker.
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By estherhead
Dec 6, 2006
This is a surprise for a co-worker who is off to Thailand for two weeks. After a really hard year I thought I’d see her off in style. Help & inspirations from DianeLM & srmaxwell.... huge thanks to them. Figure is gumpaste as is the straps, the rest is fondant.
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By katharry
Dec 20, 2006
NFSC & Royal Icing
made for a travel agent's office birthday party
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By MahalKita
Jan 20, 2007
Chocolate cake, White icing, fondant
By TheCakeGirl87
Apr 2, 2007
Done for a young girls 21st birthday, who loves travelling and is very girly.  Was given a photo of the girl to work from.  Cake is vanilla sponge with strawberry jam.
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By Arty
Mar 20, 2007
Luggage cake!
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By vanbarbi
Mar 24, 2007
For a bridal shower tomorrow, delivered tonight though, a suitcase with the Bride to be's name on the tag and lots of stickers for places shes been and places shes going. Cake is covered in fondant, and all fondant parts. The suitcase was suppose to have an "antiqued" and weathered look to it.  sigh...
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By Ginger08
Mar 31, 2007
Fondant covered with edible image postcards mounted on fondant.
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By SweetResults
Apr 2, 2007
almost the same as the last one I made.  the mom wanted the same green and elements..i added the shoes as an extra..daughter is moving to NY
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By onceuponacake
May 10, 2007
Fondant covered cake with a fondant covered styrofoam block for the camera.
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By allycook
May 27, 2007
This was done for our church orchestra which is going to Greece.  I tried to combine the two.  The sides depict the blue roofed buildings found along the Mediterrainean.  The musical notes are done in royal icing and placed on sugar cubes to give them the 3D affect.
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By allycook
May 29, 2007
I made this for a friend and her husband that drove from Colorado to Nevada to visit. The signs I printed from the computer and the cars are plastic - the rest is edible.
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By jadepatton
May 31, 2007
This was for a guy graduating from High School.  He likes volleyball, golf, travel and is attending University of Illinois in the fall... so I had to incorporate all of that into a sheet cake!  Would have been easier if it was tiered.  This was my first FBCT. love how it did on the logos and the 2007, but I wasn't happy with the letters for congratulations brigham.  I could've done better with my foot!  Oh well, live and learn! Used the Melvira smoothing method and shifted one of the 0's in 2007. oh well.
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By mamabaer
Jun 2, 2007
Group of student ambassadors, P2P, travelling for the summer from New Orleans, to Denver, London and Malta.  Cake shows their route, and airplane.  Gumpaste airplane.
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By 2kiddos
Jun 14, 2007
This is my first suitcase cake.  It's for a girl who is joining the Peace Corps for the next 2 years.  The flag "stickers" represent a few of the countries she has already visited.
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By Laura102777
Jun 16, 2007
My brother in law asked me to do this cake as a surprise for his wife for their anniversary.  He wanted all of the adventures they have had together over the years. travels, buying a house, having their first baby... They loved it!  Sorry for the jumbled picture.  It was the best way to show all of the scenes on the cake without uploading 8 pictures! TFL!
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By mamabaer
Jun 22, 2007
Luggage is covered in fondant ....I made the travel stickers out of gumpate which I then hand painted the images  on.  The Locations are where the reciepient liked to travel to, and her favorite hobby was reading so I threw a gumpaste  book together
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By laurawendte
Jul 17, 2007
I did this for my mom's surprise 50th Birthday party.  She loves to travel, so I did a traveling cake with chocolate transfers of her favorite places she has been.  10" white cake with bc, 8" coconut cake with coconut cream cheese icing, 6" chocolate cake with whipped choc ganache filling covered in ganache, each tier covered in mmf with choc transfer accessories.
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By mdutcher
Jul 22, 2007
Made this cake for my brother and sister-in-law. They eloped to Vegas in Dec 2006. They came home from LA and this was their wedding cake. They both love to travel and aren't your typical bride and groom. Everyone loved the cake. Hollywood sign is gumpaste, stamps are ediable paper, and cake covered in fondant.
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By kkenyon
Aug 5, 2007
This was a last minute, made in 2 hours (including baking time), going away cake.  This cake is chocolate  and covered in buttercream that is mixed with almond extract.  It has fondant accents that were hand painted with black dye.
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By nateandchristine
Aug 6, 2007
D&G travel bag; chocolate fudge cake with buttercream dream icing, chocolate rolled fondant and accents.  Belt and zipper made with gumpaste!!
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By aundron
Aug 8, 2007
This cake is for a dear friend who is moving to NC next week.  I did this whole thing in one afternoon...what a rush job.  The travel stickers on the cake were made to represent things about her instead of places they have visited.  They are Star Wars fans (thus the fondant R2D2), she is the world's biggest Duran Duran fan, etc.  Fun to make, but very rushed!  4 layer cake with 2 layers of homemade caramel filling and a layer of milk chocolate ganache, edible images on back and sides
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By msauer
Aug 13, 2007
For my friends husbands 60th.  They are into travelling especially to the states and Australia.
By janbabe
Aug 14, 2007
Made for a Bride and Groom who travel a lot. Bride and Groom on top were made of clay and painted, passports on left front were gumpaste and silver dusted.
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By Ginger08
Aug 22, 2005


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