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This cake was ordered by a proud hubby for his wife who has lost about 40 lbs and he was throwing her a big pirthday party.  I know, why a cake, but he was just so proud of her!  Carved from a 11X15 chocolate cake iced in buttercream.  The measuring tape is fondant and says "Happy Birthday Sherri" on it.  She loved it!
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By tripletmom
Sep 20, 2005
cut from 12x18 sheet. 

Parts B and D must be flipped upside down (top of cake becomes bottom)

may want to trim off the points of "sholders"
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By Doug
Sep 5, 2006
This was for a guy's 21st birthday that loves to eat at Hooters.  Two heart pans carved with sport ball pan covered in fondant.  I freehanded the owl with food coloring and water and cut out the letters in fondant.  The "skin" gave me a little grief.  It had little holes in it.  Everyone said they didn't notice...I don't know how they couldn't see it!! lol
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By SugaryGoodness
Nov 13, 2006
By Bosch00
Dec 12, 2006
MMF body and necklace.  Thought this would be a daunting design, but was really quite simple.  DH helped sculpt the 6-pack, and contributed idea of torso wearing birthday persons nickname "Kev" for Kevin.  Was a hit with birthday family.  Was suppose to don Santa 2-piece but stopped short cuz I liked the simplicity of it.  Enjoyed it thoroughly.
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By AZrunner
Dec 25, 2006
Thanks to "cakegirls" for the inspiration from her bodice cake. Chocolate mudcake covered in fondant with fondant ribbons.
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By socake
Apr 27, 2007
Birthday cake for a man from his wife.  I had a hard time taking pictures of the looked so much nicer than the picture shows.  Anyways, it was fun to make.
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By Maryn
May 5, 2007
Made this for a girl at work. We did a pitchin for her upcoming wedding. I did the wedding dress cake. It turned out ok but I did it in a hurry. I got the idea from Sweetresults cake pic that was  captioned "gabriella's gown". Thanks SweetResults for the idea.  I still don't work well with fondant. My  icing is bulging even though I used an icing dam...oh well guess the damn dam broke..
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By CakeRN
Jul 7, 2007
Swimsuit cake and cookies to coordinate with flip-flop invites for a swimming party.  Birthday girl was only eight, so we left the bikini a little flat-chested!  LOL  Bet it would be cute with a more 'mature' figure!
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By Lambshack
Aug 12, 2007
This is one of the strangest cakes I've done.  The client just wanted a female and a male torso wearing Hawaiian gear.
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By apwagner
Sep 16, 2007
This is the man to go with the woman.
By apwagner
Sep 16, 2007
This was for my best friends baby shower! The slab is half chocolate with chocolate filling and half white with vanilla filling. The boobs are white cake and the belly is lemon pound cake. Slab is covered in BC and the belly is covered in fondant. Flowers are fondant also. I loved making this! Hard to get the fondant to the exact shape and size though, if anyone has any tips, I am more than willing to hear them!!
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By Bourgonsgirl
Oct 27, 2007
this cake was for a 40 year old man that is a weight lifter.
Apr 1, 2008
I seriously hope that I dont offend anyone with this picture.  I'm very pleased with the way it came out and I want to share it with you guys, but it looks rather realistic and I hope that's not a problem for anyone. A graduation cake for a heart surgeon.  Red velvet ( what else ) covered in fondant with a fondant heart model.  She wanted the color difference in the heart as apparently the aorta hold special significance ( I have noooo idea... ).   I gave the customer a scapel and clamp to add on site. TFL!
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By bdrider
Jun 21, 2008
12 X 18" cake.  Skin is BC.  Bikini is MMF, used my imprint mat for the pattern.  Gold dragees for piercing.  Used the mini wonder mold pan for you-know-whats  :)   It's pretty sad when you're jealous of a cake's flat stomach......  LOL.  Message is supposed to look like a tattoo.  Thanks for looking.
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By gakali
Jul 13, 2008
So I did this for an adult Halloween party Im going to tonight.  They are expecting something gross, so I think I accomplished it.  But the more I keep looking at it, I think its to gross to eat.  I defin. got carried away.  Half is death by choc, and the other is vanilla with apple cider cream cheese frosing.  Constructive Critism welcomed.
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By pmaucher
Oct 24, 2008
This cake was so much fun to make!!  It consists of a 12 inch square marble cake covered in brown fondant with a banana chocolate chip cake for the torso.  The torso is made with half of a ball pan and 2 mini wonder molds.  Crumb coated in vanilla butter cream, then covered with home made fondant.  The mommy to be wanted fun gender neutral colors in a funky design.  October, 2008.
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By Kay_NL
Oct 28, 2008
50/50 figures
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By stampinron
Feb 18, 2009
For my girlfriend's luau cake walk.  It was a blast to make - can't wait to do another!
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By lizamlin
Feb 27, 2009
for a gala fundraising event (titz n glitz).. all cake (lots of it!!). was a fun and interesting challenge
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By citygirlcakes
Mar 30, 2009
Torso of a lady
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By Tina81
Apr 4, 2009
White cake, with white chocolate mousse filling. All buttercream frosting.
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By mykidscakemaker
Apr 17, 2009
My 3rd fondant cake. This is not the life sized dress cake I've planning for since that would be a big cake. For the meantime, I made this one instead. It's not life sized nor life like-- I made it that way. It's 3 tiers plus the topper, the cake is about 3 feet tall. The wood is made of fondant/gumpaste as well as the molding around the pole. Not too happy about the colors. The body is all RKT covered in fondant/gumpaste. I used carrot cake and red velvet with cream chesse filling.
24 91
By Rylan
May 18, 2009
tarta para el cumpleaños de un policia nacional,todo en MMF, gracias a anamado por la idea del MMF, siempre lo uso. Cake for the birthday of a policia nacional, everything in MMF, thanks to anamado for the idea of the MMF, always I use it.
By yolaanda
May 24, 2009
made from 9x13 sheet cake. all BC. My 1st time trying one of these. Turned out ok, i guess- ? Not one of my favorite cakes that i have done, but overall, i am pleased, i guess.
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By candoo
Jun 10, 2009
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By MamaNenascakes
Jun 22, 2009
Red velvet cake with marshmallow fondant.  The pattern on the corset was made with a placemat and the red details were made with a Makins extruder.  The really bright silver color is Americolor airbrush color, put on with a paintbrush.  The cake itself is a 12" heart with the sports ball on top as the bust.  The heart is carved a bit to look more like an hourglass figure.
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By Texas_Rose
Jul 31, 2009
Another belly cake. 

This one reminds me of the pink Backyardigan. :o)
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By CristyInMiami
Aug 2, 2009
the bride was having a lingerie bridal shower. The bridesmaid wanted the lingerie to match the wedding colors
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By cakesbyleila
Sep 6, 2009
Rear view of man's torso birthday cake
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By kakedreamer1212
Sep 6, 2009
This is a baby shower cake for a woman expecting a baby girl.  The baby's room is decorated in brown, pink and cream colored polka dots and the customer wanted similar.  It is a 12 inch single layer base with the mommy torso made using the wonder mold and mini wonder mold pans.  It is covered with vanilla butter cream and home made fondant icings.  The Mommy to be was so surprised and delighted at the surprise cake.  :)  September, 2009
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By Kay_NL
Sep 28, 2009
spice rum cake.. Everything edible.. organs made of RKT covered in chocolate or flavored fondant... gummy mice. made for BBF halloween party. she wanted it gross but not too realisticly gross.. Still came out Totally Gross. The party goers Loved it.. Them Sickos!!! Happy Halloween!!!
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By merciermom
Oct 24, 2009
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By saffronica
Nov 1, 2009
This is a fondant cake I made for my brothers birthday.
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By kupcakekingdom
Dec 9, 2009
Thanks to CC for all the help and advise.
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By CakesByAdriana
Dec 30, 2009
Buttercream with Wilton Plastic Torso
By SugarTrain
Jan 2, 2010
Old school Batman. Yellow cake with fondant icing.
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By ArtsyLady
Jan 17, 2010
This cake was made for a Las Vegas theme party. Choc. cake with buttercream frosting, fondant and candy accents, real feathers.
By marchdragonfly
Feb 9, 2010
I made this for a guy's 60th birthday. It is chocolate cake, covered with and decorated with fondant. It was a fun cake to make!
By sharon37
Mar 1, 2010
I am not a cake professional, so please be considerate!  :~)  I only do themed cakes for my son and daughter's birthdays.  I used the detailed directions on this site (THANK YOU) to make Spiderman.  He is not perfect AT ALL, but my son (and everyone at his party) LOVED it!
I love that he loved it!
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By mousey
Jun 21, 2005


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