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gumpaste roses cake topper for an up coming wedding cake.
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By sweet_as_tisse
Jan 7, 2007
Gumpaste rosebuds topper, this is the basics of how it was made before adding tufts of gathered Tulle to fill in. The base is a 4" styrofoam round, the roses are made with floral wire, taped and then stuck into the foam. The outside edge of the foam is covered with white satin ribbon. The bottom of the foam is covered with a piece of white gumpaste and allowed to dry. You can see the completed topper on the Mickey and Minnie Mouse wedding cake on page 4 of my photo gallery.
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By ShirleyW
Jan 22, 2007
This is another take on a cake I did earlier.  I had all this left over fondant from the 21st cake I did. so I made another fairy cake just to practice piping and fondant.  And I thought that I wouldnt get addicted!... Well I thought wrong..
(ceramic fairy)
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Dec 14, 2006
This is a cake I made for my husband for our 4th Anniversary.  I added our cake topper from our wedding cake.
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By diamond008
Dec 31, 2006
I used half the ball pan to create this topper.
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By umfalcon
Oct 3, 2005
second rose topper for up coming wedding cake, bride thought my first one had to many roses.  she is having some crystals hanging for the tiers and thought my first topper would take away from the crystals, so i came up with this smaller version and she was thrilled with this one (thank god i thought i would be making rose toppers for the next month)
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By sweet_as_tisse
Jan 12, 2007
This was done in a class and includes roses and rosebuds, daisies, carnations, stephanotis in bloom and budding. and rose and ivy leaves.
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By itsacake
Dec 3, 2005
This cake was for my son's wedding.  I have a long way to go but he loved it.    I made the top out of polymer clay - it is a likeness of the two of them.
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By gloria
Aug 3, 2005
I am overall pleased with this project. Next time, though, I won't put a wart on her nose. It looks fine in person, but loses the effect in the picture. Also, her face looked really good until I finished her eyes. Now she looks kind of like a possum, to me.  

This first shot is the overall view.
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By Anonymous
Apr 13, 2005
This is my first baby figure, made from fondant. I have alot of room for improvement!
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By Pearl70
Dec 28, 2006
I didn't learn my lesson...forgot my camera again and of course the picture is not as great. The picture was not taken from the center angle. Sorry!
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By CakeDesigns
Jan 24, 2006
Cake topper made entirely out of gumpaste (except for ribbons)
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By Renuka
May 14, 2006
Here is a close-up of the topper. The spider is covered in fondant. The legs were royal and I didn't know they would even work until I got there. I couldn't attach them at home 'cuz I was sure they'd break off in transit (course I never thought of doing a test run DOY), I just took lots of extra pieces and said a lot of prayers! My hands were shaking like a leaf when I applied them with everyone staring; only one broke. Sheesh this dang spider almost gave me a nervous breakdown!
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By DiscoLady
Jan 28, 2006
This cake design is very popular. This was the first  flower cake topper that I made myself. I wish the middle tier was a little thicker but it came out okay. I think I am my worst critic........:)
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Jun 1, 2006
I have just finished this birthday cake for my mums friend. She wanted something a bit different for her 60th birthday.
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By madcow
Jun 6, 2006
Fondant covered with gumpaste flowers in various shades of lavender/purlple.  The topper was the hardest part.  Not being a florist, I found wiring the flowers to the base a real challange!
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By maplecakes
Jun 14, 2006
Practice for a wedding cake I did recently.  I was pretty pleased with her over all, then her arms fell off, and I realized she kinda looked like a boy...and that she was HUGE!  Oh well, not bad for a first attempt I think.
By Katydidz
Jun 16, 2006
I made this castle topper for my daughter's bday.  I was 9 months preg with my son so I was trying to get things prepared ahead of time for her party.  It is stacked 9" rounds with the topper on pillars, tulle between layers
By beanyhunter
Feb 8, 2006
I saw this done on a cake here on this gallery and loved it so I did it on fondant as a fondant topper which she could keep as a keepsake. I did the fondant topper with vodka, powdered sugar and paste coloring.
By tracyscakes
Mar 31, 2006
Hand-molded from sugar clay for a 28th Anniversary Cake. This  was so much fun and entertaining to do. I painted the couple with luster first time to use them so I went a bit luster crazy.
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By bohemia
Jul 23, 2006
3 tier white fondant wedding cake with pink and green (white choc) grapes and leaves made from fruit roll ups... added vines and a arbour topper.. all edable....for a sept wedding.....
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By dor
Jul 31, 2006
I did this one about a week before Christmas. It is hard to see all the detail in the tiers. She gave me a picture of what she liked and this was my version.
By traci
Jan 4, 2006
Bride and groom made from gumpaste.
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By cakes80
Aug 20, 2006
Cake topper made entirely out of gumpaste
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By Renuka
May 14, 2006
This is the little Jiu-jitsu man topper for the jiu-jitsu cake. He is made of fondant and has toothpicks holding him together.  He is so cute!!
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By sstardust17
Sep 1, 2006
Made these at CA Cake Camp in class with Debbie Brown. All Gum paste with only 2 pieces of uncooked spaghetti for neck support.  No patterns or molds--all hand modeled using balls and sausages of gum paste. Hair and flowers were made using the Wilton ejection blossom cutter. Debbie is a delightful teacher with a dry wit.
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By BlakesCakes
Sep 9, 2006
These are the 2 figurines I made at the Planet Cake (Sydney, australia) Figurine course a couple of weeks ago.  I absolutely adored doing the course - it was so much fun and so informative.
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By sone
May 26, 2006
Royal icing decorations. Topper made of foam covered in fondant, fondant roses, crystal and gold beaded "50".
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By mary-ann
Sep 15, 2006
we can all use a little help from the cake fairy lol!
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By dawnbakescakes
Sep 24, 2006
Close up of Nemo figure, made with Marshmallow Fondant.
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By LisaV10001
Oct 3, 2006
Close-up of the cake topper.  Daisies and leaves are fondant, attached to wires with candy melts.  I needed to hide where the wires went into the cake (inside a push-in dowel), so I made this fondant plaque.  Lettering is with Wilton edible marker.
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By slejdick
Oct 20, 2006
A wedding cake topper done with gumpaste Sweetpeas in blue and white.
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By ShirleyW
Dec 13, 2006
This is the cake topper of the next cake.
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By estherhead
Nov 5, 2006
First birthday cake for my closest friends little girl.. Cake topper is a polymer clay personalised cartoon figurine of Keeley, made by a very talented lady called Kerry from England and sent all the way over to me in Australia. All other decorations are mmf dusted with some snowflake sparkle...
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By sweet_as_tisse
Nov 6, 2006
I love the couple on this cake.  It was the groom's grandparents' topper, and I just loved it.  Fondant cake with fondant lace and buttercream pearls.
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By mendhigurl
Nov 15, 2006
I use ivory fondant on the bottom and marbled chocolate/ivory on the top, and topped the whole thing off with a small rose spray
By Ditter
Nov 19, 2006
My daughter's only wish was that she had a BIG cake and it had to be Winx Club in some way! I wanted it to be very girly just like her - 6in lemon top tier, 8in chocolate middle tier and the 10in bottom tier is strawberry - all from scratch with matching buttercream fillings. Whole cake is covered in homemade rolled fondant with edible disco glitter on the cut-outs and the wired topper. Winx fairies were bought (as part of her birthday gifts!). Borders are royal icing.
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By MikeRowesHunny
Jun 30, 2006
This was the topper for the chocolate birthday cake with the vines / drop flowers on top.  I just made a chocolate transfer for the numbers out of sage green chocolate.  I put skewers in and made them a bit thicker than usual.  When the chocolate had set, I then piped small buttercream drop flowers all over it.  I really like this effect and will be doing it often!
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By ckkerber
Dec 3, 2006
This is going on top if a little 6inch Christmas cake. Although I think Santa looks worn out…. Kinda like he’s just finished the Christmas deliveries! Not sure what went wrong, but I haven’t got time to do another :)
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By katharry
Dec 8, 2006
Ivory buttercream with fondant decorations.  (It isn't yellow, that's just my camera).  Bottom tier is 12" and top tier is 8".  The topper is a 5" styrofoam ball covered with fondant and then fondant flowers were attached with royal icing.
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By suzyqqq27
Jan 28, 2007


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