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These are no fail sugar cookies iced with MMF.  I used luster dust on the metal portion of the tools.
7 48
By giovanna
Oct 31, 2006
1/2 chocolate, 1/2 carrot cake with cream cheese icing.  Tools are molded chocolate.  Tool pouch is fondant.
22 35
By marknrox
Apr 24, 2005
Candy tool toys placed on a sheet cake. This was fun and easy to make. The little boy loved it!
5 7
By traci
May 8, 2005
My husband is the gadget guy and uptil we have a garage for him to work in this is the best I can do for him... I'm always walking in to his drills in our house so I thought he needed one as a cake... It is Chocolate, Strawberry/Blackberry spread, BCT on top.
6 5
By kristingeorge
Aug 24, 2005
Double layer chocolate fudge cake with chocolate pudding filling.  Decorated in buttercream icing.  Used the Bob the Builder pan to make a house builder looking like our neighbour who turns 60 tomorrow.  The shirt has the Habitat for Humanity symbol (or close enough that he should be able to recognize it) on it since he is very involved in this group.
3 3
By NottawaChelle
Sep 2, 2005
Butter cake, buttercream icing with MMF. All decor is MMF. Cake made for my husband.
5 6
By wandy27
Jun 21, 2005
The tool box on top is made out of cake and covered with fondant.  The tools were molded out of chocolate and covered with silver luster dust.
6 22
By willowk
Aug 14, 2005
Made this cake for my brother who is an architect.  He was really suprised with it...really loved the triangle!!  Pineapple cake w/cream cheese filling and whipped cream buttercream.  First time using WCBC from this site.  MMF tools and paper.  Written w/ edible markers.
2 1
By cpriojas28
Apr 18, 2006
Inspiration from Sugarcraft.
2 3
By tawnyachilders
Apr 19, 2006
I made this for a co-worker's birthday.  It is a butter cake with oreo pudding mix added, chocolate bavarian cream filling, and iced in chocolate buttercream.  The tools are all fondant, and I used a woodgrain impression mat (didn't show up very well in the pic though).
4 14
By mommymarilyn
May 4, 2006
This was made for my grandson's 2nd Birthday.  All gumpaste, all hand modelled.
10 34
By franjmc
May 7, 2006
Huge thanks to Granpam who did this cake first and so much nicer!

11 X 15 vanilla cake cut lengthwise and stacked, iced in buttercream with fondant accents.  The tools are from the Dollar Store however the silver wrench on top is made with chocolate wafers and painted with silver luster dust.
2 25
By tripletmom
May 13, 2006
2 2
By MaraCarter
Mar 12, 2006
This was obviously my first cake like this!  I hope to perfect the lid eventually!  I had a lot of fun doing this one though.  Fudge cake with Vienna Creme filling.  Covered in MMF and then airbrushed.  Edible images!!!
11 14
By cakemommy
May 30, 2006
I made this for my husband's birthday.  It's a Snickers cake, and my first attempt at a stacked cake.  The tools are plastic toys.  Inspired by Tcturtleshell's tool cake in the gallery.
5 8
By beeline
Mar 26, 2006
I used devil food chocolate cake, with chocolate frosting and grahm crackers crushed for the 'saw dust', The tools, wood planks and nails on the planks are all fondant.
1 5
By brenners
Jun 17, 2006
Last minute Graduation cake order!  Phew!  It's amazing what you can do in three hours!!!  I went along the same line as my Grad Book Cake but a bit more simplified.  The boy that graduated is going to be studying to be a Construction General Contractor, so that's why I made all the tools.  Cake is a 1/4 marble sheet cake with buttercream frosting and base of grad cap is chocolate covered in buttercream then MMF.  All decorations are made of MMF.
6 22
By CakesUnleashed
Jun 19, 2006
Couldn't really find an appropriate Album for this cake. My son is in an wood apprentice "joinery" program. His class has approximately 10 young men that are happy to eat my cakes!! So I started making a toolbox cake...turned out really ugly, so I took the fondant off and added chocolate to the "Whipped Cream Buttercream Frosting" and made the Chocolate Tools (first time), lots of fun, and they sure loved it.
By kettlevalleygirl
Jun 19, 2006
I made this cake for my dh and his co-workers at Home Depot.  Company slogan is, "You can do it, we can help" but they say, "You can do it, we'll watch!"  Everything is MMF with the exception of the pin in the bottom right corner (a real HD pin), the "sawdust" (crushed vanilla oreos) and the "wood shavings" (chocolate shavings).  The gift card is accurately marked and is the same design as the one they sold for Father's Day.  The tools are MMF dusted with lustre dust.
6 34
By candy177
Jun 21, 2006
Paid cookies!  I have a friend who is using my cookies as one of her marketing tools and paying me to boot!  Yeah!
9 16
By dodibug
Jun 27, 2006
First sculpted cake.  Used MMF for the first time.  All tools were sculpted out of fondant.
5 7
By MelissaLynn
Jul 19, 2006
Lemon raspberry cake with buttercream icing.
Fondant molded tools.
5 23
By msams
Jul 20, 2006
Toolbox cake made out of two sheet cakes stacked on top of each other and then carved out to make the toolbox shape. The handle is made from fondant all the tools are plastic.
1 9
By AmberC2
Jul 25, 2006
This was my favorite cake of the week.  I did the tools and tool belt out of fondant and iced the cake in BC.
9 23
By helipops
Aug 11, 2006
Chocolate cake with Peanut butter filling and Icing.  The handle and latch are made with elastic chocolate and the tools are molded chocolate.
1 2
By barbaranoel
Aug 12, 2006
Did this cake for a friend's husband.  Top is vanilla and the bottom is chocolate all iced in B.C. and air brushed blue.  Decorations are made of MMF.
4 5
By reenie
Aug 14, 2006
Closeup of the greenhouse cake.
3 4
By oohlalacakes
May 23, 2006
MUCH THANKS to MARKNROX for all her help! I would have not been able to do this without her!!!!
The tools are chocolate and I painted them with luster dust. The toolbelt is fondant.
12 30
By kcepenney
Sep 6, 2006
This cake was done for my husband's birthday.  He is a maintenance man so I wanted a tool cake for him.
4 6
By Mommyofseven
Sep 12, 2006
My husband wanted a different shape for each level of THE wedding cake.  I made this for him instead.  The theatre theme was because he was a technical theatre major in college.  The tools and ticket are made of fondant formed as though they were play-doh.
By mjrhooligan
Sep 19, 2006
BC with wood grain impression mat.  choc tools with luster dust.  fondant banner.
2 4
By bulldog
Jun 17, 2006
6" white cake w/ caramel filling covered in MMF. MMF tools (hammer and saw made in mold!) and assorted other bits and pieces, painted with lusters and Wilton color. I've been wanting to try out my tool mold ever since I saw klsunny's cake (awesome!). Its my FIL's birthday this week so I made it with him in mind. Unfortuntely, he's in England so he'll only to be able to enjoy the pic, not the cake itself!! 
Thanks for looking!
3 3
By cindww
Oct 1, 2006
Thanks to Cambo for the cake idea.  I shamelessly copied her great tool box cake.  This cake is a three layer white cake with chocolate buttercream icing.  The tools are mostly made from chocolate molds, but there are a few color flow tools added in.  I had to make cupcakes in order to feed the crowd so I put some leftover color flow dots on the cupcakes so they would match!!
3 1
By lkuptain
Oct 3, 2006
This was a cake for celebrating the life of a very special man.  His family held a memorial get-to-gether and my friend asked me to make this cake.  I was so happy that it turned out the way I had pictured it in my mind.  Thank you for looking!
18 78
Oct 7, 2006
This is cake is 8" and ALL buttercream.
8 19
By nefgaby
Oct 10, 2006
1 28
By cakegirl0315
Oct 14, 2006
Cake for a carpenter who turned 50.  Tools & figures made of fondant.  Flowers are royal icing.  Dirt was made of graham crackers with brown coloring.  CAke is half white, half chocolate.  Icing is faux fondant.
4 3
By Beecharmer
Oct 16, 2006
This customer's little boy wanted a "handy Manny" cake, but the show is so new there were not a lot of things to choose from.  I ended up doing some chocolate tools and also had chocolate lollipops in the tool shapes for the mom to have coming out of the cake at the party.  Thankfully they loved it!
By ksimp6577
Oct 29, 2006
this one is for my hubby's birthday today. it is chocolate cake and buttercream icing tinted brown to look like pegboard.  the black dots and outlines are buttercream, americolor super black and piping gel piped out of a number 3 tip.  The tools are red candy melts in a tool shaped mold, then painted with non toxic silver highliter mixed with lemon extract.  Very fun to do and he loves it!
6 44
By cakesbykitty
Oct 30, 2006
fondant covered cake with gumpaste tools
4 11
By frulund2600
Dec 1, 2006


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