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Fairy magic toadstool
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By dky
Sep 8, 2005
Made for a competition.  A novelty cake made from a 6 inch round cake, sculpted to make the large toadstool, then the crunbs used to shape the smaller toadstools.  The fairies, butterflies and bunny are made from modeling paste.
29 82
By franjmc
Mar 6, 2006
;) This is a chocolate cake with buttercream icing. The fairies and mushrooms are made from fondant. Although you can't see it has edible sparkle dust over it too! Thanks for looking
12 25
By tw1nkle
Mar 19, 2006
This is the fairy cake I made for my daughter's first birthday in july.
5 1
By sone
Dec 6, 2005
Here's my take on Debbie Brown's Toadstools ... I added a flower fairy and a caterpillar ... cute!
All made of fondant!
56 649
By bmote1
May 7, 2006
Here's my first "for-sale" cake! Didn't get paid a fortune in $$...but was good fun nonetheless!
for more pictures, method and closeup pictures of fairy elf girl
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By suyin
Jul 27, 2006
First time making a stump cake and what fun!  It is BC and modeled squirrel, toadstools and acorns are fondant.
I put the squirrel on top of the stump eating a daisy as a joke because one plagued his garden all summer!  I hope he loves it.
6 10
By JaneK
Sep 30, 2006
I made this ice cream cake for my daughter's best friend's birthday.
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By amberlicious
Oct 2, 2006
12 53
By LolaT
Apr 2, 2006
I made this one for a competition, conveniently my daughter turned 7 at the time I needed it so it gave me a good excuse. It was my first attempt at sculpting cake and I was really happy with it, it has opened up lots of ideas for future efforts. The fairies are all the same, a tad creepy though IMO!
4 2
By amberhoney
Oct 16, 2006
Inspired by Debbie Brown and many thanks to liis for the fairy tutorial. Base is white cake with a rice crispy treat top.
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By aligotmatt
Nov 15, 2006
This was made for my sister who moved into her new house just before her birthday.  This is my first cake.
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By zoeped84
Nov 23, 2006
Courtesy of Debbie Brown's party cakes.  The ideal solution when pushed for time!  I changed it just a little making a different pathway and adding flowers and sparkle.
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By aine2
Nov 24, 2006
The other pic I've uploaded of this cake was awful, I lightened it too much so the colours all looked really faded. Luckily a friend emailed me this one. Inspired by Debbie Brown's smurf house.
34 8
By amberhoney
Dec 30, 2006
2 3
By onceuponacake
Jan 5, 2007
I found this idea in the austalian womens weekly cookbook
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By kncab
Jan 17, 2007
BC tiers, fondant/gumpaste fairy made to resemble the little girl, wafer and edible image butterflies with piping gel and glitter (from the turorial),piping gel waterfall, royal icing flowers. The mushroom base is RKT, the top of the mushroom is 1/2 sportsball yellow cake. This cake was so much fun to make. I'm starting to have dreams about decorating cakes. :)
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By mysonshines
Feb 5, 2007
Made this for one of my dance team girls who celebrated her birthday during competition this weekend.  Top and bottom were strawberry and middle was yellow with a touch of orange flavor.  Buttercream icing and fondant flowers.  Everything edible except for the toadstools and topper base. It was fun to make - my first time modeling fondant and this is a very scaled down interpretation of an amazing cake I saw - can't remember the website now :(
15 10
By gidgetsmom
Feb 12, 2007
Daddy Elf playing with his baby girl. Cake in the trunk of the toadstool, everything else fondant & gumpaste. This will await my children when they come home for school.
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By katharry
Oct 12, 2006
This was done for a little girl who wanted a "bug" cake for her birthday.  Chocolate cake w/buttercream fill.  All fondant accents.  I had so much fun doing this favourite cake so far!
16 69
By chyana66
May 15, 2007
Birthday cake for a 1 year old girld.  She was adorable so got so excited when she saw the cake., reaching out to touch.  Strawberry with White chocolate and Chocolate with Chocolate BC filling and White Chocolate Icing. Covered in fondant.  Faeries, and other decorations are fondant.
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By Karenelli
Jul 3, 2007
This is a different take of a Debbie Brown cake.  The little girl I did this for wanted real looking fairies.  I did what I could, but they were a nightmare.  Actually the whole cake was a nightmare.  Oh well!
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By ange14843
Jul 14, 2007
Toadstool house made from wondermold pans.  MMF accents and fairies all painted with pearl dusts. 
IMBC frosted on top and regular b/c on bottom.  Inspired by Debbie Brown and bmote's versions.
3 9
By KimAZ
Jul 14, 2007
! of 2 cakes i did for my daughters 1st birthday had never made a cake before so was happy with how it turned out, did make the mistake of putting the iced top bit updide down on a cooling rack - oops!!
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By Mayzie
Jul 17, 2007
I made this for my daughters first birthday, I set out to do a very simple toadstool and got a bit carried away.
15 39
By Seb47
Aug 20, 2007
This is from Debbie Brown's 50 Easy Party Cakes.  I made a few 
small structural and design changes.  The fairies were very fun to
make.  I did not like putting the fondant on the mushroom cap, 
though it worked anyway.  Overall, I had a lot of fun with this design.
It is for a 1st Birthday party today, the mom picked this from the 
18 86
By springlakecake
Sep 1, 2007
This is my daughter's 2nd birthday cake.  Stone wall bottom is choc dipped cherry cake with MMF, top is red velvet some MMF some rolled fondant.  The little fairy on top looks just like my little girl.  I'm so happy with it :D
5 17
By TJCanadian
Sep 1, 2007
A Fairy Cake for my neices birthday.  The toadstool was also cake, however next time I'd make it out of rice crispy squares because it was a little heavy for the rest of the cake to support that way.
1 10
By labjac
Sep 18, 2007
I made this for my nieces first birthday. I based this on several cakes I saw on here... so many good ideas, and I made the fairies using parts of the tutorial in the articles section. Thank goodness for cake central!
2 2
By hollyz1
Sep 23, 2007
I enjoyed doing this one. It is from one of Debbie Brown's books. It's a vanilla sponge covered with fondant
3 4
By Ellistwins
Oct 25, 2007
One of 3 dozen cupcakes for a triplet baby shower.  Chocolate transfer decorations.
6 25
By chestercheeto
Nov 13, 2007
Fairytale cake for a 4yr old girl. chocolate sponge with bc and fondant decorations.
2 3
By murf
Nov 26, 2007
This was for a Smurf themed couples shower.  The base is a 9x13 double.  The mushroom house is made from a 6 round double that was carved just a bit to give the roundness at the top and the roof was made from a RKT covered in fondant.  Fondant decorations.  Chocolate fudge cake with chocolate buttercream
5 10
By sarahnichole975
Dec 17, 2007
Made for my daughter's 4th birthday. Cake is french vanilla with mini chocolate chips, BC and Michelle Foster's Fondant. Cake is patterned after the one in Debbie Brown's book. My daughter was so excited with the fairy that she let all her girl cousins take little bites of her!  I know, weird, but she LOVED it (and they loved the fondant)!
4 6
By slpbjones
Jan 10, 2008
This was for my nieces 2nd birthday. The toadstool is made of rice crispy treats covered in fondant. The fairies are all made from fondant.
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By StaceyRN
Feb 10, 2008
My daughter wanted something really different for her 20th birthday ...a mushroom castle cake. This is what I came up with. Thanks to all the CC's for their inspiration on this. The cake is chocolate with  almond bc and everthing done in fondant. I even threw a frog prince in for her.
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By kcw551
Feb 16, 2008
I saw a Gnome Cookie bouquet on the Cookies N' Cream website ( and had to try my own version.  I have a friend at work that LOVES gnomes, so it was perfect to try out on her. 
NFSC with modified Alice's Cookie Icing (less butter).  These were so fun to make!
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By sallene
Feb 28, 2008
I made this cake for one of my daughter's little friends from preschool.  It was a Bratz pixies/fairies themed party, so I made a bratz-esque figure of the birthday girl.  The toadstool house comes from Debbie Brown's Easy Party Cakes.  I hand painted the bottom layer to pick up details from the birthday card.  This was my first use of disco dust--I'm in LOVE.  I particularly adore how the little red and white toadstools around the bottom layer turned out.  So easy, so precious!
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By modthyrth
Mar 15, 2008
Cake i made for my daughters birthday
7 10
By Emmibell
May 5, 2008
Made this for a co-worker's baby shower. At first I was afraid it would be to small but from what I hear no one is going to show up anyway, so it should be fine. At least she'll have a fun cake. I made the bees, flowers, toadstools and figutes on top from fondant. ( I know my baby needs help, that is why I bought the pooh figures) The bottom is french vanilla with strawberry and buttercream filling, The top is triple chocolate fudge with peanutbutter buttercream filling.
3 4
By justgale
May 17, 2008


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