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a simple wheel cake!!
By sarah_shel
May 1, 2006
This was the birthday cake for someone whose husband enjoyed living under the hood of his and everyone elses car.
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By regymusic
May 27, 2006
This was for my son's 3rd birthday.  The theme was construction / big trucks and he wanted a "Big Tire" for his cake.  This is my first "free hand" cake.  All BC except the letters.  I would have changed it up some, but he loved it and that is what counts.  Thanks for looking.
By Shelley7296
Jun 28, 2006
My DH called this morning at 7 and said he needed a cake for his boss's B-Day today, they work for a tire company. They had cake by 2. This is a 2 layer 9x13, one devils food and one vanilla, choc. BC frosting, MMF tires.
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By imbkay13
Jun 28, 2006
This was a graduation cake I made this past weekend for a few friends of my daughters.  The cake itself was strawberry with creamcheese filling.  The decorations were made with gum paste and then covered with edible images.  The tire tracks on the cake were made from rice paper.  Yes there is a long story behind the decorations as they represent something that happened to each of them.
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By ljhow623
Aug 6, 2006
This cakes is all done in buttercream.  Bottom cake is in shape of tire with treads made by using the fondant ribbon cutter.  "Cars" car on top of platform and flags are storebought.
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By gourmetcakes
Aug 24, 2006
This was supposed to be a "Harley Davidson" birthday cake, but my colorflow logo broke, so I just wrote "Harley Birthday" on the top instead.  I liked the way the tire around the outside turned out, anyhow.
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By thirdsiren
Sep 21, 2006
chocolate cake with chocolate bc and fondant, printed edible image
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By frulund2600
Nov 9, 2006
Made for company Christmas party. 2 9-inch contour pans. Chocolate buttercream. Lights are chocolate, strings are Fruit Streamers. Letters are royal icing and rim is fondant painted with lustre. Made tread impression with upside letter V cookie cutter and small fondant cutter/embosser, the one with the three interchangeable wheels.
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By mqguffey
Dec 18, 2006
This was for a group of off-roading enthusiasts.  The cake was inspired by a graphic from their annual "Wine and Cheese Run" flyer.  The wine bottle is molded chocolate painted with luster dust mixed with confectioner's glaze.  The platter is gumpaste.  The cheese is fondant.  The cupcake is icing in a chocolate 'liner' and the card is wafer paper.  Chocolate fondant covered tire.  Crumbled cake mixed with melted chocolate for 'dirt'.
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By DianeLM
Dec 18, 2006
The tire is made out of fondant and the rim is gumpaste.  For a 22 year old that wants expensive rims like these for his car.  He was so excited when he saw the cake!
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By q2ggirl
Dec 21, 2006
This is a tire cake surround by cupcakes with our favorite characters.
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By rjtaconner
Feb 1, 2007
My kids love Monster Jam, so I made this cake last year. (1 of 2 Monster Jam cakes I've made)  The truck is made out of frozen pound cakes. and the "dirt" track is cake with white frosting and of course, grahm crackers!  The tires are chocolate covered cruller donoughts.
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By trowmom
Feb 6, 2007
This is my 2nd Monster truck cake.  I made these out of rice krispy treats.  It was easier, but I like the look of pound cake better.
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By trowmom
Feb 7, 2007
I used an icing "comb" to make tread marks on the mmf.
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By rhopar33
Feb 10, 2007
Ok, I have to admit this was the hardest cake I have ever done. The groom gave me a pitcure of his race car tire and I got as close to it as I could. It was a problem from the get go. It was a vanilla cake with bavarian cream filling  and chocolate frosting airbrushed black. When I delivered it, he was amazed so I guess that is why I enjoy doing this...
By fmcmulle
Mar 25, 2007
8" chocolate cake iced with buttercream and covered in fondant.  Made for a fellow who had a 600 lb tire fall on him and had to call for help, hence the phone in his hand.  Apparently he found the cake hilarious and would not let anyone cut into it!
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By tripletmom
Mar 27, 2007
A customer suggestion. It's a tire, treads are all around it. chocolate cake with chocolate filling.
By soccermom17
Apr 9, 2007
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By turtlesmom
May 12, 2007
From the movie Cars. Yellow cake with buttercream and all fondant accents.
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By krissy_kze
May 19, 2007
My first Dump Truck, made it from 2 yellow sheet cakes and 1 chocolate sheet cake. covered with MMF. Tires made from chocolate clay ( 1st time trying that also). I learned what not to do next time.
By ladyday95
Jun 15, 2007
Another version of Lightening McQueen cake.  This cakes is all done in buttercream.  Bottom is 10" double layer round cake in the shape of tire with treads made by using the fondant ribbon cutter.  Platform is single layer 6" round.   "Cars" car on top of platform, silver cup and flags are storebought.
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By gourmetcakes
Jul 9, 2007
This was the smash cake for the John Deere Tractor.  All buttercream icing.  6" round cake.
By shipleyc
Jul 13, 2007
Tractor cakes for a first birthday party.  Smash cake to follow next.  John Deere and Case Tractors were WASC, iced in BC Dream, covered in MMF with MMF accents.  Large tires were donuts covered with chocolate MMF, small tires were just molded MMF.  A lot harder than I though!
Thanks for looking :)
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By startropics
Aug 1, 2007
Fondant covered BC Yellow cake, with chocolate moose filling. Those are fake flowers.. But they were a big hit!
By size4again
Aug 11, 2007
This was made for a Sheriffs deputy who is a Motorcycle cop.  He designed this logo for the department.  BC with fondant accents
By shannan6607
Aug 31, 2007
This is for an adult who LOVES the tv show "King of the Hill".  I carved the shape of texas out of a 10" square 2 layer cake. Covered in smbc and fondant. Hand painted fence, tires, propane tank and crumpled beer cans (all reflective of the show.)
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By melysa
Sep 28, 2007
This is a 16 inch round cake carved and covere in fondant.  The rim is made out of handpainted gumpaste.  All of the nubs are hand-formed fondant.
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By ILoveMy6Boys
Oct 19, 2007
Yellow cake with b/c.  Done for a friend's husband.  He loved it!
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By birdtweet
Oct 26, 2007
Cut out shape from a 12x18 sheet. "Lifted" Silverado Pick up Truck. Accents painted with pearl and silver luster dust to highlight.
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By KimAZ
Oct 27, 2007
Chocolate cake. Sugarshack bc with fondant accents. Carved cake from 8 inch square.
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By coreenag
Nov 11, 2007
Styrofoam head form on top of a 9" tire cake.--slightly carved edges.  Tread was done with the wilton roller.  The head...a challenge.  Hope the 6 y/o could tell it was Bumblebee:)
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By margery
Nov 18, 2007
Chocolate Fudge Cake covered in creamy Vanilla Buttercream and topped off with Homemade Marshmallow Fondant.
By LvMy4Runner
Dec 9, 2007
The client wanted a replica of her son's groom's cake except to make it with flat tires (or worn out).  I flattened the tires and put a crack in the front windsheild.  I carved it from the Wilton 3D Cruiser pan.  (Member of Critique Group.  All critiques are welcome.)
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By Steady2Hands
Dec 30, 2007
This cake was made for a local bike shop who was celebrating their 75th anniversary! The cake is covered in white buttercream. The spokes, the tire outline, and the logo are made from fondant.
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By juptrstar
Jan 3, 2008
I was dreading this cake, but I ended up having so much fun making it!  Thanks for looking!
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By noosie
Jan 11, 2008
Here is his profile.
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By noosie
Jan 11, 2008
I did this for a guy who wanted a "to scale" replica of a NASCAR tire - not sure if was completely to scale, but hey... Cake was vanilla with choc filling, covered in MMF, CF and BC decorations on top.
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By RNash0305
Jan 14, 2008
This cake was a challenge and thus far my least favorite.  My client loved it but I found the finished project to be less than stellar!  Butter cream w/fondant and white chocolate accents to mimic a stack of motorcycle tires w/flames.
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By MolllyJones
Jan 15, 2008
This cake I made for a big gathering where only women would attend. The theme for the party was "Biker Chic" so I came up with the whole "Gas Station in the middle of nowhere" theme
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By bmote1
Apr 10, 2006


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