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This is a three tiered cake.  It was my first attempt at a crooked cake.  I made this for my niece's 1st birthday.  I put the monkey on the top because my sister always calls her "monkey".
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By kathmc67
Apr 13, 2005
This cake was for my niece to smash.  It was make to go along with the three tiered crooked cake I made for everyone else.
4 11
By kathmc67
Apr 13, 2005
Tony's wife wanted wanted to surprise him with a 3 tiers chocolate cake filled with black raspberry w/raspberry flavor icing.
6 3
By awela
Apr 13, 2005
I made this cake for my step-daughter's wedding.   It was the first wedding cake I had ever made.  I learned alot and now that my step-son is soon to be married, I hope to put all that into use.
17 4
By heartsfire
Apr 24, 2005
This is an almond pound cake 4-tier wedding cake. I used almond flavored bc icing with a band of fondant at the bottom edge of each tier. The flowers are silk. The wedding theme was "Hawaiian Beach Party" so brightly colored flowers were used.
9 14
By TheCakeWizard
May 17, 2005
This is a small (largest tier is 9") wedding cake. The top and bottom tiers are chocolate cake with chocolate mousse and raspberry filling. The middle tier is lemon cake with whipped topping and raspberry filling. The beads are clear pearls attached with royal icing rosettes.
3 27
By TheCakeWizard
May 17, 2005
Three tiers, chocolate fudge cake filled with chocolate fudge frosting, topped with vanilla buttercream and then MMF. White chocolate shells with luster dust.
11 5
By AngelWendy
Jun 10, 2005
I think this was my first MMF fondant cake. I was also practicing the tiering - pillars and stacking. Was happy with this one for a first try. Had trouble making the fondant rope. Flowers are royal icing.
6 2
By AngelWendy
Jun 10, 2005
2 5
By marriedhsdad
Jun 30, 2005
A cake like this takes some effort to transport in one piece, so I divided it into two pieces. The bottom two tiers were carried separately with the dowels in place. The top two were placed at the hall and the bottom border added. I'm a man and it is so much easier to do it this way.
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By marriedhsdad
Jun 30, 2005
Real flowers adorned this cake. Decoration is fairly simple with lily of the valley. Simple is elegant. It's important to remember to give the florist the dimensions between the pillars for the arrangements. Even providing them with a template will help them in designing the inside arrangements so they enhance the cake.
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By marriedhsdad
Jun 30, 2005
I made this cake for my second marriage. My first wife died of cancer. I am most fortunate to have found someone as wonderful and loving! The inside ornament was a glass ornament of dolphins given as a gift, as dolphins mate for life. The flowers are candy clay calla lilies cut with fondant cutters.
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By marriedhsdad
Jun 30, 2005
Not the color combination I had planned on using, but I wanted to use up some frosting left over from a baby cake I did last weekend.  I was short a few roses, but overall I'm really happy with this!  I did have one 'smooshing' accident during transport on the bottom border, but I can live with that.
By momsandraven
Jun 30, 2005
A take off of the five tier featured in Martha Stewart. Light green fondant ( sprinkled with sugar) is on the tops of the cakes while textured white fondant is on the sides. Gum paste daisies and yellow satin ribbon complete the spring design.
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By Cakebaker57
Jul 1, 2005
My neice asked me for a crooked cake for her graduation - she likes things out of the ordinary and this is what I came up with. The cakes were iced with buttercream and then I cut out the shape from fondant and placed them on the cakes.  They were seperated by styrofoam cut on angles and then I used curled ribbon to hide that.  It was a big hit.  You could use this design for basically any occassion.
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Jul 27, 2005
I did this cake last weekend for a friend of a friends bridal shower.  I used 4", 6", 8" pans.  I wasn't sure the design would come together when I was decorating them seperately, but when together I was happy with it over all.  The Bride to be was surprised and loved it so I was happy.
14 27
By leily
Jul 28, 2005
White cake covered in MMF. This is my first tiered cake and first time to use the MMF. I love the MMF it is easy to work with.
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By boo-boo
Aug 1, 2005
29 63
By lisamarie182
Aug 16, 2005
4 23
By tawnyachilders
Aug 20, 2005
This was the MOST fun to make ... it was the durable cake recipe for all 3 layers.  Bottom was choco fudge, middle was white choc w/raspberry filling, top was lemon.  All done in buttercream (1/2 butter 1/2 Crisco) with MMF.  Roses on top were mmf/gumpaste mixture.  It didn't turn out *exactly* like I had hoped ... but overall I am pleased!  Forgot the right tip for the border, so it is a little too foofy for my taste, but it had to do.  WOO HOO!  I did it!!!
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By CakeItGood
Aug 29, 2005
This was the final cake for my advanced cake decorating class.  First fondant bow (a real learning experience).  It was not hard but I know some things to try differently next time.  This was a fun cake to make.
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By crp7
Aug 31, 2005
Finnito! This is my nightmare cake, as I had problems with my batter...The cakes are 6,8,10 & 12 filled with my favorite almond scented caked with almond espresso buttercream filling. The bride wanted wine colored roses that cascaded in front of the cake...I'm not 100% happy with the cascade, but both the bride and groom loved it, so I'm content.
24 65
By Godiva
Sep 3, 2005
This was a very interesting cake to make...I had a very picky customer who wanted me to use special recipes for the cake and the I couldn't get the frosting as smooth as I could with my buttercream frosting. Anyway, here is the finished turned out ok. Thanks for looking!
4 2
By farney0125
Sep 17, 2005
This was my first real experience with fondant and stacked cakes. It was for a couple getting married in Vegas but they had the shower here in town. The sign on top was downloaded and I photoshopped the couples name in and then laminated it. The coins, trees, and dice are all plastic.
8 13
By HeatherMari
Sep 30, 2005
After taking Class I 21 years ago, I decided to go back and finish the rest of the Wilton courses so I could learn to work with fondant.  This was my first experience doing a complete cake in fondant and I really liked it!
11 18
By cindycakes2
Oct 7, 2005
I made this for my Nana's 69th birthday bash. All yellow cake flavored with mexican vanilla and BC icing.
8 10
By BoofyJo
Oct 10, 2005
My first tiered cake! Not too happy about the background. I didn't have anything to put behind it, I set it up in the hotel kitchen and they weren't bringing the cake out until later so I had to take a picture right after set up. Gumpaste Calalilies (also a first for me).
2 5
By bigcatz
Oct 10, 2005
Couse III final cake with Yellow fondant roses
7 8
By CakesByEllen
Oct 17, 2005
A birthday cake I made for my 7 year old niece.  She is vacationing and didn't get a cake on her birthday.  So I am bringing a small cake  just for her tomorrow when I see her.  It is a 6" single layer and 4" single layer.  Purple is her favorite color.  I figured that since she is such a "girly girl" she would love the wedding cake look.
3 3
By kerririchards
Oct 20, 2005
I made this cake for my little sister's 16th birthday party, which had a luau theme.  This was my first tiered cake, and I decorated with BC and royal.  I had a lot of fun doing it, but still have so much to learn!
By rachaelwelch
Oct 21, 2005
I'm amazed at how different the frosting looks in two cakes.  Really looks like two different colors.. live and learn. Will do all basketweave next time!  Devil's food cake, chocolate buttercream icing, royal flowers.   Wanted a fall look....needed to experiment with the tiers.  Don't like the look of the white posts and the frosted crystal plate. Will do THAT different next time too.  Amazing what a picture can teach you!!!!
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By Phoov
Nov 8, 2005
Blue royal icing azaleas on a white chocolate cake with raspberry filling.  End of Course cake.
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By Bossy
Nov 9, 2005
4-tiered baby shower cake
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By cakegirls
Nov 9, 2005
My first attempt at a tiered cake ...yeesh!
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By glitterkris
Nov 19, 2005
This is the largest and only the second wedding cake that I had ever made. It is buttercream frosting trimmed with silver ribbon and accented with silver and white flowers.  The flowers were only supposed to be lightly sprayed with the silver, but there was a mix up with the florist.  Instead of all white roses she ordered ivory with pink tips.  Either way the cake tasted great.  The cake was for my BIL wedding.  They loved it.  (Although I saw every flaw!)
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By ReAnnon
Nov 27, 2005
Four tier baby shower cake for a lady in one of our parish offices that adopted an 18 month old little girl.  Bottom tier was 12" round (4" high); white chocolate/almond wedding cake with almond flavor filling, 10" round (3" high) chocolate chip/cherry pound cake, 8" round (4" high) lemon poppy seed with lemon filling, top tier was 6" round (3" high) orange flavor cake with orange flavored filling.  All layers were covered with buttercream then MMF over the buttercream icing.
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By ntertayneme
Dec 14, 2005
23 33
By rochelle0123
Dec 22, 2005
This was my first 3 tier cake and first time using fresh flowers.  It was carrot cake with white chocolate cream cheese frosting and fresh orchids.
4 11
By tisaex
Dec 27, 2005
A little plain but this was my first attempt at a seashell wedding cake.  Any suggestions to liven it up would be greatly appreciated!
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By rochelle0123
Jan 9, 2006
This was my first wedding cake. I was very pleased with how it turned out. Every tier is a different flavor. The wedding party loved it too. It is decorated with fresh roses.
19 43
By AGSkelton
Apr 13, 2005


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