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Three tiers, chocolate fudge cake filled with chocolate fudge frosting, topped with vanilla buttercream and then MMF. White chocolate shells with luster dust.
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By AngelWendy
Jun 10, 2005
White cake covered in MMF. This is my first tiered cake and first time to use the MMF. I love the MMF it is easy to work with.
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By boo-boo
Aug 1, 2005
This was the MOST fun to make ... it was the durable cake recipe for all 3 layers.  Bottom was choco fudge, middle was white choc w/raspberry filling, top was lemon.  All done in buttercream (1/2 butter 1/2 Crisco) with MMF.  Roses on top were mmf/gumpaste mixture.  It didn't turn out *exactly* like I had hoped ... but overall I am pleased!  Forgot the right tip for the border, so it is a little too foofy for my taste, but it had to do.  WOO HOO!  I did it!!!
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By CakeItGood
Aug 29, 2005
This was a very interesting cake to make...I had a very picky customer who wanted me to use special recipes for the cake and the I couldn't get the frosting as smooth as I could with my buttercream frosting. Anyway, here is the finished turned out ok. Thanks for looking!
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By farney0125
Sep 17, 2005
A birthday cake I made for my 7 year old niece.  She is vacationing and didn't get a cake on her birthday.  So I am bringing a small cake  just for her tomorrow when I see her.  It is a 6" single layer and 4" single layer.  Purple is her favorite color.  I figured that since she is such a "girly girl" she would love the wedding cake look.
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By kerririchards
Oct 20, 2005
This is my first ever fondant, tiered, decorated cake.  I made it with mmf and did the snowflakes and tree details with royal icing.  I got the idea out of the wilton book.  I think it turned out pretty well, since it is the first cake I have ever done that wasn't your basic 13 by 9 pan or molded pan with buttercream on it.
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By freddyfl
Feb 13, 2006
this was a simple small cake for a bridal gala held at a local department store.
I wasn't too happy with it. I should have done white on white as the pink was too bright for my taste.  Other people seemed to like it though.  I had one bride say that she wanted that exact pink on her cake.  Anyway, it was my first time and it was all local small businesses that were there.
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By tmassey5
Mar 20, 2006
This really isn't for a wedding but she wanted it to look kind of like a wedding cake.  Royal icing flowers and buttercream basketweave.
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By Kitagrl
Mar 25, 2006
iced with buttercream, as i missed the fondant class - will have to learn that some other time. Used cornelli lace and then a combination of mums, roses and easter lilies all in royal icing. the photo doesnt do the colors justice. this was my first tiered cake, and i'm proud of it. inspired by a wedding cake by DiscoLady
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By gobilgo
Mar 27, 2006
This was a first birthday cake for my niece.  My sister requested a funfetti cake iced with butter cream.  I used fondant to make the roses, leaves, hearts, windows and castle door.  A photo of the birthday girl was added to one of the castle windows. A tiara and a disney princess candle finished the design.
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By Icemom
Apr 17, 2006
This is my first tiered cake. I got bored and decided to give it a shot. It cake out alrgiht for a first timer. Its all buttercream and yellow cake. Nothing too special. Now the question is what am i gong to do with it!?!?
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By dandy207
Apr 30, 2006
My friend asked me to do her bridal shower cake and since I had never made, I thought I'd make a practice cake. I ended taking it to work and made a lot of coworkers very happy :o) I also saved a couple slices to bring back home for my hubby. The bottom cake is a white vanilla cake. The top cake is a caramel cake. I filled both cakes with whipped vanilla pudding, very nice and light. I used Wilton's BC frosting for the icing and the decorations. This was the first time I painted the inside of my piping bag.
By ILoveBaking
Apr 30, 2006
This wedding cake was for a friend who planned her wedding in a week...her fiance was going back to where he was stationed in the military and possibly to Iraq.  She saw the cake here in CC made by cakesbysam. Thank you Sam...she loved it even though it was not was beautiful as yours!!  12-9-6 layers with the 12" being chocolate w/raspberry filling and the other two were white with lemon filling.  Both were very yummy!!
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By cpriojas28
Jun 12, 2006
This is my first tiered cake with 75 roses.  White cake with bc frosting.
By SpaceMonque
Jun 18, 2006
Cupcakes (over 200) I made for my aunt's 80th birthday party using Wilton's tiered tower -- Swirls on top of cupcakes with candy molds on top of that.
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By craftermom
Jun 20, 2006
5 yr old girl wanted a Princess Theme.Bow,Banner,Pearls and wand made from fondant,Tiara made from Royal Icing.Dusted with super pearl lustre dust.WBH buttercream.8 inch base...6 inch top
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By Kiddiekakes
Jun 22, 2006
My sister and I finished our last class yesterday and this was our final cake!  It's carrot cake with cream cheese buttercream with MMF and fondat/royal icing flowers.  A lot of work but worth it in the end!
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By Krisi1984
Jun 27, 2006
4 13
By mckaren
Jul 4, 2006
My first tiered cake.  Strawberry cake with strawberry filling.  Decorated with Buttercream frosting and flowers
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By inot3
Jul 5, 2006
I was very frustrated at not being able to get my frosting smoother for this tiered cake (for my daughter's 4th birthday) and one of my little curly Qs kept falling down (didn't let them dry long enough - an afterthought).  But it turned out okay, and she and her little friends just loved it.
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By mmichelew
Aug 2, 2006
Wow, this cake was a lot of work.  It's the biggest party cake I've done (feeds 50). Chocolate Cake with oreo cream filling, and Bavarian Yellow cake with whipped chocolate ganache. Characters are color flow.  Cakes covered in mmf and dusted with white shimmer. Chocolates are luster dusted with gold, silver and super pearl.  Sea weed and flowers are royal icing....had a lot of fun with this one.  Inspiration came from sugarshack...much thanks to all my cc friends who helped with all my silly Q's.
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Aug 6, 2006
My 1st attempt at tiered cake. 8" & 6" rounds. Also first time using the comb on sides of cake. Hadn't made roses since taking course 1 in April, they could be better. Used straws as supports & wooden dowel in center to stabilize.
1 3
By fat-sissy
Aug 19, 2006
I know, it's leaning!!  Got this idea from the new wilton tiered cakes book.  After I took the picture and looked at my camera, I fixed the lean and then finished the bottom border.  In all the fixing, forgot to snap another pic.  Anyway, the cake is all buttercream with silk flowers.  The bottom cakes are styrofoam.  I got a good laugh at the reception when the cake cutter tried to cut them.  I walked up behind here and overheard her say "I don't konw who the heck baked this, but it's hard as a brick!"
15 17
By cassandrascakes
Aug 27, 2006
My cousin and I made thiis cake for our class final
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By luv2giggls
Aug 31, 2006
Tiered birthday cake.  Bottom two layers iced with buttercream and decorated with royal icing roses.  Doll cake iced with buttercream and covered in fondant with royal icing drop flowers.
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By mep2315
Sep 18, 2006
This was my 1st wedding cake.  The bottom is chocolate and top is vanilla Covered in cream cheese icing and flowers were buttercream and royal.  I had a hard time getting the icing smooth like i wanted it.  But it did taste good!
By vrvanh2
Sep 21, 2006
My daughters' 5th birthday...inspired by one on this site and whimsical bakehouse cookbook

thanks for looking
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By maemae
Sep 25, 2006
I want to thank some of the cake designers on here for this idea.. ideas for this cake was taken for 2 or 3 different cakes I saw on here .. the cake was french vanilla covered in buttercream then covered with light blue MMF .. MMF stars were cut out and some where decorated with eyes, etc.... baby was made from fondant .. I painted the eyes.. made a little pacifier for his mouth and a couple of curls on his head .. I covered the baby with a MMF blanket and I decorated the edges with buttercream icing
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By ntertayneme
Oct 1, 2006
A two-tiered "Cars" themed cake for a 3-year old's birthday.  Various characters in FBCT are around the sides of the cake with "Welcome to Radiator Springs" in the back.  A store-bought Lightning McQueen tops the cake along with flags that I made by printing out a checkered flag design and attaching to skewers.  Street signs and mini-roads also adorn the cake.
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By mmichelew
Oct 2, 2006
16/14/10 Strawberry & White cake with BC frosting. Diamond Press with black dots/boarders & silk roses.  I am very pleased with this cake.  The Bride loved it.  Thanks for looking.
60 542
By QueLinda
Oct 4, 2006
Buttercream frosting with royal icing detailing (from bride's dress).  Silver dust on initials.  Fresh flowers used.
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By ensamhat
Oct 14, 2006
This was one of my first tiered cakes.  It was for my 2nd Son's Baptism.  You can kind of see the cross on the top draped with the flowers.  I also had picked up the decorative icing edger, just the little triangle one with three patterns to try out.  This was before I had any cake classes and knew how to use everything.  I was just guessing.  I thought it would be neat to post to see where I was to where I am.  This was 2 years ago.  I'm still learning and I can't wait for more!  Thanks for looking.
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By stlalohagal
Oct 25, 2006
yellow colored fondant, royal icing lilies and bc dots and border
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By alimean
Oct 26, 2006
My 3rd attempt at a tiered cake.  I made for my daughter's friend for her 8th birthday.  Not thrilled with the fondant circles drooping on the buttercream.
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By mitsel8
Oct 30, 2006
This is a cake that I made for my nephews birthday. It was a round tiered cake with a 3d teddy bear ob top with a matching smash cake. Got the design from a wilton book. They loved it.
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By Shalan
Dec 12, 2006
buttercream w/buttercream roses. I did this for my dad's 80th bday!
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By scottelisa13
Dec 13, 2006
This is a cake I did for my daughter who turned 4 on the 12th of December.  It is chocolate fudge cake with buttercream frosting, royal icing tiara and roses.  I was inspired by so many beautiful cakes on CC, of course, so I added a little something from each and every one of them this is what I came up with.  My daughter was pleased and that is all that matters!
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By girltrapped
Dec 14, 2006
This was my First attempt at a tiered cake!!!  It was for my in-laws 50th Anniversary it is all white cake with BC icing and Royal Icing flowers!!
By bamagirl92
Jan 1, 2007
The fondant is MMF, although i had a little trouble making the flowers... I thought it turned out great!  It was a fun class!
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By Emmalee
Jan 2, 2007
Tony's wife wanted wanted to surprise him with a 3 tiers chocolate cake filled with black raspberry w/raspberry flavor icing.
6 3
By awela
Apr 13, 2005


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